Law of the devil chapter 35

Chapter 35 “Open Sesame”

By the time Du Wei regained consciousness again he could feel the back of his head lying against something soft. His body sore, he could feel every fiber of muscle and joints in his body suffering from pain.

Opening his eyes with great difficulty, Du Wei was relieved to find his female companions still next to him upon recovering.

Du Wei’s head was lying on Joanna’s lap, while Vivian was lying in his arms with her head pushing against his chin.

Like him, the two girls were also opening their eyes at this moment, confusion filling their murky eyes.

“Where are we…… did we get swallowed by the monster?” Joanna rubbed her forehead slightly, then she immediately noticed that Du Wei was lying on her lap, “What are you doing! Scram!” She suddenly screamed, forcefully rolling herself away and causing Du Wei’s head to plop to the floor.

Exerting great effort to stand, Du Wei rubbed his thigh muscles like they had been torn… This feeling was very uncomfortable, the same as when one gets a muscle cramp.

“Why are you so nervous for? It’s not like I did it intentionally.” Du Wei shot Joanna a glance. Not minding his gaze, this woman first straightened herself and then moved to help the poor little Vivian who’s still looking a still dazed from all this.

All three of them were wet, their hair stuck together into a sticky mess. Du Wei was a little better though, but the two girls didn’t fare so well.

Of the two, Joanna was technically the luckier one – she still had the hollow patterned armor on her body. But poor little Vivian was not so fortunate. Her magic gown was in tatters now after enduring her stay on island, and to make things worse, she had torn pieces of it off to be used for the raft earlier. Right now, aside from her boots, Vivian only wore a set of tight underclothes.

Normally this would be fine, but because it’s been soaked by the sea water, it became a little inappropriate for the eyes – obviously the fabric was a little too thin… And what made it even worse was that the women in this world had one crucial thing missing from the women in his previous world:

A bra!!

After being soaked by the sea water, the thin piece of underclothing was clinging closely to Vivian’s body, clearly outlining her fine figure… Especially the upper portion of this sorceress’s body.

Taking a glance, Du Wei couldn’t help but be distracted.

It’s obvious, although the manner of this sorceress seems a little too pure, and a little too childish… but her figure was already quite mature with the fine taste of a lady. To make it even more deadly, the sizable breasts were only covered by a thin layer of white fabric. If he stared a little deeper, Du Wei was worried he might even be able to see through to the pointed nipples clearly protruding on those mounds!

They may be stuck in a dangerous situation, but as a man, as a male of the specie, he can’t deny his bodily instincts!

But as soon as he came out of his deep thoughts and saw Vivian’s innocent face, his initial ideas were all squashed. Sighing, he sighed, “What a pity!”

“What are you looking at!” Joanna was after all the bigger of the two so she’s more cautious of the other sex. As soon as she noticed Du Wei’s line of sight, she grunted heavily and grabbed her sister over.

Making a ferocious glare, she said, “You lecherous little noble, look again and see if I won’t ply out your eyes!”

Du Wei didn’t argue with her. Turning around, he carefully scanned the surroundings – clearly they are in a cave.

Normally an underground cave would be pitch black with no light source, but not here. The walls were faintly glowing, thus allowing him to make out the area.

Just two steps away from where they were lying was a body of water… Based on this point alone Du Wei speculated they are currently in an underwater cavern. Due to its special topography, the insides didn’t get filled and was left hollow.

Stretching out his hand to touch the glowing wall, he found the texture of the rocks to be granular, and inside the grains were something like tiny sand minerals faintly glimmering.

“Cat’s Eye Pearl? No, it’s too small, better to call it Cat’ Eye Sand instead.” Du Wei retracted his arm.

Common sense gained from his previous life told him any natural object giving off light are usually the result of harmful radiation, meaning its dangerous to humans.

“What are you touching?” Joanna asked from behind.

“I’m assessing the terrain.” Du Wei replied, “We should be glad that we are still alive after being attacked by that monster… But I don’t understand why we ended up in here.”

“I… I… I think I might know a little.” Timidly opening her mouth, Vivian was too shy to even face Du Wei with her flustered face… She may be simple minded, but she’s still a teenage girl, how can she not read Du Wei’s gaze was aiming at her breasts earlier?

Just when Du Wei looked to Vivian for her explanation, Joanna deliberately coughed loudly and went ahead to ask, “What do you know?”

“Whirl, whirlpool.” Vivian repeatedly gestured her hands as she spoke, “Ju-just now, I-I can feel that w-we were pulled here by a whirlpool from the bottom of the sea.”

