Law of the devil Chapter 99 part 1

Chapter 99 “Despicable Aragon” (part one)

After finally bypassing the terrifying abyss, the group now stood in front of a cave entrance.

Unlike all the other locations, this entrance was vaguely different. The first difference was that it was sealed with a rock and at the same time, a symbol was vaguely inscribed onto the surface. Du Wei only needed to take one look before immediately recognizing the ‘Thorned Flower’ symbol.

Du Wei had only seen this badge symbol in some old literature because in the current Roland Empire, the Thorned Flower symbol that was used is very different from the one in front of him. The reason behind this was because the Royal family had been replaced several times over the course of a millennium. From the Thorned Flower symbol of Aragon’s true descendants, to the Thorned Flower symbol of Aragon’s brothers, to the current Thorned Flower symbol of the Augustine, all of these symbols underwent several changes and modifications.

And from Du Wei’s vast collection of knowledge, he could easily distinguish the symbol in front of him belonged to the earliest version of Aragon’s time.

Opening the long wooden box given to them by the dragon patriarch, the old magician removed the contents inside and held out the ‘key’ for the secret chamber.

Unexpected to all, the so-called “key” was actually a horn!

Recalling the broken horn on top of the dragon patriarch’s head, Du Wei immediately understood what was going on.

“Don’t look at me like that; I didn’t know the key was such a thing either.” The old magician touched his nose with one hand, while his other is holding the so called key: “No wonder…… It is no wonder that……”

Two hundred years ago, the old magician once came looking for Aragon’s legacy, but the dragon patriarch standing guard here would of course refuse him passage into the secret chamber, nor would he hand him the key because at the time, the old magician still didn’t find the one from the prophecy. For this reason, the two ended up fighting over this matter. The result ended with the old magician leaving in regret.

“In order to make the Dragon patriarch hand over the key, there are two conditions. One is the contract with the dragon clan and the last time I came here, I only had the contract. Unfortunately, I didn’t meet the second condition because I am not the prophesied person in Aragon’s prophecy.“ The old magician smiles and handed Du Wei the Dragon Horn: “Take it, only you can go into this secret chamber. None of us can do this.”

Under the encouragement of the old magician, Du Wei took the half broken horn and stood in front of the cave door.

In front of him, the stone carved Thorned Flower symbol was nearly the size of a basin. Examining the half broken horn in his hand, Du Wei had no idea how to use this so called ‘key’.

If it is a key, then there should at least be a Keyhole?

Du Wei couldn’t stop his complaints.

But where on this rock surface is there a Keyhole?

“How do you use this?” Du Wei looked back and questioned.

The old magician opened his hands and answered very simply: “Well, I don’t know.”

Don’t know?

Du Wei rolled his eyes.

“Yes, I don’t know.” The words of the old magician annoyed Du Wei to no ends: “You are the prophesied person, so only you can open this door. It is destined by the prophecy. You will definitely be able to open the door. As for how to open it, I believe there must be a way.”

What kind of answer is that?

Du Wei endured his temper and carefully examined the rock surface with his hand. From the touch, this block of rock was rugged and irregular. The only smooth surface was the Thorned Flower symbol, but that was only smoothed out by someone using a sword.

Hold on……

Carefully touching the rock surface, there seems to be a small bump in the middle of the Thorned Flower badge symbol. Du Wei gently pressed against the bump to see the bump get sucked into the wall and only to reveal….

Two little holes!


Du Wei hesitated, for he only had one “key”.

Moreover, when comparing the dragon horn in his hand to the two little holes, the size doesn’t seem to fit.

But Du Wei is not someone to be tied down by the normal way of thinking. Spending a moment in thought, his mind had a faint suspicion the placement and spacing of these two holes in the wall were just like that of a person’s eyes…..

Then under the curious gaze of the people behind him, Du Wei moved his head over to where the two small holes were and peered into them…..

Then the next moment, a miracle happened.

Two bright rays of powerful light shot directly into his eyes. Normally, when the eyes are exposed to such an intense beam of light, that person would be momentarily blinded!

