Law of the devil chapter 51

Chapter 51 “Marde Is Flying”

Basically, Du Wei had passed the Soccer Gambling business to Marde…although he was free, he was grounded because of the order from his father. He had no way to manage his business as he was not allowed to leave the castle.

But, Marde, who was the former horse groom, had a complete change in his status now! Originally, this follower and the disgraced master were sent to Territory of Rowling Family together but now he became the “General Director”, most of the people knew that he was a groom before. The old housekeeper was the highest leader of the servers in this Family. Although to outsider Marde got the highest title, he was just a dummy leader.

But now was totally different! He was Du Wei’s General Director! He was the person-in-charge for the soccer gambling business over the Rowling Plains and half of the Cote Province!

Now, if Marde had to go out, the bosses of those large casinos would send people to welcome this General Director. Wherever Marde went, there would be a group of people, who were engaged in the gambling industry, following him.

This group of people were all waiting and hoping that they could gain some benefit from Marde when he was happy. So, if Marde was eating the meat, they would still go and get some soup for him to eat..

Under the authorization of Du Wei, Marde has pretended that he accidentally disclosed the better odds of several soccer matches, the bosses who operated the illegal soccer gambling really earned some great money from that.

Du Wei understood the human behavior all too well. Although there was the exclusive operation right that officially let Du Wei to be the monopoly in this industry, unofficially, there were still many people operating in this.

Even in his previous life, the underground soccer gambling could not be stopped.

Du Wei just didn’t wanted to be the first one for promoting the Gambling over the Rowling Plain. As long as it could not be blocked, then it’s better to guide it!

Du Wei just thought for a few seconds and come up with this decision! From now on, all the soccer gambling in the cities nearby had to be closed! Du Wei needed to fix it!

Du Wei just spoke it out and Marde would execute what Du Wei ordered.

Du Wei had offered an urgent intensive 3-day training for Marde, no matter how much this former groom understood, Du Wei continued to give him many materials for study.

If there was anything that Marde didn’t understand, he could only self-study on the journey.

First, as Du Wei said, Soccer Gambling, the word “Gambling” could not be spoken! The Little master had created a weird thing, which would be sold openly before each match. Although it could predict the same match result, it’s a little bit different.

“From now on, we are not the banker of the betting! We are the store selling a product! The things we will sell are called…Soccer Lottery!” Du Wei looked serious when he was saying that, it’s kind of a holy feeling. After a while, this little master explained a bit, “From now on, “gambling” should not be spoken! We are not a gambling hub, we are….legal betting!”

How legal is it., Du Wei had made a very simple definition: Ten percent of the revenue would be donated to the government authority!


No matter how much Marde understood, he now could just sit in the carriage with a few servants heading to different towns over the Rowling Plain, and ready for the trading of “Soccer Lottery” as Du Wei said.

By the way, before departure, Marde could not help to ask one more question, “Little master, if we are planning to open a store for trading…so, our store should be named.”

“Soccer Lottery Center!” Du Wei answered immediately.

So, our Mr. General Director Marde, in the foreseeable future, he got a new title in his mind: Director of the Soccer Lottery Center!

The second thing Du Wei wanted Marde to do was…Du Wei was ready to have a significant amendment on the current “League”!

Up till now, in the league system, all the teams and team members were coming from the troop of the castle nearby. Now, the recovery period of the soldiers was almost ended.

If these soldiers kept on playing soccer and stopped the military training, Du Wei worried that the old housekeeper would probably report it by writing the letter to the Imperial City.

So…Du Wei was preparing to establish the real league!

Now, every troop could only have a team in the system. Du Wei requested Marde to go to few cities and establish one team in one city! Now that soccer was very popular over the Rowling Plain, it’s was not difficult to find ten to twenty good soccer players in every town.

After that, team from each place could start their league competition…this idea made Marde very excited!

Du Wei listed out all the thing, seems like this league competition could bring lots of revenue…Firstly, soccer players from Roland Plains, they didn’t request for high joining fee and high salary. Most of them were farmers, craftsmen, carpenters, blacksmiths, miner, even the barbers. They were happy playing the soccer occasionally. One to two golden coins as rewards were already sufficient for them to play in the competition passionately.

The expected high revenue from the soccer lottery was sufficient to pay for these soccer players.

But Du Wei didn’t give up the target of getting maximum benefit…he even let Marde to go to find the biggest leather merchant in the city nearby…That merchant had been providing different kind of leather products to the Rowling Family for a long time.

Du Wei promised, in the future “Soccer League”, when the soccer players were in the competition, they would wear uniform…the name of the merchant’s shop would be written on the uniforms!

Considering the popularity of this game was still high. Every time when there was a match, there were still many people centralizing in the City Square….this kind of popularity…

These merchants had given five hundred golden coins to Du Wei generously as the “Naming Right” fee for the future one year.

So, the team in this city would be named as “Rowling Plain Jade Town Old Clone Leather Store Soccer Team”!

Du Wei sold the naming right for the first soccer team in the league in front of Marde. Then next, Marde was responsible for selling the naming right of the twelve teams to the local rich merchants.

