Law of the Devil Chapter 69

Chapter 69 “Wheel of Time”

In no way is this batter fair. As much as Hussein tried to figure out the location of his new found enemy, he could not do so because Semel is a magic creature and can only be seen by Du Wei.

As if in response to Hussein’s cry, the pressuring cloud got lower and lower. Then with terrifying boom, a thunderous lighting strike came crashing down towards where Hussein was located.

Without any fear, Hussein lifted his sword and pointed towards the clouded sky. Without hesitation, his entire body was cloaked in a bright golden light as he slashed down against the incoming attack…. Du Wei rubbed his eyes in disbelief because he thought he was seeing things!

This Hussein actually chopped the lightning in two!

In a loud BOOM, half of the lightning landed on the ground and the thick icy snow had long been melted due to the residual electric currents! From powerful air currents created by the impact, Du Wei was sent rolling through the ground. Looking over at the culprit for all of this, Du Wei could see the impact had left a huge crater in where Hussein stood. Although the guy was covered in wounds and his sword was still pointing up at the sky, but his stature looked so mighty that one might mistake him for a war god!

”Ha ha ha ha! You really think that I cannot see you!” Hussein sneered as he suddenly used his finger to prick at his other arm. Then using his blood, he rubbed it across his eyes before chanting some weird spell…..

Very soon, Hussein’s eyes turned red like it was possessed. The next moment he looked up at the sky again, his gaze focused onto where the hidden Semel was located: “Ah! I can see you now!”

After that, Hussein bent a bit before propelling himself off the ground. Like an arrow, he shot himself into the air and directly headed to where Semel was flying in the sky!

Seeing the danger coming her way, Semel gently raised her hands to ready her defenses. From her simple gesture, wave like ripples fluctuated in the air to create countless barriers in front of her. Unfortunately, Hussein’s sword was just like a burning knife cutting through a snow pile. Barrier after barrier, her defense shattered upon impact. In the end, the knight’s sword stabbed right into Semel’s left arm!

Seeing this, Du Wei instinctively cries out for the knight to stop, but Semel show any signs of distress. Instead of pain, this magic creature only lets out a cold mocking laugh: “You are strong… But I don’t have a physical body for you to hurt me!”

With that, Semel’s hand reached out and touched the knight in the chest….. From her simple action, a red searing flame exploded from her palm, causing the knight to let out a painful cry! Dropping his sword, the knight was sent flying through the air for at least 10 meters before falling to the ground!

After crashing into a mound of snow, Hussein struggled to stand up. With his chest burnt black from the explosion, the bandages he so painstakingly wrapped around his body started to come undone, thus, revealing all the hideous wounds on his body. Instead of showing pain, the knight had a joyous smile on his face: “Oh, you don’t have a body? Does that mean you are using an illusion to fight with me?”

Semel’s smile suddenly solidified! She was shocked to find that the knight’s sword was still stabbed into her arm!

From the edges of this sword, a black smoke quickly began to seep out from the weapon. This smoke seems to be able to hurt her by slowly eroding her body like a corrosive acid!

“When you were able to hide your presence in front of me, I already knew that you might be using some kind of magic clone to fight with me!” Hussein gasped desperately because of his heavy injuries. Unable to stand up, he finally fell down to the ground: “This new set of magic I know has never been used before, you are the first!”

Semel looked to be in a lot of pain before showing a decisive look in her eyes. Then raising her right arm, she chopped down at her other arm! After her decisive move, the severed arm didn’t even reach the ground before disappearing completely!

Just like the knight, her body shuttered in pain before falling down to the ground. With a missing arm, she struggled to crawl up to Du Wei: “Zack! I’m sorry…. He is very powerful… So I couldn’t defeat him without my real body….”

With that, a silvery light flashed across her body to reform her missing limb. Although her body looked to be restored, but the light of her image seems to have faded by quite a bit.

“Ha ha….” Hussein barely manages to laugh: “Miss Mage, I don’t know who you are, but you are strong! Fortunately for me, you decided to use an illusion copy to fight with me; therefore, you are limited to only half your strength! By doing this, you are just asking to be shamed! On this continent, there are no magician alive capable of defeating me by only using half their strength!”

He could not even stand properly as he said this, but he somehow managed to wave his hand through the air!

From his gesture, a golden Dou Qi came shooting out from his palm like a flying knife. Flying across the snow, this single attack managed to fell at least 10 trees in its wake! Then as if being possessed, the Dou Qi Hussein sent out began to wrap itself around the fallen trees. Letting out a sneer, Hussein directed the 10 flying hulking masses towards Du Wei at amazing speed!

With decisive eyes, Semel grabbed onto Du Wei and threw him far into the distance! After landing, Du Wei took a glance back at where he was before and saw that all the trees had been stopped in midflight due to Semel’s magic.

Seeing this, Hussein didn’t seem disappointed lets out a cold laugh: “But how long can your magic last, Miss Mage?! There are many more trees around us!”

Without delay, he continued to send even more trees against Semel!

Unable to hold it any longer, Semel lets out a final yell: “Let’s die together!”

With that, her red gown began to blaze with searing red flames!

Like a burning ball of flame, her body melded into the very core of her magic as she flew towards her enemy. Seeing this, Hussein lets out a cry of distress. Mustering up his last bit of strength, he stood up and used the last of his power to form a shield in front of his body to fend off the oncoming magic attack. Upon impact, the only sensation Hussein could feel is the burning pain of his Dou Qi being incinerated by the dark flames against his body.

