Law of the devil chapter 67

Chapter 67 “Sensational”

Turning to the next page in the diary, one can see the pages were stained with blood. Apparently, Gefeite had carried the diary on himself when fighting.

Ignoring the blood on the paper, Du-Wei continued to read the words left by the now dead Gefeite.

“February 13, day of light.

We have been searching in the woods for a month. I feel like the target is in close proximity. During the first scheduled meeting of our four teams of men, everyone concluded none of the teams were able to find any clues. The presiding judgment Lord said the mission was to take Hussein’s dead body back with us; otherwise, we will never step out of the frozen forest. The past few days, I’ve always had an aching feeling that I’m very close to the target. Maybe in a couple of days I will finally find him! Everyone is already very tired, but I believe Hussein is having a much more difficult timing surviving in this weather and environment alone. Our people have the advantage of taking turns resting, keeping watch at night, and taking turns scavenging for food. Also according to the gathered information by the presiding judge, Hussein was already seriously injured to begin with. He will definitely not escape us! ”

“February 19, day of overcast.

As you go farther north, the weather becomes even colder than before and currently, we are still walking in circles as we searched the forest. Luckily the other day, our team found some trail left behind in the snow, indicating there are traces of people around. The traces show that the cause of it was made by a lone person. I’m certain the trail was made by Saddam Hussein, except him, no one would travel to this place alone and in this kind of weather. Yesterday, we once again find traces left behind by him. According to the clues, he was heading north to the Great Lakes in order to escape.

I’ve already sent a message to the three other teams but due to the vastness of the forest, they did not respond to my message. A hint of worry was sprouting inside of me from the possibility of an accident happening. It has already been a few days but I still didn’t get any reply from the other three teams.

No, I don’t believe that is the case here! The other fellow teams were also being led by an eighth level holy knight. Not to mention the third team was being personally led by the presiding judgment Lord himself. Even if the opponent is Saddam Hussein – the strongest knight on the continent, his body is currently injured and in such treacherous environment, he wouldn’t be able to singlehandedly take on the acting presiding judge, whom is also one of the top magicians in the temple.

But this situation is still causing my heart to be in conflict….. Is my belief not strong enough? Even if the target used to be the pride of the holy knights, my heart shouldn’t be wavering like this.

No, I must kill this traitor! Otherwise his name will forever be etched into the pillar of shame inside the temple! By using their life as sacrifice, the other two holy knight leaders were able to inflict serious injuries to the traitor, if he were to somehow escape the order of holy knights once again, how could the order ever raise their heads again!”

Du-Wei and Dadaneier suddenly stopped breathing as the text came to an end!
Dadaneier’s hands were shaking, his eyes wide with surprise as he stared at the diary in Du-Wei’s hand. After a long time and with much difficulty, he finally managed to squeeze out a sentence in a strangled voice, “said…. this said…… It says here……”

Du-Wei was calmer in this situation than Dadaneier but just as shaky. “The sentence ‘the price of life’ could it be……”

At the same time, both of their eyes become very heavy!

This is just too terrible!

If the betrayal of the strongest knight on the continent can only be described as an unfortunate event….

Then this sentence was like a disaster!

But then Du-Wei thought…. He is afraid such a reality was most likely the case!The three most powerful leading holy knights acted as guardians of the temple of light and led the order of holy knights. But Hussein mutinied, while the other two knight leaders have already passed away according to the text!

It would seem, the traitor Hussein and the two other knight leaders had a battle between them. While the two Knight leaders died in the fighting, Hussein survived but was badly injured?!

Otherwise, with the reputation Hussein had of being a top and powerful master and a one of the three holy knight’s leader. If the church truly wanted to hunt down such a person, why didn’t they send the other two holy knight leaders here instead? It’s true a level eight holy knight was also a rare master but still paled in comparison when faced with Hussein. Wouldn’t it be of greater assurance if they sent the two holy knights leader instead?

It all makes sense now! The other two knight leaders have already passed away, that is why the temple sent holy knights of a lower level!

“This … … This is a disaster!” Dadaneier’s finger and voice couldn’t stop shaking and trembling!

“Out of the three holy knight leaders, one mutinied, while the other two died of battle! The pillar’s that has defended the dignity of the temples has been toppled! My God, this is a disaster in the making! The events would no doubt cause a big storm!” Dadaneier suddenly loudly urged, “Fast! Quickly turn to the next page!”

Du-Wei’s was doing some internal calculation in his heart. Hussein with only his own personal power, he managed to kill the other two holy knight leaders that were also of the ninth level like him. Then afterwards still managed to survive! Is Hussein really only at the ninth level? I’m afraid he has already reached the Saint Paladin level right?

Opening to the next page, the top was still stained with blood, but at this time when he looked at the traces of blood marks on the paper. He felt a sense of bitterness in himself

“February 28th

Another ten days have passed since we lost contact with the other three teams! This is a danger signal. The magical stone that the presiding judgment Lord gave me could not reach anyone or get any response back. My heart is growing uneasy! Could it be, even the powerful presiding judgment Lord was also felled by the traitor’s poisonous hand? Universal goddesses of light, please bless your true believers!

Today, I have finally found something that was left behind by Hussein. It was a bloody bandage, his wound must be still very heavy, and the discovery has clearly inspired everyone. According to the bloodstains on the bandage, we can be sure we are very close to him! Even at the cost of our lives, we will complete the mission given to us by his majesty the pope!”

“March 1!

Oh God! Are you really going to abandon your children? Why! Why would you give the hateful traitor so much favor!! Why!!! Why even after the death of the two holy Knight Leaders and now even the presiding judge was cut down by the traitor’s poisonous hand!!

