Law of the devil Chapter 66

Chapter 66 “The Strongest Knight on the Mainland”

“Look…… This diary refers to the Marquise of Lister.”
From Du-Wei’s sentence, any psychological resistance Dadaneier had about reading Gefeite’s diary was immediately dismissed. This loyal warrior of the Lister was also very concerned about any news regarding his mistress.

Leaving the dead holy knight behind, he came and stood beside Du-Wei as they read the diary.

“January 6. Today I saw the Marquise of Lister; she was an elegant and charming Lady. As thanks to the noble Lady for the donation she made for her strong belief in god, I hope the Gods will bless her. Today I held no kindness in teaching a lesson to a ruffian showing disrespect towards the Lady. It is hard to believe that there’s such a magician with such vile characteristics, I will report todays incident to the Magic union. Mrs. Lister is a believer with status and should be under the House of god’s protection, even if it is a magician; one cannot so casually insult the followers of the temple. And for such an elegant and beautiful woman, no knight can tolerate such actions.”

Du-Wei immediately figured out, the recorded information should be when Gefeite first met the Marquise of Lister, and coincidentally helped her chase away the evil magician that was trying to entangle the beautiful marquise that fateful day.

But clearly, Gefeite did not know the Marquise was inflicted with a magic curse from this incident because he left too quickly.

“January 11. Blessed day. Praise the Almighty God. Praise the goddess gave the world light.

Today I got a emergency call from the temple, I was ordered to the North, where my brother Knights of the temple are meeting. This task came directly from the white bishop of the Temple himself. I know there must be another great evil appearing – Those whom violate the honor and teachings of the Temple. It is only when dealing with these people would we the Holy Knights be given such missions. This task does not seem to be easy. The bishop has mobilized three eighth level riders and I will be one of these individuals leading the group. In the name of the almighty god, my faith will never waiver or be shaken, regardless of how many of the enemy I may face, I Gefeite is willing to sacrifice my life in order to defend the glory and honor of the temple. With this sacred sword of the holy knights, I will relentlessly cut down any evil that would challenge the honor and beliefs of the temple.”

Du-Wei sighed. From these lines, he can see the Holy Knight was extremely devoted to his faith.

“January 14. Judgment day. I’m willing to shed my blood to shatter the darkness and let the light shine upon humanity once again.

The search teams have been formed and I’ll be leading ten Knights into the frozen forest of the north. Even now, I still do not know what the purpose of the mission is or who the target is. The commander of this operation is actually the presiding judging lord Murray himself from the temple! I know very well this mission is of great importance. To be able to disturb the presiding judging lord and make him personally command the operation while calling in three level eight riders out of the total 40 Holy Knight in the temple, this matter must be of grave importance. The presiding judge’s attitude was exceptionally serious, he told me that all of this is under the direct order of his majesty the Pope himself and the enemy that we have to face is a traitor to the temple with a evil soul. This person is a former Temple priest that ran away from his own faith. Due to this reason, his majesty the Pope was exceptionally angry and the warrant from the pope indicated execution is to be carried out immediately without trial.

In any case, as my eyes laid upon the name indicated on his Majesty warrant, I couldn’t believe my eyes …… may the gods forgive me; I dare not have any hint of doubt regarding the meaning of his majesty the Pope’s order. I believe his Majesty the Pope is the voice of the gods in this world…… However, the content of this warrant causes my mind to be unable to rest at night.

Hussein, the pride of the Holy Knights order! One of the most sacred and powerful Knight of the temple, why must you betraying your faith!”

Du-Wei and Dadaneier eyed each other.

“Hussein …… Who is that?” Du-Wei looked at Dadaneier: I don’t know much about Holy Knights.

Dadaneier seemed to have trouble swallowing a spit. His face was written in shock. “Hussein…… He betrayed the temple! My God, this is terrible!”

“Scary?” Du-Wei seemed somewhat puzzled by this revelation.

Dadaneier closed his eyes as he shook his head while taking in deep breathes a few times, and then uttered a moan of sigh “…… Harry, you really haven’t heard of the name Hussein?

Du-Wei shook his head. After coming to this world, he was withdrawn since he was small. Then after his fall from grace, he spent all his energy to the read books and study. As for events outside, he did not pay much attention.

Saddam Hussein is that famous?

“Out of all the knights on the continent, Holy Knights of the Temple of light are recognized as the group with the highest overall quality because their belief is the purest and their skills are mercilessly honed from an early age. Now within the regiment of Holy knights in the temple of light, only three knights are ever recognized at one time to be given the position of leadership and Saddam Hussein is one of these individuals.” Dadaneier whispered, “It would not be a exaggeration for some to say that Saddam Hussein is the idol of almost every young knight in the continent. Maybe it would not be overemphasized if they are actually pursuing such a target.”