With all these things…Marde almost started to admire this little master who was raised up by himself.

Who said our little master was an idiot?

Have you seen any idiot who could earn hundreds of thousands of gold coins?

Marde was so tired. He was busy with going to different cities and towns, from south to north, east to west in the Rowling Plain; he had gone to more than ten cities and towns! The twelve soccer teams were finally established and all the naming rights had been sold out.

Du Wei didn’t care how weird the names were…He was satisfied with the thousands of gold coins brought by Marde. He earned total five thousand gold coins from these twelve teams.

“This is just the first year, my dear Marde. If we organized the league competition well, you wouldn’t be busy with selling the naming right in the future. Those merchants will beg you with the boxes of coins! At that time, I am afraid only few thousand will not be enough for buying the naming right for one team!” Du Wei looked at this loyal servant, he felt touched. So, he decided to give more rewards to this loyal servant.

“My dear Marde…are you interested in being the first president of Rowling Plain Soccer Association?”

So, apart from the title of “General director” and “Director of the Soccer Lottery centre”, Marde got another amazing title: President of the Soccer Association!

Although he still didn’t understand what this title meant, Marde was impressed as this little master esteemed him most, he accepted Du Wei’s suggestion happily.

Du Wei was very happy.

It was because the coins brought by Marde could help him enormously.

The soccer league was not started yet, the revenue from the soccer lottery was still zero, these five thousands golden coins from the naming fee was the only liquidity for Du Wei.

God damn it…Solsjaer still didn’t have any progress even after he spent thousands and thousands of gold coins.

With the money brought by Marde, Du Wei could relax a little bit. With the happiness, Du Wei brought our President of the Soccer Association to see his new invention.

At the place, where Du Wei had his firework research at the back of the castle, Marde admired his little master much again.

Although he still didn’t know what this little master invented.

The thing in front of him was like a huge basket.

Right, this was a huge basket. It was even large enough to let three to five people to stand inside. The fringe of the basket was high that was about the human’s waist. When people stood inside, it’s like sitting in the carriage with open-top.

Above it….was a gigantic spherical thing that was sewn with a dozen of leather, gently floating above the baskets!

Right, it’s was gigantic hot air balloon!

Under it was a stove, which was heating up the balloon, heating up the air inside the balloon.

The color of the flame was very bright. Du Wei had used some magic in this step…that’s the fire magic he just learnt. Solskjaer made something that could help in strengthening the burning effect of the sulphur.

”This thing is called Hot Air Balloon! My dear Marde.” Du Wei was very happy.

This was the result after one month of effort! Although within this period, nearly fifty high-quality leather was destroyed…these leather were bought from the merchant, who was the first one to buy the naming right of the soccer team, at a very low price.

Du Wei ignored the blankly Marde and briefly introduced his new invention.

Mr. Marde, who was the former groom, the current General Director, the General Director of the Soccer Betting Center and the President of the Soccer Association, was fainted. He looked at this little master and stammered, “Little master…you, you said this thing can fly? You said ‘Fly’? Right?”

”Yes, you are right, my dear Marde!” Du Wei smiled, “So, I offer you an honor! Have a trial flight with me! This is the historical moment! You will be the first human who can fly into the sky without any magic help!”

After that, it was like a dream for the Old Marde!

Du Wei cut the rope tied on the basket; the buoyancy of the hot air balloon brought the basket with Du Wei and Marde up!

When the basket was a little bit off the ground and getting higher and higher…every person stopped breathing without making any sound. They stared at Du Wei and Marde flying into the sky. They were shocked…

There were even some people who forgot to clean up their saliva!

For those people, who were living in the age without any flying tools, this scenery was too….magnificent!

Until the hot air balloon, where Du Wei and Marde were inside, reached the highest point of the castle, the craftsmen on the ground started to scream and cheer! Everyone kneeled down on the floor and praised the great god…

Compared with the cheerful people on the ground, Marde felt that he could not stand up with his legs!

This was the first time for him to fly into the sky; Marde kept shaking since he was off from the ground. He looked pale and the eyes were getting as big as the bovines, his teeth made some weird sound, he kept on clutching the edge of the basket tightly…

”How is it? My dear Marde…” Du Wei looked down…the hot air balloon was floating slowly. From this angle, he could see the scenery around the castle, the mountains far away, the forest close by!

”Is this scenery unforgettable….” Du Wei was enjoying.

”Little master…” Marde tried to swallow his saliva and asked carefully, “This…I am speechless now…this is so amazing…but, I would like to ask…now that we are flying so high…but, how can we land off?”

”….” Du Wei looked pale too, he looked at Marde and said, “Shit…I only know how to fly…but I don’t know how to land off.”

Matt said, “Little master….you are the most talented genius I have ever seen….. %※%×;※……×;(……※”

Du Wei said, “Marde! You spit on me!”

The people on the ground started looking at each other after the excitement, “When will they land off? It’s almost dinner time?”

Under the sunset, the hot air balloon was floating higher and higher, further and further under the infinite glow…

How amazing the world was! Right?


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