Law of the devil chapter 50

Chapter 50 “Playing Big”

Actually, in this amazing magical world, magic was very complicated. To be a qualified magician, there were three conditions.

First was the spells. This was the simplest task of the three. You just had to find a master and become his student; and then you would be able to learn a simple spell at least.

In my point of view, the remaining conditions were the key; which were magic talent and your sensitivity to magic.

Magic talent was the same as spiritual power. Du Wei and Solskjaer were the same kind of people. They were born with magic talent and their spiritual power was more outstanding than others.

But, they both were lacking in magic sensitivity and this limited them so that they could not be a real magician.

Now, theoretically, Solskjaer had overcome this issue. He created different kinds of man-made magic elements by using Alchemy. This could increase the concentration percentage of the magic element nearby. So, with this method, even people with weak sensibility could use magic…though it was limited to the low level magic. But at least, theoretically, he had overcome this issue.

Now, the aim of Solskjaer’s research was the other side!

Magic Power! That was the same as the Spiritual Power!

Du Wei and Solskjaer were those who got the magic power but didn’t have the magic sensitivity.

Then, that implied in this world, there were some people in the opposite case: whose Magic sensitivity was great, but that didn’t have the magic power!

If magic element could be created by humans…then, perhaps, magic power could be created manually too.

What would be the result…

When Du Wei and Solskjaer thought of this point, they could not help but be emotional!

If the issue of magic sensitivity and magic power could be solved…then, that implied that the age of the arrogant magicians would be at an end!

If you had the magic power, but not the magic sensitivity, sufficient magic elements could be created for you! Then you would be able to use the low-level magic spells! Become a junior magician!

If you had the Magic sensitivity, but no magic power! Then Magic Power could be improved! Then you could also be able to use the low-level magic spells! Become a junior magician!

Even a normal person, who didn’t have any magic talent and sensitivity! Without any issue, both could be created for him!

So, if Solskjaer’s research could be succeeded, then, Du Wei thought that this might mark a new turn for this world.

Every person could become a magician!!

Since Du Wei had this great target, he was willing to try his best to satisfy the costly request from Solskjaer even under his tight economic situation! He spent thousands and thousands of coins without any hesitation, and now, if possible, he didn’t mind spending more golden coins on it!

If this alchemist formula could be developed successfully in order to enhance the magic power…

Du Wei could not help but dream of this!

Gather three to five thousands soldiers! Give everybody a bottle of Magic medicine with sufficient magic elements…then all the soldiers would become magicians!

Even though they would become a very junior magician… this was still sufficient enough to change continental history!

More than thousands of Magician Troops!

Also, if the production was fast enough…even the Magician’s Troops with numbers equaling 30,000 to 50,000, it was possible theoretically!

He was already emotional about having this idea in his mind!

But now, even though Solskjaer was very busy, and spent the whole day in the laboratory whilst only sleeping for a few hours…there was still zero progress.

Du Wei did think of doping or something similar…since magic power was actually the same as spiritual power. Du Wei thought that surely if there was doping or similar drugs, which could be found in his previous life, that could make people felt excitement mentally, was it the same as the strong spiritual power?

Solskjaer had seriously thought of the Du Wei’s hypothesis, but he immediately turned him down.

“There are many things that can make people feel excitement, for example, from what I know, there are some things called “Ice Berries” grown in the frozen forest in the north. It has this effect… After eating the “Ice Berry”, people will feel excited, and if overdosed, people will have illusions and feel stoned. I heard that many nobles love this “Ice Berry” very much, they use it on almost every occasion…hmm, in private gatherings, they will use this as food to raise the atmosphere.

Du Wei’s eyes blinked rapidly…was that a rave party? Seems no matter how much the world changed, the life of the rich were still very absurd…

”But, this effect of mental excitement is limited. It can only make people feel a bit more excited. It cannot make the total spiritual power of the person increase much. The required spiritual power for using magic is much higher than the spiritual power of the normal person! This type of doping cannot meet the need. I have calculated, and if you want to increase the effect of this kind of doping to the extent that would be sufficient for normal people to use magic it isn’t possible, unless…”

“Unless…” Solskjaer had a wry smile and said, “Unless the person has eaten a hundred buckets of the Ice Berries! But as everybody knows, people can’t eat that many Ice Berries. Not to mention 100 buckets, even a small plate is already enough to stop your heart-beat because of the over-excitement! Then immediately die!” Solskjaer continued, “Unless you’ve got a very strong heart like the heart of a huge dragon, only then, perhaps can you bear the side effect of these 100 buckets of Ice Berries. But, if we can find that huge dragon…the magic power of the dragon is already strong enough, so it is meaningless to use this method to become a magician!”

Du Wei thought for a while, then he patted the sleepy Solskjaer and said, “The Future’s still bright! The road is tough!— I believe in you, work hard!”

Then, Du Wei passed this difficult question to Solskjaer to handle readily.

Du Wei was not in a hurry. He didn’t get worried about that.

Although he had been learning “Star Magic” for a period of time, he still couldn’t overcome the first obstacle. He couldn’t feel the power of the star. But with the spell that Semel taught him and the mediation every night, Du Wei’s spiritual power had been improved a lot.

Now, it seemed, there was no urgent need for him to grasp the issue of this tremendous magical power.

He, as a noble, didn’t need to worry about his living state. He always had many servants to take care of him, and now with the football gambling monopoly in the Rowling Plain Area, Du Wei didn’t have a shortage of money.