Du Wei frowned, “Is it that coincidencal? Why here and not somewhere? Why this cave and not us drowning to death?” His expression looked complicated, “I don’t believe it’s a coincidence…”

This cave was neither small nor big. Like an upside-down bowl, there’s no entrance or exit anywhere along the walls, it’s completely sealed. It’s likely the only exit or entrance was the body of water over to the side.

“I think, if we want to go out then we will need to jump into this crevasse and swim back out.” Du Wei concluded.

“If I knew then we should’ve stayed on the island!” Joanna observed the surroundings and came to the same conclusion. Looking annoyed, she said, “At least there was still fresh water to drink; plant roots to eat. And now? There’s only rocks here!”

“Not necessarily true, at least we have oxygen here and won’t suffocate, meaning there must be another entrance or exit here, it’s just we still haven’t found it yet.” Du Wei shakes his head.

“Oxygen? What is oxygen?” Joanna frown furrowed her brow.

Du Wei was speechless. After all, it’s too difficult to explain the concept of oxygen to someone who’s from this magical world. Du Wei stalled, then immediately changed the topic, “We need to come up with an idea… Can you two use your magic yet?”

Both sorceress shook their heads, thus ending Du Wei’s last idea.

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“Now what?” Joanna asked.

As if by instinct, these two women have taken to looking at Du Wei, the youngest of the group, to being their leader. Even Joanna, who’s usually very strong and tough headed, have started to rely on this young man. After all, Du Wei was the calmest among the three here. From working out the escape plan, to searching for food and fresh water, all the important decisions were made by him. He had unintentionally taken care of these two women.

“What to do?”

Du Wei really had no plan left.

Being trapped in a place where no one can see nor hear you, what else can he do? It’s not like he’s a celestial immortal!

Du Wei felt that he couldn’t even force a smile anymore, wanting only to loudly scream his emotions out; after all, his heart’s been taking quite the toll recently.

However, in the face of the two girls, especially those trusting big eyes from Vivian, he can only sigh.

Forcing a smile, Du Wei tried his best to comfort the girls with his words, “Don’t worry… Since the heavens didn’t let us die and took us to a place like this, then we are destined to not die in here. There must be a solution!”

Du Wei secretly sighed inside. Walking over to the side of the cave, he began to lightly fondle the wall as he smiled, “Let’s rest for now to restore our energy. Then…” Pausing to think of what to say, “…Then, there must be a solution… Hey, anyone wants to hear a story?”

Joanna pinched her mouth to the side. She’s not as innocent as Vivian, she cant tell Du Wei had no other plans left, but for the sake of the trembling Vivian, Joanna can only sigh and not say anything.

If we must die here… then so be it, let us die here! The tenacity in the heart has been suppressed for far too long, maybe it’s time to ease up…

Joanna didn’t say anything right now and was busy with her own thoughts. Meanwhile, Vivian had already taken a few steps away from her and was interestedly asking Du Wei “Wh-what story?”

“A tale eh… umm” Du Wei smiled and said, “I… once heard a story about a robber and a treasure. According to the legends, there was once a young man named Alibaba……”

Du Wei slowly told the story about the famous tale of the “Forty Robbers” in his previous life. Once done, he lastly pointed to the wall in the cave and said, “See that, maybe the heavens will make a miracle for us too! Maybe if you touch the top there and loudly shout “Open sesame”, a door will appear and let us out!”

Looking down, Vivian didn’t say anything and contemplated the idea. Then looking back up, this sorceress had tears filling her eyes as she whispered, “Du Wei, you are comforting me, right?”

Du Wei didn’t reply, in this situation he couldn’t bring himself to say anything that he can’t back up. The only thing he can do was gently pat Vivian on the head to console here.

But then Vivian suddenly made a smile as she muttered: “If you say there’s a solution then… then there’s a solution! We-we can try them one by one, we can knock on each of them and say ‘open sesame’!”

Although tears were filling those eyes, but the adorable smile on this little girl didn’t give up. Rising from her spot, Vivian lightly knocked on the wall and said in a sweet yet crisp voice, “Open-open sesame….”

Du Wei also suddenly found himself going bitterly sad inside… Is this adorable girl going to die here?

But it seems the heavens not done playing with him just yet!

Just when Du Wei himself was about to break into tears…

The moment after Vivian had just finished saying “Open Sesame”.

The wall in front of them suddenly fluctuated… That’s right, the solidly hard rocks making up the wall suddenly rippled apart like waves in the water.

From within, a skinny hand suddenly stretched out to appear in front of Du Wei and the group! Just before all of their eyeballs were about to pop due to disbelief, a weakly old voice drifted out from within.

“Finally… visitors… please come in……”


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