But right now, Du Wei felt absolutely nothing and the only sensation he noticed was that his eyes were being exposed to a high concentration of light. Despite the intensity of the light, there wasn’t any sense of pain or irritation in his eyes, instead, there was only a very soft yet comfortable feeling passing through him. As if something ignited inside his body, the once comfortable feeling was replaced with some kind of mysterious power surging through his body. Looking through the two holes, Du Wei felt like his eyes could literally see through all of the underlying rocks.

Focusing his eyes, what he saw the next moment was a…. Illusion?

In front of him, different figures were flashing past his sight, but all of them are of women he had seen and known before…. There was the cute little stuttering Vivian, the violent ice beauty Joanna, the barefooted long robed Semel, and the long legged honorary knight Rolynn….

One by one, beautiful women continued to flash past in front of him… But why were they all females?

Just when Du Wei was starting to feel surprised, a tiny voice gently pierced into his heart: Aha, glamour eyes…… So Chris gave you such a thing.

Without waiting for Du Wei to regain his composure, he suddenly felt empty…..

Now, the several people standing behind Du Wei were shocked with wide eyes (of course, not including Medusa). Du Wei’s body was like a ball of melting snow and ice, slowly “melting” into the rock and very soon, disappearing completely.

Du Wei found himself in the darkness, Yes, completely dark without any light.

But it was very strange because he could clearly see everything around him!

The feeling was wonderful, as if he was naturally born with night vision! Du Wei doesn’t know how this happened, but he’s certain this probably had something to do with that beam of light shooting into his eyes.

The place he was in now is a very narrow passageway, and behind him was a big piece of rock. But as to how he got past the rock, even he didn’t know.

Looking in front, there was a strange mist of fog blocking his point of view.

Keep moving forward?

Du Wei instinctively felt the mist had a very strong risk of danger. Thinking for a moment, he gently took off his hat and threw it into the mists…..


A subtle but clear noise could be heard. As soon as the hat was exposed to the fog, countless sparks of light appeared and shredded his hat into multiple smaller pieces!

This was no different from a mixer!

Du Wei drew in a gasp of air.

What am I supposed to do? Keep moving?

Du Wei didn’t want the fog to shred him into multiple pieces!

It was at this moment, the voice came again:

(You have the key?)


Du Wei could not help but looked around himself, but there was nothing near him, only the Black Mountain. He exclaimed: “Who! Who is talking to me? ”

(You have the key?)

Du Wei looked warily at the fog: “key? I have it!”

With that, he raised his hands while waving the half broken horn in the air.

What followed was complete silence. Du Wei waited for a while… But no reply came and the strange voice was gone.


The key……

Looking at the horn in his hand, Du Wei clenched his teeth’s and walked a few steps forward….

As soon as his feet touched the edge of the fog, Du Wei immediately felt a powerful force emerging from the fog! Then there was the sound of the boot’s tip being cut off! Fortunately, his boots were big, so his toes were fine. The problem now was that they were exposed and barefooted. Quickly retracting his feet, he scolded:

“What the fuck! I have the key! But what fucking good is the key doing me!”

Du Wei quickly regretted his swearing!

As if he had enraged the fog in front of him, the originally unmoving fog suddenly dispersed towards him!

Du Wei lets out a frightful cry and quickly retreated backward, but in this narrow passageway, where could he possibly run to? Soon, he ran out of space to retreat!

Is this actually the place of Aragon’s legacy, or is it some kind of murderous trap!

Seeing the fog sweeping up to him, Du Wei sighed. Steeling his heart, he closed his eyes for the inevitable….

Let the heavens decide my fate!

Who knows how long has passed, but when Du Wei opened his eyes, he found himself still in one piece despite being enshrouded in the fog. Looking at the horn in his hand, the object was projecting a soft light enveloping his entire body. No matter how much the fog tried, it could not invade into the area covered by the illuminating light.

Relying on light to illuminate the path, Du Wei breathed out a sigh of relief as he looked at the torch like horn in his hand. With a relaxed expression, he continued walking forward into the unknown….


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