Did he have anything to worry about?

Oh…perhaps there were still little problems.

At the back of the castle, it was farmland originally. This farmland could provide sufficient food including vegetables and fruits; part of the products were consumed in the castle and the remaining would be put up for sale.

Du Wei utilized the abandoned warehouse next to this farmland, and now, Du Wei would spend some time in this place every day.

The sulphur made by Solskjaer was now intensively used in the creative work process…

Du Wei asked Marde to buy different kind of materials and recruit some craftsmen including carpenters, carvers, blacksmiths and even a tailor; and with several servants from the castle, a development team for fireworks was formed for Du Wei.

After Du Wei obtained the sulphur, this was his first idea that he came up with which was that he could use the sulphur to make fireworks and earn money! This world didn’t need sulphur, as no projectile weapons were needed. It was because even a junior magician could use fireball, the power was even the same as an individual rocket launcher.

Not just a magician, a warrior who knew aura manipulation, could also launch different kinds of wind sword with his aura.

Under this situation, Du Wei thought that he could only develop some useless and simple artillery and guns.

It was more practical for making fireworks!

Thanks to his experiences in his previous life, Du Wei grew up in village. He had seen the production procedure of a firework in the village. He could even use several newspapers with a little portion of sulphur to make a firecracker! Although it was rough, it worked!

Du Wei showed how to make it in front of the craftsmen, and all of them felt super amazing! After verifying this little master was not using magic, Du Wei explained the usage of this yellow powder and then mentioned his requirement.

Du Wei wasn’t interested in those ‘amazing’ firecrackers. He only wanted to make some beautiful fireworks.

This firework was different though. After lighting it, there would be colorful flames spreading out!

With the sulphur, there was no difficulty with construction. The workshop in the village could make it, and Du Wei believed that he could make it too.

Du Wei didn’t know how to create different colored flames, but he was familiar with the alchemy of this world. He knew there were some special materials that would produce different colored flames after burning, It just needed the sulphur to work as a complement.

The craftsmen were not silly. After understanding the theory, someone started to make firecrackers which were much prettier than Du Wei made. After lighting it, the effect was very loud!

Later, fireworks were created. The most interesting thing from Du Wei was that he requested a carver to carve a statue of a wooden goddess with a water bottle in her hand. After igniting a lead wire, there would be four different colors of flame coming out from the bottle.

In this age, this thing was undoubtedly a miracle! After this, everybody there was shocked! Even the craftsmen and the carvers, who had been involved in the production, after looking at this amazing scenery, could not help kneeling in tribute to the great bright goddess with the most pious voice. They thought this was a gift from god!

Du Wei instantly came up with an idea in his mind, and he named the product, “Forgiveness from the Goddess of Dawn.”

Du Wei was still unsatisfied after stealing the name from the classic trick of the Aquarius Golden Seiya in the Anime Saint Seiya!
The bottle of the “Forgiveness from the Goddess of Dawn” was too small. The firework could only fly to one person’s height.

If you want to make it, then make it bigger!

Du Wei thought of the fireworks he saw in his previous life. When it was the National Day! That kind of siscon! When it shot towards the sky! Then exploded in the air, flames were radiated out! That scene was very cool!

Compared with that, the Goddess of Dawn was just a kid’s toy.

But this one was so difficult to make!

Du Wei had explained for half a day, but still could not explain how to “paint” the flame on the sky to the craftsmen! After thinking for a while, Du Wei understood and he did this and that, after solving the issue about the scene… it was already higher than the level of the firework, it even got the “cannon add-on!”

It was really hard to explain the explosive power of the sulphur, the injection theory, the recoil and so on to the craftsmen…The final result was: there was a brave craftsman who tried once. But since too much sulphur was used, it finally caused a small scale explosion and accidentally hurt two people… (It was not a serious injury, only two day rest was enough.)

But all people thought that this was the warning and punishment from the gods!

So, even though Du Wei was the master, no one dared involve themselves in this thing.

Du Wei was speechless, “Religious worshipers are so bad…”

Since it didn’t work if shot towards the sky from the ground. Du Wei could only start thinking of a new idea.

After thinking of that for a night, Du Wei got a more amazing idea:

Since it didn’t work if shot from the ground…perhaps I could drop it from the sky!

But…how to fly into the sky…use the Flying Magic from the Magician?

It’s not cool!

Du Wei looked down on this idea.

Also, any magician who could use Fire Magic should be able to make a scene more glamorous than a firework. If he recruited a magician to do this, fireworks were not needed! Why not throw a fire spell out that was glamorous!

But, if not relying on a magician…how to fly?

Du Wei suddenly thought that he was hilarious…he could not do everything from the beginning, like making a plane?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), he thought bigger and bigger now.

The ability of making a plane, Du Wei absolutely didn’t have that…So, apart from the plane, what else could he do?

Du Wei’s eyes were shining!


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  1. I seriously hope he won’t keep on making a lot of stuff, especially not high-technology things. Don’t mix medieval-esque fantasy with too much technology, seriously. I don’t want to read about how he invented this and that from his memories, it’s just annoying…

    • If you don’t like that then make sure not to read the novel called ‘Release that Witch’ then. The MC is a mechanical engineer who is reincarnated into a medieval world. He builds a bunch of high-technology things with the help of witches.

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