”Why is that?” Du-Wei asked.

”Because for nearly 100 years, he is the only one to ever reach level eight level knighthood before 25 years old, achieving the title of genius! You need to know, only eighth level or higher knights can have the qualification to be one of the leaders of the holy knights, and Hussein was only 25 years old when he reached this state. In 100 years, he was the only one! By 30 years old, he became one of the three strongest holy knights in the order! He is recognized as a genius, no…… He should be called a genius among genius!” Dadaneier voice is very serious now “Leaders of the holy knight’s order will only pass on their positions to the three strongest within the order and among the current three strongest, only Hussein was able to obtain the qualifications when he was 30 years old. While the other two strongest holy knights are already 40 years old and up when they reached the same conditions, not to mention, the first knight called Luke was already over 40 when he broke through to the ninth level and the second person was also of the same situation.”

Dadaneier whispered, “Ninth level Knights are only a step away from the level of a Saint Paladin but for the past 100 years, the continent hasn’t seen another Saint Paladin level knight. For past generations, the three strongest holy knights were only able to reach ninth level before passing on.”

Du-Wei asked, “So, Saddam Hussein is also ninth level Knight?”

”Yes, that’s right.” Dadaneier face becomes even weirder, “A moment ago I said he was an eighth level knight at 25 years, are you able to guess how old he was when he reached a ninth level?”

“The age of 30?” Du-Wei tried guessing. “You can’t mean he became one of the three strongest holy knights when he was 30 years old?”

“No.” Dadaneier bitterly shook his head “it was much earlier when he reached ninth level! But because he was too young, the temple cannot allow such a young person to dominate so many holy knights. So it wasn’t until he was 30 years of age that he was ‘officially’ qualified to become one of the three leaders of the Holy Knight order. The time when he actually achieved the title of ninth level Knight is……” At this point, Dadaneier took a deep breath as he lowered his voice, even his face showed a touch of reverence.
“26 years old!”
Du-Wei raised an eyebrow “so after he achieved the title of eighth level knight, he broke through to the ninth level within a year?”

“It was more than that.”Dadaneier reply causes Du-Wei to become even more surprised. “There were even rumors that Hussein’s strength has long surpassed a ninth level holy knight and was only a fraction away from reaching the tenth level and obtaining the Saint Paladin title. Now with no other Saint Paladin on the continent, a ninth level Knight is already considered currently the strongest level on the continent. Some even considered Saddam Hussein as the most powerful of all the ninth level knights! Even the Holy Knights order recognizes Hussein’s powers are beyond his two counterparts within the order and when he reached this point in life, he was only 26 years old! 26 years of age!!

Du-Wei can’t help but become moved by this knowledge.
The continents strongest holy knight and he is only 26 years old?!
“Despite the fact that Hussein still wasn’t able to break through to the level of a Saint Paladin in the past years, everyone surely believed he will eventually become a Saint Paladin. The inner circle of the temple believes he is the pride of the holy knight’s order and because Saint Paladin’s have become extinct on the continent for the past 100 years. Even one person reaching the level of a Saint Paladin will have a great impact on the reputation and prestige of the Holy Knights order. Therefore, the Temple was willing to appoint the just turned 30 years old Hussein as one of the three leading holy knight. In history, any knight that has managed to become one of the three leading holy knights before 30 years of age has always ended up reaching the level of a Saint Paladin.”
Both men already guessed the deployment of the Holy Knights were because of a great and devastating event but they absolutely did not expect the reason to be so shocking!
Accepted as the number one Knight on the continent, appointed as one of the three leading Knight in the Holy Knights order, would actually betray the temple and now the temples of light have actually given the order to the holy knight’s to hunt and kill him!
This matter seems to have been done in secrecy, news did not spread to others; otherwise, the scandal would definitely be a sensation across the continent!
Du-Wei and Dadaneier looked at each other for a long time. Both of them could see it in each other’s eyes of how shocked they were, of course, there are more puzzling matters in their minds.
Hussein, a genius praised by everyone. At 30 years old, he achieved the position of being one of the three leaders in the Holy Knights order! Thought highly by the temple of light and admired by the world. His intellect and ability was unmatched by his peers and accepted as a future Saint Paladin…… It can be said his future was bright beyond measure!

Why would such a person suddenly betray the temple? Then suddenly become a traitor sought by the church and to be killed immediately upon sight?

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