Law of the devil chapter 56

Chapter 56 “The Zombie Monster & Golden Eyed Python”

The man running at the front almost crashed into Du Wei. The other two also entered the circle of dragon’s poop, while the four Malamutes had already rushed up towards the group!

“Woah! Friend, can you control your dogs!” The running men were scared. One of them had clumsy movements because of receiving an injury, so he was almost knocked down by the dogs, while the other two quickly dodged. The four Malamutes could not recognize their target, and Du Wei had to yell at them loudly in order to stop their attack. Since the dogs recognized Du Wei, no one was attacked anymore.

At this moment, the last bloodied man had already run to their location, looking terrible. When he saw Du Wei, without caring for his appearance or age, he still kindly shouted, “Friend! Run! The zombie monster is coming! Run!”

After speaking those words, his body trembled and fell to the ground. From his warning, Du Wei came to have a good impression of him, and he tried to hold him up. He sniffed a strong bloody smell, but the most disgusting part was that there was a piece of bloody flesh stuck to his body! It must have been from one of his companions.

Out of the three people at the front, the first one had run away, but when the other two heard that the last man fell, they only hesitated for a while before they stopped running and went back to help him.

Although the bloodied man had fallen, his hands were still holding onto his bow tightly. He was shaking his head as he shouted, “All of you run! If that thing catches up, all of us will die! Leave!! Faster!”

The two companions tried to help him to escape, but his legs were hurt too badly because of the vigorous running he did, and his legs could not support him anymore.

The other two companions felt such a strong brotherhood that they didn’t want to escape and leave him there alone to die, instead they tried to lend their shoulders to help him up.

“You guys don’t actually have to run.” Du Wei sighed. From the beginning when the first man had tried to warn him, that had left on him a good impression of the man. Also, the bloodied man didn’t want to drag his companions into danger and would rather stay if it meant his companions could escape safely. This impressed Du Wei by a fair bit. Even those two other men hadn’t wanted to leave their friend behind. Admiring the brotherhood between these men, Du Wei decided he would help them this one time.

“All of you just stay here. Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen.”

At this very moment, with the help of the moonlight they could see how Du Wei looked like. Du Wei looked just like a thirteen year old kid, so they thought Du Wei was crazy. The two men shouldered their wounded companion and were ready to run, when they suddenly smelled a strong bloody odor followed by a shrill roar…

“Shit! We are going to die…” The three people were so very afraid. But the man with the bow and arrow was decisive. He immediately yelled, “Leave me! Fight against the monster!”

The two companions looked serious. One of them was holding onto broken sword with a tight grip, while the other one that was without any weapon just randomly picked up a thick tree branch from the snow, to use as a mace.

From within the forest, there was a certain creepy noise coming closer…It seemed like there was something passing through the trees, causing the snow on the branches to drop…

Because of the moonlight, Du Wei could clearly see what was inside the forest. Just 30 steps away, a monster popped out from the trees!

Du Wei only glanced once and almost vomited up last night’s meal!

These men had called this monster a “zombie”…that name was really appropriate!

The monster had three legs, but with different sizes! One was a horse leg, another was a deer leg, and the remaining one was so hairy that Du Wei could not figure out which beast this leg belonged to…All three legs were bloody, and were stuck to the body…it was like they were only temporarily attached to the body…

Its body was even stranger! Above its waist, there were two upper bodies! One was like a bear, and the other was…a human body!

This thing was just like a puzzle, made by joining different pieces of different creatures together, its body entirely smeared with blood, covered with black and white long hair!

“What the f**k is this thing!” Du Wei felt disgusted.

“A zombie.” The man sitting on the ground said, “It’s a type of magic monster…this thing kills its prey and attaches parts of the victim’s body onto its own…Damn! It used the captain’s body as well!

He was upset and angry, and the other two were sorrowful too.

It was true. The human part of this monster was very bloody, but you could still see the yellow leather coat and the head above the neck, looking just like it was bitten off by some beast! The brain was already missing, only half of the neck was left, and you could even see into the flesh and white bones! The most gruesome part was that the left eye was flopping outside of its socket…

The running speed of this monster was quite fast, but when it reached the outer part of the dragon poop circle, it suddenly stopped. Its two heads, the human part and the other bear part with sharp teeth, breathed a little and screamed loudly. It stepped backward and began stalking around the circle…

Its roar seemed full of suspicion. It could recognize that dragon poop was harmful and didn’t dare to move forward. But it could see where its prey was and the smell of blood was causing it to be excited…

This creature walked around and hesitatingly moved closer.

All of them turned pale except Du Wei. The man holding the bow and arrow quickly picked out three arrows from his backpack and shot out each one continuously!

Du Wei was impressed! The archery skill of this man was pretty good. Even though he was suffering from a terrible injury, he could still steadily shoot three consecutive arrows!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh….the three arrows shot towards the two heads and a leg of the monster!

