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Ye ling yuThe mentally retarded thirteen year old daughter of the Ye family suddenly gets reborn one day! Equipped with the almighty celestial cauldron and a spirit cultivation domain, she’s no longer the abandoned girl who everyone bullies! Unparalleled in both poison and medicine, even a miracle doctor must step aside. Spirit beasts beg for contracts, but too bad, even the God of beasts have to call her Boss. Scum father, you dare abandon your wife and daughter? She will surely make him destitute and homeless. People of the world, you dare bully her and insult her, she will definitely pay them back a hundredfold. Reborn again into the world, she returns as a sovereign, but who knew she would attract the nefarious-blood-thirsty-demon him. He’s definitely the ghost emperor who doesn’t hesitate to kill and cut down anyone, but he transforms into a harmless foolishly cute prisoner prince of an enemy country……


Chapter 200 “Superior Quality VS Superior Quality”

Chapter 201 “Three Fight Three Win”

Chapter 202 “Emergence of the Earth Class Treasure”

Chapter 203 “Dare Hurt My Men?!”

Chapter 204 “Old Monster Level Existence”

Chapter 205 “Underground Auction”

Chapter 206 “Feng Beauty Belongs to my Boss”

Chapter 207 “Who Dares to Touch my Mistress’s Man”

Chapter 208 “The Phoenix Lord is Gay?”

Chapter 209 “The Poison Specialist”

Chapter 210 “A Similar Story”

Chapter 211 “The Other Side of Feng Shen”

Chapter 212 “Sore Spot: Touch and Die!”

Chapter 213 “I’m a Third Rank, What’s Yours?”

Chapter 214 “Dare Humiliate Me?”

Chapter 215 “Counterattack: Suck Him Dry!”

Chapter 216 “Little Phoenix’s Might”

Chapter 217 “The One to Help Get Even is Here”

Chapter 218 “Framing the Old Hag”

Chapter 219 “Hush Money”

Chapter 220 “Goddess or a Witch”

Chapter 221 “Refinement, Ability Dan Pills”

Chapter 222 “Excluded”

Chapter 223 “A Madwoman or a Genius”

Chapter 224 “Measuring Destiny”

Chapter 225 “The Secret Inside Ye Ling Yue’s Body”

Chapter 226 “Late Night Visitors, Who Are They?”

Chapter 227 “Bestowment: A Drop of Qilin Blood”

Chapter 228 “Blockbustering Ability Dan Pill”

Chapter 229 “Asshole Daddy, You Are Here Too?

Chapter 230 “I just have more money, what of it?”

Chapter 231 “Member of Buddhism”

Chapter 232 “Meteor Iron Scripture, The Test of the Old Monk

Chapter 233 “Animalistic Ex-Husband”

Chapter 234 “Revenge”c

Chapter 235 “Test Trial of the Sixth Rank Martial Technique”

Chapter 236 “Cutie Pet’s Big Transformation”

Chapter 237 “The Secret Within the Iron Scripture”

Chapter 238 “Who’s the Number One on the Roster List?

Chapter 239 “Emergence of the Reincarnation Dan Pill: Super Revival of the Salted Fish”

Chapter 240 “Blow One Means One”

Chapter 241 “Making A False Countercharge”

Chapter 242 “It’s Time for the Battle of Daddy’s”

Chapter 243 “The Duel of the Both Generals”

Chapter 244 “His Big Favor”

Chapter 245 “Love at First Sight”

Chapter 246 “A Man is Invincible When He is Cheap”

Chapter 247 “The Changes in the Red Mist Sky”

Chapter 248 “Quick Finger Sect”

Chapter 249 “A Gentlemen Pursues a Fair Sweet Lady”

Chapter 250 “Feng Shen’s About to Die!”

Chapter 251 “She’s on Top, and He’s Below”

Chapter 252 “Piece of the Map”

Chapter 253 “Marry You as a Side Consort”

Chapter 254 “Tai Yi Secret Territory”

Chapter 255 “Thunder Beast and the Mysterious Person in Red”

Chapter 256 “A Witch”

Chapter 257 “Emergence of the Demonic Coven”

Chapter 258 “The Scourge of the Millennium”

Chapter 259 “Reencounter a Pair of Assholes”

Chapter 260 “North Qing’s new God of War”

Chapter 261 “Picking on the Small”

Chapter 262 “Opening the Secret Territory”

Chapter 263 “Herb Field”

Chapter 264 “One is Sick, One is Jealous”

Chapter 265 “Guardian Spirit Beast”

Chapter 266 “Accidental Discovery”

Chapter 267 “Disarming Pool, Terrifying Staircase”

Chapter 268 “Good Character”

Chapter 269 “The Sacred Treasures”

Chapter 270 “Chop Hand or Save Your Own Life, Pick One”

Chapter 271 “Who’s the Real Witch?”

Chapter 272 “Number One Spendthrift”

Chapter 273 “The Millennial Secret”

Chapter 274 “Sky Class Artifact, Wu Chong’s Making His Move”

Chapter 275 “A Man, a Woman, a Sissy Boy”

Chapter 276 “The Love That Hates”

Chapter 277 “That Face Underneath the Mask”

Chapter 278 “Be His Slave Girl”

Chapter 279 “Bo Qing VS Little Squeak”

Chapter 280 “Underground Palace”

Chapter 281 “I Won’t Be Scared”

Chapter 282 “He and Her Difficulties”

Chapter 283 “Combination of Women and Villain”

Chapter 284 “A Great Flash of Anger for that Great Beauty”

Chapter 285 “Her Consolation Prize”

Chapter 286 “A Flirting Couple”

Chapter 287 “Poised for Battle!”

Chapter 288 “Entry of the Number One Genius: Hong Ming Yue!”

Chapter 289 “The Three Life Song”

Chapter 290 “Cripple You”

Chapter 291 “One Year Vow”

Chapter 292 “Upgrading of the Pocket Dimension”

Chapter 293 “Another Marriage Proposer”

Chapter 294 “Struck by the Love Fairy”

Chapter 295 “Triangle Relationship”

Chapter 296 “Handsome Feng Shen’s Two Faced Confession”

Chapter 297 “Wrestling with the Wicked Consort (1)”

Chapter 298 “Wrestling with the Wicked Consort (2)”

Chapter 299 “Becoming a Princess”

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