This bodily flame of Semel is truly terrifying! Even Du Wei that was watching from afar could feel the searing heat from where he sat. It’s no imagination because the icy layer on top of the nearby lake was completely melted in this frigid temperature and even steams were coming off the surface!  Struggling to stand upright, Du Wei yells out in pain: “Semel!”

When he called out, his mind suddenly recalled the six magic spell little Vivian had taught him.

In his current state, Du Wei is incapable of using any of the spells because he will be sucked dry like a mummy by the spells!

But at this moment, Du Wei didn’t have a choice.

For him, Semel is not only a magic creature, but also a friend that likes to prank him with her unclothed swinging legs!

Doing his best to support himself upright, Du Wei raised his hands into the air and took a deep breath before starting his incantation…..

When he said the first word in the incantation, he could already feel something akin to a dark hole sucking up his magic reserve!

Nearly collapsing due to the sudden shock, he was only able to keep himself standing due to sheer mental perseverance! Pushing his senses to the limit, he focused everything on supporting casting his spell!

After Du Wei finished his first spell… Around a hundred meters from Du Wei, the dimensional space began to distort like everything was beginning to slow down!

From the evaporation of the water, the burning flame created by Semel, and the melting snow on the ground. Everything slowed to a halt….

Despite this, Du Wei continued to use his weak voice to keep up the spell incantation. As he does this, he could clearly feel his life leaving his body when his body began to age uncontrollably.

Although he was suffering, but he still kept going!

As though an invisible hand stopped the dial in time, everything around him slowed to a halt. He knew his effort was successful, but his magic reserve was almost completely depleted!

No, it’s not enough!

Du Wei was yelling inside his heart because his power really couldn’t support such a high class magic spell! Not only was his clothes starting to rip itself to shreds, but he could also feel his spirit being squeezed due to the spell wanting more energy!

At this point, Du Wei felt like he could not even say the spell words anymore. Using all of his strength, only a weak murmur could be heard from his voice…..

The space and time have stopped!

It was an amazing moment.

Hussein still kept standing where he was and the flames of Semel was still pushing against Hussein’s body!

Du Wei tried his best to step forward and shouted, ” Ch…….Chro….no Trig…ger”

Before he could finish his words, his consciousness had already fainted.

Luckily, the god was still blessing our little noble.

Someone from the side helped him finish the spell!

”Chrono Trigger! Return!”

After the old yet calm voice said this, a white shadowy figure came flying out from the forest. Opening both of his hand, this mysterious figure winded back time like he was driving a time dial!

The old magician, Vivian’s teacher, finally showed up.

His face looked serious as he chanted the spell in a very fast manner….. His spell was exactly the same as Du Wei’s earlier!

Then the dimension twisted again!

The flames turned backward and disappeared. Finally, the Semel turned fireball reverted back to her previous form and a faintly looking Semel showed up on the floor…..

All the flames were gone and even the ashes from the burnt branches turned back into their original form…

This scene was just like a rewinding tape from his previous life!

The old magician looked serious the entire time. As soon as the time was reverted back to when Semel was surrounded by the sharp branches, the old Mage stopped in relief.

Then with a wave of his hand, the branches floating in the air was thrown away by a strong wind.

When the time recovered and began to move smoothly again, the old magician immediately ran towards Hussein. Pulling out a bottle of strange liquid from his gown, the old guy hastily poured the liquid into the knight’s mouth.

The feeble looking Hussein did not say anything as he looked at the old magician. From his eyes, the hostility from before suddenly disappeared and the knight even tried to smile.

Next, the old magician hastily flew towards Semel. With a serious and complicated expression, his eyes seem to be filled with regret as he looked down at the red robed lady. Then with a sigh, the old guy pulled out a white bottle from his gown and poured a single drop of silvery liquid onto his finger. Pausing a moment in thought, he then poured another two drops of the liquid and fed it into Semel’s mouth.

After in taking the liquid, Semel’s nearly transparent body finally regained some light.

The old magician finally relaxed before running over to Du Wei. He gave a total of three bottles of magic medicine to Du Wei; these were the supplements which many high level magician used for recovery.

Du Wei’s skin was moisturized again, and he woke up from his coma and coughed. Because of the coma, his lung lacked oxygen, so he needed to cough a bit in order to breathe normally!

The old magician was so angry, he stood up and scolded Hussein like father would scold a son.

He pointed at Hussein who was lying on the ground, “You! Stupid kid! When can you get rid of your arrogant and bad temper?”

Then he looked at Du Wei and scolded, “You! You are even more stupid! Do you think that your magic power is enough for using Chrono Trigger? If I was not here, you probably would’ve died already!”

Finally, he looked at Semel, and there was some complicated feelings…like….love?

“Semel…Oh My god, I knew that you were still alive!” The magician was shaking, “Semel…are you really Semel….I know it’s you!”


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  1. For him, Semel is not only a magic creature, but also a friend that likes to prank him with her unclothed swinging legs!

    Really? That’s the reason? Wow… In moments like this, I miss the MC of WMW. At least say that it has to do with her being a friend + only she knowing the magic he wanted to learn to get some real motivation. Sacrificing yourself for someone else is retarded(especially if it’s a magic pet creature with some memories), especially when you know that you WILL die, it’s not a risk, it’s freaking lunacy. You don’t try to cast a spell that you KNOW will kill you before you can even cast it, what’s even the use? Damn.

    • Yep! He saved her all because she always teased him by swinging her unclothed legs.
      He must have been a virgin in his past life. /nod /nod

      *gasp* It’s no wonder he became a mage/wizard in this life! Don’t they joke about becoming a wizard or something in Japan if a guy is a 30 year old virgin? 😛

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