Thunk, Thunk, Thunk….The monster was hit by the three arrows, but it merely shook its body and turned around, using its hairy claw at the back and plucked out the arrow in its body, then tore off the brain of the bear and shrieked…

It was bleeding, but the monster didn’t care. Blood splashed onto the snow, and upon contact, green gas suddenly steamed up!

“The blood of this monster is highly toxic. If we happen to come into contact with it, then we will die immediately.” The archer had finished shooting, shaking his head. “Don’t care anymore, we are done…we are not strong enough to fight against it.” He looked at Du Wei and said, “Who are you? You are such a small child, why did you come to this frozen forest…sorry, we dragged you into this mess by drawing this monster here.

With an angry roar, the man who was holding the tree branch rushed towards the monster. Gripping the thick branch, he brutally smashed against the waist of the monster! Bang! The branch hit the monster, but it didn’t get hurt. Using a hairy claw, it grabbed the branch, and flung it away…

With a scream, that man was propelled away and crashed onto a tree. As he fell to the ground, he spilt some blood. The man with the broken sword looked pale. His sword was originally usable for fighting, but now only half of it was left. This monster was so strong with toxic fluid in its body. If they approached any closer to the monster, they would definitely die. But seeing his companions act, how the one who was seriously wounded but still shot arrows and the other was flung away into a tree, he shouted out and got ready to fight with his broken sword!

Du Wei closed his eyes….and breathed in deeply

This warrior with the sword yelled loudly and swung his sword in an arc! Suddenly, two blades of wind appeared that hit the monster and caused a serious wound on the left leg of the Zombie.

The warrior quickly dashed towards the monster and used his broken sword to attack the brain of the zombie!

The speed and the power of his attack were excellent, but the monster suddenly stepped backward and a bloody sting came out from its body! This warrior had jumped into the air and could not dodge, and his shoulder was pierced! He now hung in the air, impaled on the stinging tail of the monster!

There were many hooks on that sting, causing the warrior with the broken sword to loudly scream! He hurled his broken sword to the brain of the monster. Bang! The sword struck the bear head of the monster and was stuck there, but the monster didn’t seem to feel anything from it…

The archer sighed. Since the three of them was not strong enough to be the opponent of the monster, he simply closed his eyes and waited for death.

In that moment, when Du Wei saw the warrior impaled on the monster’s sting, he suddenly took out a bottle from his pocket and threw it towards the monster!

Shatter! Colliding with the monster, the bottle broke immediately, and a yellow powder spread over the monster’s body. Then Du Wei breathed in deeply and quickly casted a spell!

His chanting speed was very fast, and in moments, a blade of wind shot out!

The wind blade didn’t strike the monster directly, but accurately sliced the stinging tail of the monster!

Snap! The tail was cut, and the warrior fell to the ground. Du Wei shouted loudly, “Move fast! Hurry up!”

The warrior was feeling intense pain, but when he heard that voice, he immediate ran towards the side!

Du Wei’s gown was getting bigger as he squeezed his fingers and casted another spell. Several fireballs could be seen blasting towards the monster in the dark night!

The spiritual power and magic sensitivity of Du Wei was very strong, thus he was able to cast three normal fireballs simultaneously! The three fireballs crashed into the monster body and lit up the yellow powder, which was actually sulphur…

Boom! The monster was instantly enshrouded in flames. Within the fire, the monster wailed and it became even more ferocious!

Not hesitating a moment, Du Wei used another hasten magic and rushed towards the zombie beast. He began running around it in a circle as he moved his fingers in a specific pattern and cast confusion magic on the zombie beast!

The blue light from the confusion spell was continuously shot towards the monster, but it only screamed loudly from inside the fire and tried to catch Du Wei. But Du Wei only sped up even more, and used seven to eight confusion spells. Because of dizziness this caused, the movements of the monster gradually slowed down and after a single roar, it collapsed onto the ground.…

Without a moment of delay, Du Wei used his last two sulphur bottles, throwing them towards the zombie beast….

When the two bottles of sulphur came into contact with fire, it immediately exploded. The monster instantly exploded into pieces, leaving behind a smell of roasted meat in the air…

Looking at the zombie monster lying on the floor, Du Wei relaxed a bit, and then went back to lean on a tree…

Damn, why didn’t that old man come out…he only continued to ignore what happened just now!

Going back, Du Wei found that no one was inside the tent! The old man had disappeared!

Just as he was about to yell, suddenly he felt like someone passed him an object into his hand, and he heard the voice of the old magician in his head, “I hate trouble and I don’t want to see anybody, I will find you later.”

The invisibility magic of this old man was too great, that Du Wei could not even feel a thing and couldn’t see a trace of him. He just totally disappeared.

Looking at his hands, he saw there was a small bag. He squeezed it and felt some bottle shaped objects inside.

Having seen how Du Wei defeated the monster, the three men were shocked and kept on staring at Du Wei. A while passed, and they started cheering!

Magician! This little kid was a Magician!

Three of them were hurt, so Du Wei brought them back one by one…the warrior with the sword was in the worst condition, because he had come into contact with the toxic fluid of the monster, and a certain rotting smell was coming out from his wound…

Du Wei immediately checked inside of the bag and found that there were many medicine powders. Luckily, Du Wei had studied Magic Alchemy before. He found two bottles that were specialized for curing wounds.

