Law of the devil chapter 05

Chapter 5 “Poison Master”

After repeated failure, the Earl has become thoroughly disappointed with his son and had no intention of wasting more efforts on Du Wei. Instead, his focus moved onto his wife. If his son had no future then he had no right to inherit the Rowling House and carry on the family’s legacy. If that’s the case, the Earl can only try for another child.

Eventually, the Earl’s effort on his wife paid off. After a month of consecutive seeding and world turning, the Earl’s wife became pregnant again. And by next winter, Earl Raymond got his second son like he wished.

While the whole mansion was basking in celebration, Du Wei remained in his room reading up on Magic Pharmacy. Thank the gods the last sentence Clark said to the Earl had an effect. Under the presumption of “what else can be worse”, the Earl simply left his idiotic son to his own bidding’s.

For nearly a few months now the Earl didn’t visit Du Wei at all, the son that has thoroughly disappointed him.  Even the Earl’s wife didn’t come as often as before due to her pregnancy. Then when the day his little brother finally entered this world, the servants led Du Wei away to see his mother and brother.

He can tell the Earl was pleased by the loud cry coming off from his little brother. Though still an infant, it’s clear this newborn will grow up to be an outstanding adult with the passage of time.

On the other hand, Earl Raymond didn’t even have the patient to take an extra look at Du Wei. Immediately after letting him see his brother, Raymond waved him away. The Earl’s wife felt bad for Du Wei, but the newborn’s sudden crying occupied all her attention before she can do anything.

Quietly leaving the room, what he left behind was the Earl’s laughter and the baby’s energetic cry. Even though his heart’s already numb to the situation, he can’t help but feel a tinge of disappointment by the treatment.

He reminded himself: “Stop thinking about it, you do not belong to this world. He’s not your father and she’s… she’s not…”

Recalling that stormy night when this woman kneeled in front of the statue the whole night, Du Wei felt a little sad. But still, he shook his head and pushed his attention back into his study.

Du Wei couldn’t deny it. He’s still very much interested in magic. Even though that Clark disapproved of his talent, he’s not willing to accept it. Maybe there’s still a chance.

The Earl’s mansion had a large collection of books, quite a few of them about magic. After reading through all these books, Du Wei finally had to accept reality and that Clark was correct about him. He didn’t have the talent to become a magician. Even if he sat there and meditated the whole day, he wouldn’t feel the tiniest spec of magical elements. And one time, he even fell asleep without knowing it himself.

Not willing to give up, Du Wei decided to turn his focus to Magic Pharmacy because this field can still barely be considered a branch of magic. Yet after inquiring around, he found out what it meant by barely. Even though Magic Pharmacists were acknowledged as magicians in their own right, no one truly took them seriously for they couldn’t use magic.

His analogy of this was, if you compare this to the medical field, real magicians were doctors and pharmacists were nurses. Though both professions worked in the same field, the treatment of a doctor was far higher than a nurse’s.

But after researching magic pharmacy, Du Wei’s interest peaked. It was an interesting field. Like when you add a Duoluoge frog’s eye ball to the Kuai plant, you get something that can turn a person into a mute for a while. Or if you mix sword ruler dragon saliva with a liver of the triangle scaled fish, you get a powder of petrification.

However, all those plants and animals mentioned in the books were new to Du Wei. What was it, a yes, this field’s nothing more than chemistry in another world, or to be more accurate, chemistry of this world.

Never in his mind did Du Wei think it was possible to look at magic in this light: a medicine that can mute a person, powders that can turn a person into stone. WOW!!

Rather than calling this profession Magic Pharmacy, Du Wei had a better name for it: Magic Physician.

Unbeknownst to Du Wei at this time, his thoughts incidentally coincided with how the people of this world evaluated this profession: Poison Master.

As days passed, Du Wei continues to indulge himself in magic pharmacy. However, his level of knowledge remains stuck at the level of theories. After all, the various ingredients mentioned in the books were difficult to obtain even for the Rowling family.

Only real magicians will have those ingredients in the laboratory. And in the field of magic, Magic Pharmacists were usually assistants to magicians. Furthermore, no one would let a child come in contact with those dangerous ingredients, regardless of his status.

Before anyone knew it, six years had passed and Du Wei’s little brother – Gabri – grew up to be a typical Rowling as everyone expected. Both lovable and energetic, Gabri, at merely six years of age, has already started to take up sword lessons from Alpha and had received favorable commendations for his skills. To everyone in the mansion, Gabri was thought to be the family’s hope and heir. Therefore, Earl Raymond decided to teach Gabri Dou Qi the day he turns eight.

(Dou Qi – the type of energy used by martial artists)

Everyone, from the servants to guards, and their father, everyone loved Gabri. The Earl also planned to engage him to a girl of nobility at this age.

All the while Du Wei, the eldest son of the family, was completely forgotten, so much so that the Earl rarely met with him each month. Only his mother would come over during this period. Some nights she would hold onto this poor child and sing a lullaby to dull him to sleep. Only at times like this would Du Wei’s heart soften for he sometimes had to fake his sleep in order to avoid tearing up.

Finally when Du Wei was thirteen and Gabri seven, news came. Exactly like the Earl planned, Gabri began taking up lessons to learn the art of manipulating Dou Qi and it was then the engagement with the daughter – age nine – of the finance minister became finalized.

Although rumors said this engagement was decided before Gabri was even born, but in truth, the one to marry her was originally planned for Du Wei. Yet, due to his disappointments to both families, that person was changed to his little brother, someone more talented.

As for Du Wei, he was quietly sent out of the capital one night by order of his father. Tucked safely inside a carriage, his destination was the Rowling Family’s territory far off into the southern end of the empire. The reason given to the public was that he’s old enough to manage the family business. But Du Wei knew better, he was banished.

Managing the family’s business? What a joke. Everyone knew their most important businesses lied in the imperial capital. Until the Earl summons him, he would likely not ever lay his foot on the soil of the imperial capital again.

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