Law of the devil chapter 37

Chapter 37 “Legend”

The Devil’s servant?!

If a man were to suddenly come to you and say he was the Devil’s servant, the most common course of reaction was to think he’s a madman.

But if he shows you the amazing feat of casting magic capable of going through walls, would you still think the same? Would you still think the same if he can create a magnificent chandelier, delicate candlesticks and a lot of different furnitures? Of course not! You would never question if that was nonsense or not!

Du Wei wanted to laugh at his own fortune. But unlike him though, the girls beside him didn’t find the same humor as he did at the news, their expressions were deathly ill.

“Ha… Haha…” Du Wei felt little vigor there: “You who claims to be the Devil’s servant… Why did you bring bring us here? I like to know that.”

“You can call me Chris .” The Devil’s servant shoots a glance at Du Wei when he said this, giving the boy an opportunity to notice that contrasting color in his pupils. One was green and the other black.

“…Well, Mr. Chris.” Taking in a deep breath, “You, the so-called Devil’s servant, why did you invite us here and what on earth are you planning to do with us?”

Chris did not reply, instead his bone fingers reached for the other side of the rectangular stone table: “Mr. Young Noble, tell me, what is your opinion about the history of this world?”

With a fast beating heart,  Du Wei had no problem when answering this question likes its a casual thing: “History is nothing but lies written by the winners.”

“Ah…. how interesting,” Chris smiled. “What a fascinating young noble that you are. In truth I’ve been keeping a close tab on you in the past few days. You fascinate me with your viewpoints. For example, when you and that sorceress over there had a dispute, you said something about ‘there is no such thing as justice or injustice, only the one with the hardest fist is the right one.’ Did you not say something along those lines?”

Du Wei nodded at the question: “Not exactly like that but it’s close enough to my meaning.”

“Then I have one request. Can you tell me your opinion on the history of this world? In your viewpoint of course.”

Hmm, how should I answer him…. Despite his careful musing, Du Wei ended up answering without careful consideration anyways.

“Hmm, in my opinion the so-called justice and injustice are all different depending on one’s standing. The victor will always be right while the loser will always be wrong. The reasoning is because only the winner gets the final say and record the events of said time. That’s how the world works at its core.”

“Very good!” Chris was obviously satisfied with that answer because his next course of action was like a prayer. Arms folded around his chest and his head high looking up: “Oh my great master, I finally found a believer in you again!”

“Wait! You say… believer? No, wait! I am not a believer of evil!” Du Wei quickly refutes the claim, “I am not a believer in anyone! I don’t believe in God, and I most certainly don’t believe in the Devil.”

“Then what do you believe in?” Chris shows a wicked smile as if he’s caught the boy.

“I believe in myself…. I will only believe in myself!” Du Wei exclaimed.

At the same time when he shouted this aloud, Joanna and Vivian were both gasping at his remark, their hands covering their mouth in shock: “Oh my God!”

Chris was practically cheering in his laugh now: “You see? What you said just now, ‘You will only believe in yourself and not anyone’, isn’t that the classical doctrine of the Devil’s faith?!”

This had left Du Wei rather confused there.

“Alright, we can drop the topic then if you don’t like it.” Chris slowly encroaches in on Du Wei like a whispering demon: “Connecting with your interesting viewpoint on history, as well as what makes a winner and a loser, what is your view on God and the Devil?”

“Do you even need to ask?” Du Wei was chuckling at the silly question: “If two powerful entities were to fight then God would be the winner and the Devil would be the loser. Since the winner gains everything then its only natural history would be written according to the winner’s wishes. As for the loser, they can only accept of the consequences of losing. Am i wrong? So towards whatever God and Devil, there’s no need for evil or good, only winner and loser.”

Joanna and Vivian were very uncomfortable right now. In their opinion, Du Wei’s viewpoint was borderline outrageous and treasonous!! If the people outside were to learn of this, he would surely be sentenced to the cross and be burnt alive by the Temple of Light.

But as if Du Wei could care about any of that at this moment. After a brief contemplation, he suddenly asked: “Winner and loser…. Chris, you….”

“Yes, I am a loser,” Chris dropped his head after giving his honest answer. “It is a pity. During the last struggle for power, my master ended up losing and myself ended up being imprisoned here. In truth, this place here is my prison to keep me confined here.”

