Law of the devil chapter 04

Chapter 4 “Magic Retard

Satisfied with the child’s reaction, Clark took one look at the crystal ball and said, “Come, let me see if you have the talent. I agreed to teach you but you must have talent first. Otherwise…”

“What should I do?”

“Put your hand on the crystal ball and hold it tight. Then think of something. Whether it be happiness or anger, anything that can stir up your emotions. Now let me see your talent.”

Du Wei took two steps forward and placed his hands on the crystal ball to feel the cold smoothness of the orb.

“Concentrate, now, think. Try your best to think of your most profound memory.” Clark’s voice resounded next to Du Wei.

Closing his eyes, Du Wei began searching through his memories. Eventually, the crystal ball began to glow before Clark’s eye. From a soft faint glow, the light slowly evolved into a radiating light that astounded the magician, “Hmm?”

Du Wei wasn’t feeling well at the moment for he was agitated by the memories of his past life. From how he ended up in this world, to his years of efforts, gone! From his dreams, his life, his goals, everything, gone! All of it was gone! The more time he spent here, the more he adapted to this world, and more and more those important memories faded into nothingness. Du Wei knew this phenomenon was normal for memories fade with time, but he can’t help but feel a sense of sadness by this outcome.

Before long, Du Wei’s breathing began to increase and his heart began to pound like it was being pressured – the crystal ball has a mysterious power to amplify his emotions.

Finally, a hand touched his head and a cooling sensation flowed into his mind to calm the chaotic emotions raging through his heart.

“That’s enough, my child.” Clark’s voice was indifferent, but he addressed Du Wei as my child instead of kid, which means he’s satisfied with Du Wei’s talent.

“Not bad… You are not even six, but you have the talent of a magic apprentice. Your spiritual level is almost twice that of normal persons. And considering your age, I am quite satisfied.”

Clark puts the crystal ball away and points his finger at the chair to indicate Du Wei to sit down. “Now we are measuring your second talent. I will teach you the simplest magic. I want you to meditate and feel the power of nature. Then tell me what you feel.”

Du Wei memorized the chant Clark taught him – it had a simple but strange pronunciation.

“Meditate with your heart and concentrate. This is a crucial step. Many people in the past more talented than you did not pass this step.”

“What should I do?”

“You don’t have to do anything. Just chant the spell silently, and then feel your surroundings. Feel the heat, the cold, or sound, anything will do.”

Clark pulled an hourglass out and waited.

After a while, Du Wei opened his eyes and said. “Mr. Magician.”

“Oh, what did you feel?”

“I… I am feeling hungry.”


Clark was truly disappointed with this answer. This child had excellent spiritual talent but not a delicate heart to observe the world.

Spirit force was of course important but it wasn’t the only standard for one can also improve their spirit by meditating. Those born with a stronger spirit only means they are capable of starting at a higher level. The crucial part was being able to sense the magical elements in nature.

Prior to this, Clark had taught a few students before. Some of their spiritual talents were not as strong as Du Wei’s, yet, one of them could hear the sound of the wind within half of the hourglass’s time. Later in life, that individual eventually became a magician that focuses mainly in magic related to the wind attribute.

Those with real talent will be able to produce something of this step. In other words, Du Wei wasn’t suitable to become a magician, such a pity.

When the Earl saw Clark’s face as he came out, Raymond knew the results already.

“Earl Raymond, I am sorry, your son doesn’t have the talent to become a magician. It seems like the Goddess didn’t choose him. You should seek out another path for him.” Pausing for a moment, Clark then said, “During my thirty six years of life, I have never seen someone like your son.”

At this point, Clark gave out a sigh and began to leave. After a few steps, he added, “Oh, and if he really wants to become a magician, this is only my suggestion, you can let him choose Magic Pharmacy. Magic Pharmacy is at least considered a branch of magic.”

Then Clark waved his hand to sprinkle some gold powder around himself. In a puff, his body disappeared under a ball of flame.

Raymond was truly sighing with despair now.

Apparently, due to Clark’s own arrogance and his halfhearted sentence, the Earl has come to a misleading conclusion about his son.

What this magician really wanted to say was this: Never has he seen in thirty six years of his life someone so talented but could not grasp the elements of nature.

In no way did Clark want to say Du Wei was an idiot. In fact, Clark meant the exact opposite. Because of his inherently big spirit pool, Du Wei will be smarter than his peers and more energetic then the ordinary folk with astounding memory.

But now, due to the misunderstanding with Mr. Rosia and now Clark, Du Wei has truly been branded an idiot not only by his father, but everyone in the capital.

As a result of this blunder, many aristocratic nobles would educate their unruly children with a saying, “Even if you are more stupid, you can’t be worse than that Rowling idiot.” to motivate their children.

Just like that, Du Wei became the center of a counter lecturing tactic.

“Where does his future lie?” Other than Du Wei himself, everyone in the Rowling family remains troubled by this question…..



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