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Ye ling yuThe mentally retarded thirteen year old daughter of the Ye family suddenly gets reborn one day! Equipped with the almighty celestial cauldron and a spirit cultivation domain, she’s no longer the abandoned girl who everyone bullies! Unparalleled in both poison and medicine, even a miracle doctor must step aside. Spirit beasts beg for contracts, but too bad, even the God of beasts have to call her Boss. Scum father, you dare abandon your wife and daughter? She will surely make him destitute and homeless. People of the world, you dare bully her and insult her, she will definitely pay them back a hundredfold. Reborn again into the world, she returns as a sovereign, but who knew she would attract the nefarious-blood-thirsty-demon him. He’s definitely the ghost emperor who doesn’t hesitate to kill and cut down anyone, but he transforms into a harmless foolishly cute prisoner prince of an enemy country……



Chapter 1 “The Rebirth of the Retarded Girl”

Chapter 2 “Mysterious Black Cauldron”

Chapter 3 “Protective mother”

Chapter 4 “Miraculous Space”

Chapter 5 “Confrontation at the Ancestral Hall”

Chapter 6 “Entering the martial hall”

Chapter 7 “Sale of the spirit grass” 

Chapter 8 “Basic martial techniques”

Chapter 9 “The cute little pet in the dimensional space”

Chapter 10 “Spirit contract with a spirit beast”

Chapter 11 “Cute little gluttonous fox”

Chapter 12 “Gather herb, meet a wild beast”

Chapter 13 “Hundred fruit wine”

Chapter 14 “Dimensional space upgrade”

Chapter 15 “Dual wield, poison and medicine”

Chapter 16 “To amaze the world with a single brilliant feat”

Chapter 17 “Mother and daughter of one heart”

Chapter 18 “Top three”

Chapter 19 “Refining the Spirit Jade”

Chapter 20 “New family member”

Chapter 21 “Third person in history”

Chapter 22 “Jade Flower Hand”

Chapter 23 “Fifth grade medicinal pill”

Chapter 24 “Family business”

Chapter 25 “Seeing through the scam”

Chapter 26 “A great merit”

Chapter 27 “Variation of the cauldron smoke”

Chapter 28 “Man in the ghost mask”

Chapter 29 “A very cheeky birthday party”

Chapter 30 “Panic in the birthday feast”

Chapter 31 “Flying dagger”

Chapter 32 “Hunting up at the mountain”

Chapter 33 “Courageous Ling Yue”

Chapter 34 “Showcasing everyone’s skill”

Chapter 35 “Man in black”

Chapter 36 “Escape from the eagle’s grasp”

Chapter 37 “The Ultimate Evildoer”

Chapter 38 “Forced kiss” (Upper)

Chapter 39 “Forced Kiss” (Lower)

Chapter 40 “Giant comeback”

Chapter 41 “Healing Mother”

Chapter 42 “The wonderful use of the dimensional space”

Chapter 43 “The Strange Rock inside the Treasury”

Chapter 44 “The disaster originating from the Ice Freezing Grass”

Chapter 45 “Sixty percent Yuan Iron”

Chapter 46 “The wasp’s tail has a poisonous needle, but the most poisonous needle remains with Ye Ling Yue”

Chapter 47 “Ant poison, save people”

Chapter 48 “Discovering a Jade Vein”

Chapter 49 “Small success in alchemy”’

Chapter 50 “Drowning Boy” (Upper)

Chapter 51 “Drowning Boy (Lower)

Chapter 52 “North Qing’s Phoenix House”

Chapter 53 “Unique Poison”

Chapter 54 “Bizarre illness”

Chapter 55 “Alchemist Association”

Chapter 56 “Treasure Assembly Hall”

Chapter 57 “Blue Patterned Xuan Yin Dan Pill”

Chapter 58 “Dragon Saliva Metal”

Chapter 59 “Been Followed”

Chapter 60 “Who’s exactly the villain again?”

Chapter 61 “Paper Crane Love Letter”

Chapter 62 “Dragon Saliva Needle”

Chapter 63 “The Governor’s Manor”

Chapter 64 “Guest in the Ye Household”

Chapter 65 “Special Treatment Methods”

Chapter 66 “Dinner Banquet”

Chapter 67 “Trouble on the Road”

Chapter 68 “The shade is always better under a big tree”

Chapter 69 “Teaching the bad one a lesson”

Chapter 70 “So What If I’m Scamming You”

Chapter 71 “The Great Crisis of The Ye Family”

Chapter 72 “Return of The Strong and Fierce Mother”

Chapter 73 “A Unified Autumn Maple Town”

Chapter 74 “What A Despicable Father”

Chapter 75 “I Swear to Get Revenge”

Chapter 76 “The Magical Use of Her Dimensional Space: Genetic Manipulation”

Chapter 77 “Ye Ling Yue, You Country Bumpkin”

Chapter 78 “He is the Phoenix Lord?”

Chapter 79 “He Wanted to Protect Her”

Chapter 80 “The Paper Crane has a Consciousness”

Chapter 81 “On Behalf of the Ye Family in the Contest”

Chapter 82 “Smelting Conference” (Part One)

Chapter 83 “Smelting Conference” (Part Two)

Chapter 84 “Smelting Conference” (Part Three)

Chapter 85 “Win”

Chapter 86 “Super iron: Moon Iron”

Chapter 87 “Testing the Spirit Force” (Part One)

Chapter 88 “Testing the Spirit Force” (Part Two)

Chapter 89 “Battle the Evil Alchemist”

Chapter 90 “Yellow Class Weapon: Demon Ghost Miasma”

Chapter 91 “Da Xia’s Number One Alchemist, Ye Nameless”

Chapter 92 “The Apparition of the Ancestors”

Chapter 93 “The Useless and Poor Founder”

Chapter 94 “The Legend About the Dream Cloud Marsh”

Chapter 95 “The Might of the Phoenix Lord”

Chapter 96 “Poison you, then make a bet”

Chapter 97 “Farsight Ability”

Chapter 98 “Teach the Pigheaded Lady An a Lesson”

Chapter 99 “Crisis in The Camp”

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