Today we have finally found the team belonging to the presiding judge’s group! But what I saw was ten bodies! A total of ten corpses! The body of the presiding judge was buried personally by me! The terrible and evil traitor! He actually sliced off the presiding judge’s head, I’ll kill him! I must kill him!!

Du-Wei spat out his tongue!

Holy crap! Even the presiding judgment Lord of the temple of light died too!

This Hussein sure is ruthless when doing business! This event is getting bigger and bigger! The figure of the presiding judgment Lord was part of the core power group in the system watching over the temple of light. For such a man of great power to also die, this Hussein……

While Dadaneier was still staring blankly in a dazed state, Du-Wei was already quickly digging through the snow for something.

“What are you looking for? “Dadaneier was surprised to see Du-Wei’s action.

“The Pope’s warrant!” Du-Wei’s hands continued moving quickly as he replied. “Didn’t you see what was written in the diary? Gefeite was supposed to have a copy of the warrant sent out by his majesty the Pope! This warrant is certainly kept only by the leader of the group; others probably didn’t even know such a secret warrant actually existed. Gefeite is already dead; maybe, just maybe when the others buried him, they also buried the warrant with him.” Du-Wei refused to even use the knife to help; he quickly used his hands to dig through the snow. ”Exactly what and why did Saddam Hussein commit such savage crimes, forcing the temple to makes such a fuss and ordering to kill such a master?! Maybe the warrant has the answers to his questions!”

Dadaneier’s reaction was a little slow, probably due to reading the diary up till now; his mind has already short circuited due to the barrage of events one after another.

Now Dadaneier’s mind was filled with a one shock after another! The Church will have a difficult time recovering after they finish going through this ordeal!

Out of the three leading holy knights, two are dead and one mutinied against the church. Now even the presiding judge of the church has also passed away! This situation will definitely cause a earth shattering event in the continent of Roland!

Du-Wei’s inner shock was different from Dadaneier. His heart was in shock but was overshadowed by excitement. He held an unfavorable attitude towards all religions, especially to the religious organizations that tended to intervene in state affairs. That is why he is now more excited and curious at hearing the news. As for whether the Church will face an earth shattering disaster was something he didn’t worry about….

But what did disappoint Du-Wei was after digging for a good while; he did not manage to locate any items belonging to the knight Gefeite. As for the warrant from the Pope, he was also unable to find it.

“Maybe, he could find some kind of clue from the other two bodies nearby?” Du-Wei can’t help himself but focus his attention to the other two Holy Knights corpses.

As Du-Wei prepared his hands to search the bodies, suddenly, one of the lying bodies rolled over, revealing a snow pit!

Then, below the snow pit where the body was, a hand stretched out into the surface! The hand shattered the ice and snow that had covered it, then grabbed onto the edge of the snow pit! Rustling sounds of shattering ice could be heard as a man slowly sat straight up from below!

Du-Wei and Dadaneier got a surprised scare! Out of instinct, Dadaneier immediately pulled out his sword. Taking a step up front in order to shield Du-Wei, he shouted: “what are you!”

Despite being pale from the cold, the hand that was at the snow pits edge apparently belonged to a human. With the body standing up from the snow pit and revealing the features of the upper torso, Du-Wei could see the face was covered in chips of snow and ice. The face looked very young, white skinned, and he can even say he was very handsome.

But the only issues were the eyes pupil; it was exuding a faint light!

Instinctively, Du-Wei felt a chill! It was his due to his keen senses to perceive danger!

The man sat and took a deep breath, eyes focusing only on both Du-Wei and Dadaneier’s body, then turning slightly as it looked up toward the sky and said to himself, “A day came and passed so quickly.”

Then he gave Du-Wei a glance, masking a mocking smile on his face as he spoke, “You, young man, I heard what you said, what was it that you wanted? Are you looking for this?”

With that said, his hands shook a bit then a roll of sheep skin parchment rolled down! Even though Du-Wei could only quickly catch a glimpse of the content, he could see the following signatures and seals!

The warrant of his Majesty the Pope!!

Looking at the sitting guy that used to be in the snow pit…… Just a moment ago, he was hiding under the body of a Holy Knight! The man sitting on the snow looked pale and frail, but those pair of eyes still exuded a faint chill! And the clothing he is currently wearing……
Du-Wei, suddenly noticed his arm … … There’s a scar! As if scarred with a knife scraping away at the piece of skin on his arm!

The place where the scars are located is exactly the site where Holy Knights leave their “third Medal” baptism mark!

Du-Wei immediately guessed the identity of this man!

“You … … You are … … Hussein? The person that is being hunted! ”

The man with a pair of cold lake eyes nodded, his voice was calm, as if he doesn’t mind the fact that Du-Wei figured out his identity. “You are very clever. Yes, I am Saddam Hussein. My injuries are very heavy and probably couldn’t run away, and two eighth-level knights are already onto my whereabouts, I cannot run far so I can only find a place to hide. They will search everywhere in this vicinity, the only exception to this is that they won’t dig the tomb of their fallen comrades. Unfortunately, you almost ruined my plans.”

With that, his mouth broke into a slight sneer.

Dadaneier have already straightened his arms, pointing his weapon towards this person!

Hussein! This guy is Hussein! The strongest knight on the continent!

He looked extremely weak with a pale complexion, his upper-body was thickly laced and bandaged, although the tone of his voice was calm, it was difficult to disguise his current weakened state.

Watching Dadaneier’s blade, Hussein smiled. “Well, so you think that a knife will be able to deal with me just because of my injury? I’m sorry, you coincidently happened to stumble upon my whereabouts, so both of you are going to die.”

His voice was already scratchy to the extreme, but his tone of voice still wielded absolute power, confidence and certainty of being in control! As for the blade in Dadaneier’s hand, he doesn’t even seem to have a need to even look at it!

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