Pausing as if remembering his past, Chris then grew more gloomy as he continued: “I have been on this island for a very long time, so long that I am starting to forget how long.”

“You said…. island?” Du Wei urgently inquired: “You say you are imprisoned on this island… then are we also on the island? You brought us back to the island?”

“Accurately speaking, it’s ‘inside the island’.” Chris grinned, “Or better yet, it’s inside its body.”

Du Wei instantly went green at the news.

“Don’t you get it yet…?” Chris sighed: “What you are calling the Monster is fact this island! This is no island at all, but the body of the monster. During this period you have been living on its back! As for me, I am imprisoned inside its body and this monster is responsible for keeping me confined here! This thing is my jailer.”

After having said this, Chris then flicked his sleeves to stop Joanna who was about to cut in to say something: “No, no, don’t speak yet, listen to me first!”

“A very long time, so long that I can’t even remember now, I have been here…. However, that doesn’t mean you are the first guests to come see me. Once upon a time, some other humans had also come across this island by accident. Like you three, I also saved them by pulling them in here. Some were wise and some were fools. You, little boy, are wise, but I can’t say the same for the two little lassies behind you.”

“Who are you calling a fool?!” Erupting at the insult, Joanna was outraged by the dark being’s claim: “You are but the Devil’s servant….”

“Ah, the little sorceress got angry.” Not getting angry at the rude remark, Chris only peered into the girl’s body as if able to pierce into her very soul using those contrasting black and green eyes of his: “That so called God claims all form of power comes from it right? Everything in nature, right down to your magic powers, are from it, right? Then little sorceress, I want to ask you this. I, the Devil’s servant, do not believe in God. Please tell me, where does my power come from? Lovely little sorceress, can you answer me that?”

As angry as Joanna was, she couldn’t answer it and became speechless.

Issuing out a sigh, Chris was full of sympathy in his gaze:

“You can’t answer me right? Then I will give you the answer…… That God you believe in, it lied to you! The power of nature comes from him? That’s a downright lie!”

Joanna became very embarrassed over her own turmoil. It’s as if her very faith had been overturned in one second to the next. She wanted to retort the claim but couldn’t, there’s no fault in the dark being’s wording.

That’s right, from the very beginning of her magical education, she had been taught the source of all magic was from God. In order to utilize magic, one must borrow the power of nature created by God before fueling their spells with this energy. So how does one tap into this source of energy? By believing in God of course!

That’s magic, that’s the logic behind it!

But now…… this servant of the Devil who never believed in God can wield magic more powerful than her own, had just proven the fault in her logic. What was she supposed to make of that?

“See? What I said is right, some of you are wise and some of you are foolish.” Though Chris’s voice was mild and weak, but his words were piercing for Joanna as if she had been pierced by multiple needles. “You are not the first practitioner of magic to come here so I’ve seen that reaction before. There’s no need to be so distraught over the truth.”

Done lecturing the girl, Chris then turns back to Du Wei with a gleam of satisfaction: “Adorable little noble, you are a wise person so I will talk with you as so. I’ve been waiting a long time, waiting exactly for a wise person like you. I want to make a deal with you.”

“…… A deal?”

“That’s right, a deal,” Chris grinned before knocking his head as if trying to remember something: “Let me see, who was the last person to make a deal with me? Ah yes, his name was Aragon Roland!”

“Aragon Roland?!!” This time it was Du Wei and his girls all exclaiming at once. It’s because the name was too sensation and too well-known.

Universally recognized as one of the few Saint Class warriors to have ever walked this world, and universally recognized as one of the super magicians to have ever been recorded in the annals of history!

Aragon Roland, this name was a legend! The only person in all of mankind to have ever mastered both the use of Dou Qi and magic. He’s truly a peerless master of his age and arguably the strongest being to this day even!

Take Joanna here for example, she herself was one of Aragon’s admirers. That’s why she chose to practice both martial art and magic, so she can copy her idol.

But more importantly, the main reason why the three would be so shocked and surprised by Chris’s statement was that Aragon Roland was in fact the founding ruler of the empire! The very nation in which they lived in!

The great founding emperor!! The one who led his matchless army across all parts of the continent and conquered kingdom after kingdom to create the current Roland Empire, that Aragon Roland!

“Don’t be so nervous, Aragon Roland is just the last person to come make a deal with me here, that’s all.”


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