Law of the devil chapter 60

Law of the Devil Chapter 60: Big Circle Lake

Du Wei had been staying with the Snow Wolf Mercenary Group for five days.

During this time, Du Wei realized he had begun to like these rough mercenaries. He enjoyed the uninhibited rudeness of these wild men and had started to find himself fond of the alcohol. He even loved talking in a foul manner about who was the best hooker while eating monster meat.

In the time he spent with them, he even met a mercenary such as Old Eyed Jacks; a man who was blind in one eye but was responsible for the cooking. He was an old mercenary, but people said that he was a man of great fortitude when he was young. However, he lost one of his eyes as well as his left hand in one of the adventures he undertook. He saved Beinlich’s life in doing so, but rejected the money offered to him for retirement. In his words, he had missed this exciting life. He would rather stay with the mercenary group and do something for them instead of wither away somewhere.

Although he only had one eye and one hand, he was not a detriment to the group in any way. Even with this, he was still able to cook any type of good food for them…Old Eyed Jacks had great skill. He could find food anywhere, and recognize if a mushroom was poisonous with just a glance! He could even forecast the weather by just looking at the sky. He would be able to know if it was snowing miles ahead by listening to the sound of the wind.

These skills of his came from a lifetime of experience.

Among the group, besides the commander, Old Eyed Jacks was the most favorable person among them.

There was an archer named Chester, who only had eight fingers. His left little finger and ring finger were bitten off by a monster in an adventure. But no one dared to tease him, because his archery skill was so great that even with only eight fingers, he was still the no.1 archer among the group.

Within these five days, Du Wei and Dadaneier was also recognized by the group.

In the last two days, the further they walked towards the forest, the more risk they faced. There was one time in particular when they were catching the Disillusion Magic Leopard. (This leopard moved very fast, and it could use magic to make illusions to annoy the enemy such as making illusory copies of itself. While the enemy would still be trying to determine the real one, the leopard would probably be next to him about to bite off his neck!)

When they were catching that leopard, Du Wei really did the job of the magician. He used the Slow magic to slow down the speed of the leopard. The leopard immediately moved slower than a tortoise. Dadaneier then attacked it with a knife.

In the past, when the group met this kind of leopard, they usually lost some people. But this time, with the help of the magician, the hunt went so smoothly that there were no casualties.

The strong spiritual and sensitivity power of Du Wei were useful for many situations. When they were walking, Du Wei would suddenly stop the others. Then the group would be able to know the monster’s track far away according to the judge of the magician.

Within these five days, because of the joining of the magician, the Snow Wolf Mercenary Group gained double their normal harvest.

Even Commander Heinrich could not stop to think that, if they could recruit a magician to join their group…wouldn’t it be perfect?

Surely, after this idea flashed, Beinlich teased himself immediately.

Recruiting a magician? That’s not even something to joke about. Even the nobles or some famous families in the Empire couldn’t recruit a magician. Most of the magicians loved freedom and didn’t want to work for others…

His mercenary group was so small, the group didn’t have even close to the money needed for recruiting a magician!

Du Wei also felt happy.

He was bored in the Rowling’s Family Castle for a long time. But now, he could use magic freely.

This was the most important thing. Although mentally, Du Wei was not a kid, he had been studying magic all these past few years. In these few months, after learning magic, his ability improved a lot.

But in the castle, in order to keep a low profile, he never told others about the fact that he knew magic. Only Solskjaer knew the actual ability of Master Du Wei.

Apart from Solskjaer, all people including Matt were not allowed to enter the Magic Laboratory. This Magic laboratory was given to Solskjaer nominally.

For most of the people in the Rowling’s Family, Du Wei was just a noble teenage who was curious about magic…perhaps he knew some magic pharmaceutics. But people didn’t think that Magic pharmaceutics was the same as real magic.

It’s just like the kid who had a new toy and always wanted to show it off. Du Wei was not so naive, and so he could not show what he knew……now he could use magic. With the admiration from the surroundings, he felt rather awesome.

His skill which, until now, could not be exposed, was Beinlich used just like a ninja.

After five days, the Snow Wolf Mercenary Group finally arrived at their destination: Big Circle Lake.

After passing through the forest, the scenery became rather pleasant.

By standing next to the tree on the boundary of the forest, looking at the open area towards the front, Du Wei could not stop to sigh.

So gorgeous!

It was a flat land of soft snow, where you couldn’t help but to stop and roll on the snow. About three hundred steps forward, it was the Big Circle Lake!

Just like what Beinlich Heinrich said, it was a very large lake. Du Wei looked at the two sides; the boundary of the lake was so long that you could not even see the end of the visual lines. Further away, there was thick ice on the lake!

In such freezing weather, you could not see the lake water. But the ice on the lake was just like a big mirror reflecting the light. It was so glamorous…

“If it was summer, the lake water would be blue in color. That scenery would be pretty.” Commandar Beinlich walked near Du Wei, and looked at the lake while whispering, “This is my fifth time to come here, but did you know…it is the first time for most of my brothers in the group to come to this place. In the adventuring life of a mercenary, the death rate is high. There are only a few brothers that have followed me for more than a few years, but still it’s the first time to come to this place.” Beinlich seemed a little bit down, “Unfortunately, there were quite a number of my brothers who were buried here by me last time.”

Du Wei was going to say some words of comfort, but Beinlich had cheered up already. He shouldered Du Wei and laughed, “OK! No need to comfort me, Mr. Magician. It is because that’s us! That’s a mercenary! That’s the adventuring life! There are newcomers, and also death! Someone died, and someone stayed alive!”

After saying that, Beinlich had a big step and started shouting and commanding the mercenaries to start working.

“Encamp! Chester! You bring some people to walk around, be careful of the surroundings! We will stay here overnight! You! All of you, don’t walk next to the lake! Shit! Do you know what’s inside the lake! Get away from the lake!” Beinlich was yelling.

“Commander!” There were two men walking along the lakeside that laughed, “Commander! We haven’t seen water for many days……and, I was planning to break the ice and see if we could catch some fish! We’ve eaten the wolf meat every day, I am sick of it! Ha haha…”

“Fish? You will probably be eaten by the fish!” Beinlich yelled at them and asked them to come back. But when he was counting the number of people, he frowned, “One is missing…Shit! Where’s Bayer?!”

Beinlich looked around and he saw someone far away. That boy was already in the lakeside area and going to break the ice on the lake.

“Shit! Bayer! What are you doing! Bastard!” The commander was so afraid that he kept yelling as he ran towards the fool, “Stay away from the lake! God Damn it!”

Because of the wind, that guy couldn’t hear the voice of the commander. He looked back but couldn’t hear what the commander yelled, and it seemed that he yelled or said something too.

Du Wei found that that guy was smiling.

Finally, he dug a hole in the ice, and he shouted happily, “Yeah! There is fish! There is a fish!”

Du Wei finally could hear his voice! But…it was too late!

That guy was a fishing expert. After he dug a hole on the lake, many fish went up and breathed under this freezing winter. He was so speedy that he caught a big fish from the hole and lifted it up.

“Commander! Look at what I caught! The Old Cyclops could make a fish soup tonight, ha ha ha!”

It was windy again and his voice came off. Beinlich was trying to rush towards that guy. He was yelling at him while running, and also waiving his hands…

Suddenly, the fish on that mercenary’s hand struggled and opened its mouth. A silver flash emitted out of the mouth and it hit the eyebrow of the mercenary!

Far away, Du Wei saw the mercenary fall down and the fish was dropped on the ground. It jumped a bit and made it into the hole to escape.

Du Wei then immediately ran towards that side!


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