But the rotten flesh on the warrior’s body…

When Du Wei sighed, the warrior displayed his bravery. Holding a tree branch in his mouth, he drew out a knife from his boot. Although the pain was intense, he cut off his wound by himself!

“This is just to delay the venom from spreading…” The warrior profusely sweated as he spoke with a shaking voice. “I cannot cut my shoulder completely…for the venom of this monster, we have to go back to find a temple and ask the people there to use light magic in order to expel all of the venom…”

The man who was thrown into a tree laughed and said, “Great, we are still alive. This is the best fortune I’ve ever had! You just have to suffer for a couple of days…not a big deal.”

The archer looked at Du Wei, full of gratitude and respect, saying, “Dear Mr. Magician…Please kindly forgive what we said before…I didn’t know that you are a magician. I…appreciate your help very much, thanks for saving our lives! If possible, may I know your name? We will remember it forever!”

Seeing Du Wei hesitate, the archer realized he was asking for too much and laughed, “I know, in such a place, a magician would not tell his name to others…but I can swear on my life, we won’t tell your name to others! Having our lives rescued, if we didn’t know the name of the person who saved us, we would feel terribly ashamed!”

Then, he stood up and said, “I, Dadaneier, am the vice-captain of this adventure team…our captain has died already. This guy carrying the sword is called Frank, and the other one, you can call him Montenegro. We are the personal attendant guards of Marquise Lister. We had come to this place to find a magic beast…”

Dadaneier hesitated a moment before continuing to talk:

“We are searching for a magic beast called ‘Golden Eyed python’ because our Marquise had incurred a serious illness. People have said that the eyes of the ‘Golden Eyed python’ could cure the Marquise of her illness, so we came to this Frozen Forest…I personally received the honor of knighthood from the Marquise. Upon my knighthood I swear, I won’t tell your name to others. But you saved the people from the Lister Family. We have to remember your name! People from the Lister Family must repay this debt!”

He took a deep bow and looked forward to getting a response from Du Wei.

“My name…” Du Wei hesitated for few seconds. He would give away his real name. Sighing he said, “Ok…I am a magician…my name….is Harry Potter.”

“Harry Potter…” Dadaneier remembered this name and said, “I will remember this name! Mr. Magician, if in the future, you come into the territory of Lister Family, you only need mention my name to receive a VIP treatment!”

Du Wei laughed.

By using the identity of a Magician, he could get special treatment anywhere. But Dadaneier was so sincere; obviously, he really appreciated what Du Wei’s actions.

Du Wei felt a bit sorry for telling him a fake name, but he didn’t want anyone to know that Du Wei could use magic. So, he just changed the topic,

“Oh, right, you said something about the Golden Eyed Python. What’s that thing? A python?”

Dadaneier looked a bit confused…normally, a magician should understand magic beast well, but why didn’t this young magician know that?

But still, he respected this young magician, so he answered immediately, “The Golden Eyed Python…is really a type of python, but it is very dangerous. Its eyes can radiate the Petrification Magic. Any creature will be petrified after looking at its eyes directly! In this frozen forest, Golden Eyed Python is regarded as one of the most dangerous magic beasts!”

Although Dadaneier tried to hide his suspicion, Du Wei still knew his thoughts by looking into his eyes. Du Wei laughed and placed some medicine by Dadaneier’ feet, and said, “I am still very young, and just started learning magic. I don’t know much about magic beasts…that’s why, I came here to have a look.”

After a while, Du Wei asked, “But…may I ask…if this Golden Eyed Python is so dangerous, how can you all be sure to catch it?”

What Du Wei implied was crystal clear: These few men could not defeat one zombie beast…how could they catch the Golden Eye Python, which is regarded as the one of the most dangerous magic beasts in the frozen forest? Its must be much, much stronger than the zombie beast!

Dadaneier didn’t care and laughed, “Our life always belonged to the Marquise. We work for her and we won’t give considerations for danger…but we did our preparation before we arrived here…before we started our journey, we made great efforts in obtaining a certain tool. With that tool, we can resist the Petrifaction Magic! Without the Petrifaction Magic, the Golden Eyed Python is just a simple python, not that hard to deal with.”

Then, Dadaneier looking a bit shy and whispered, “Dear Magician, forgive my insolence. I know my request is very unreasonable…but we originally had eight people. After departing, we had been here for three days, walking around. Some of my companions are now dead, and the remaining men are severely injured…I am afraid our strength is not enough to find the Golden Eyed Python in this frozen forest…You are such a great magician, I would like to ask…if…”

Du Wei pondered, “You want my help?”

Dadaneier then stood up straight, “This is concerns the life of our Marquise. I know this request is very unreasonable. But if you can help, after succeeding, you will be the greatest benefactor of the Lister Family! Anyone of the Lister Family would be willing to impart hospitality to the benefactor of our Marquise!!”


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