Miracle doctor chapter 03

Chapter 3 “Protective mother”

“If I don’t beat you till you are disabled today then I’m not Ye Ling Yue!” Like a completely different person today, a scary aura began emitting off of her body.

“Oh, the retard girl wants to show her might? You people move aside, I’ll let this little retard know the difference between a genius and a good-for-nothing today.” Ye Qing snickered and those servants beside him were also laughing as they dispersed to the side.

Ye Qing was already a third rank constitutional cultivator. Among the Ye family’s younger generation, his abilities are ranked among the top ten.

As for Ling Yue, a mentally challenged girl up until today, she would never have the opportunity to learn martial art; thereby eliminating any chances of her being a threat.

Not thinking highly of the little girl in front of him, Ye Qing went as far as to disregard the use of his Yuan energy during the confrontation.

Quickly arriving in front of Ye Qing with only a few steps, Ling Yue pummeled both her fists into his chest. The punches carrying a faint piercing cold as they landed.

Just when Ye Qing noticed something wasn’t right…


A cold gleam surged out of Ling Yue’s eye.

The servants were all startled by this outcome because their master was actually forced back several steps with this one punch.

“A first rank constitutional cultivator!” Ye Qing clearly felt it, there’s a faint fluctuation of Yuan energy in that punch.

Succeeding in her attack, Ling Yue can now tell the difference between a commoner and a martialist – Ye Qing’s skin was as hard as copper.

Wang Gui and the others were also dumbfounded. It’s only been just an hour or so, yet this retard not only became normal again, she also broke through to the first level of the constitutional domain!

“Ye Ling Yue, you dare deceive the family head and secretly learn martial art! But it’s no use even if you learned it for I will pay you back double for that punch just now.” Ye Qing flew into a fit of rage out of humiliation. Violently shouting aloud, his two fists issued out a series of lightning flashes.

“Little young miss, hurry and run, that’s the thunder burst first!” Once Granny Liu saw it, she promptly turned pale with fright.

Young Master Ye Qing’s punch was based upon the Ye Family’s basic martial foundation training, so this one punch wasn’t to be taken lightly.

As someone whom just broke through into the first rank of the constitution domain, there’s no way Ling Yue could be a match for Ye Qing, a third rank constitution cultivator.

Then in this moment of life and death, a shadow suddenly dashed into the cabin like lightning and blocked in front of the young girl.

Despite the interference, Ye Qing’s punch continues to move towards the person, and just when his fist was only half a meter away from landing, Ye Qing clearly heard his wrist making a crackling sound. Then before he knew it, a powerful repulsive force had thrown him away, causing his body to smash directly into the wall.

While Ye Qing suffers from immense pain of having his wrist bones shattered, a goddess like figure stood in front of Ling Yue.

The woman’s cheeks were slightly hollow and had a pale complexion, but her posture was straight and had beautiful arched eyebrows along with a pair of almond-shaped eyes. She wasn’t angry, but an aura of might and power exuded from within, thus giving her the impression of someone possessing an indescribable imposing force.

“Ye…third miss!” Once the family servants got a clearer look at the person who arrived, every one of them fell into extreme fright.

Ye Huang Yu, the family head’s third daughter, and was once someone worthy of being called the Ye family’s number one pride.

She had broken through to the first rank of the constitution domain at the tender age of three, and then bypassing the ninth rank into the lower celestial domain at the age of fifteen. If it hadn’t been for the fact that she married the wrong person in her youth, it was very likely she would’ve been the first person in the Ye family’s recent history to become the first upper celestial martialist.

Although the Ye Huang Yu of today can’t be compared to the Ye Huang Yu of back then, she’s still a lower celestial master despite her chronic injury.

“Ye Huang Yu, you dare injure me? My father definitely won’t let you off so easily!” Ye Qing was in so much pain he wanted to die because his wrist’s been dislocated and many bones in his arm had been shattered to pieces.

“Who do you think your father is? Even if he came today I would likewise beat him too.” Ye Huang Yu declared this upfront without any means of hiding her fury.

Due to Wang Gui and his father embezzling their monthly allowance, Ye Huang Yu’s been forced to trek the mountains every other month in order to collect medicinal herbs and hunt wild games to subsidize the family expenses. Once she’s gone, she would leave for no less than ten days to half a month without returning.

Knowing this habit, Ye Qing and the others would deliberately choose this period to bully “Ye Ling Yue”, and because of their carefulness, the injuries they inflicted on her were all internal, leaving no traces on the outside to discern.

Also, adding in the fact that “Ye Ling Yue’s” a mentally challenged individual back then, she didn’t know how to express her complaint, thus leaving the problem hidden away from the adults for all these years.

If it weren’t for the fact that she coincidentally came back in time, Ye Huang Yu would never have known about her daughter’s suffering at the hands of these scums. Just thinking of this, her guilt became even stronger.

As a mother who can’t even bring herself to allow a scratch on her daughter’s fingers, how can she endure this outrage after learning these people have been hurting her.

If Ye Qing’s father didn’t come then it would be fine, but if he does have the nerve to show today, then she would beat one if one came, two if two came, and a dozen if a dozen came. She will beat them all!

“Just you wait, I’m going to go tell grandfather.” Ye Qing didn’t dare talk back to Ye Huang Yu and could only let his servants support him and flee with their tails behind their back.

Hearing everything from the back, Ling Yue stuck her tongue out at the scrambling bullies and silently gave her mother a big thumbs up.

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Ye Qing’s insults earlier had made Ling Yue mistakenly think her easy to come by mother was a pitifully sad abandoned wife character, but who would have known that she was instead a violently cool and protective maniac.

Upon turning her head around, the first thing Ye Huang Yu saw was her daughter eyeing her all over in a scrutinizing fashion. From the shifting black pupils to the intelligent light, which part of that gaze looked like it belongs to a mentally challenged girl?

For a moment there, Ye Huang Yu was stunned stiff.

“Young miss, little young miss is no longer dumb anymore.” Granny Liu keeps repeating herself with watery eyes.

“Granny, you’ve already said that many times already.” Ling Yue rolls her eyes and complained.

“Mother,” After hesitating for a moment, Ling Yue calls out.

Ye Huang Yu’s body began to tremble and her eyes began to be filled with something hot. For thirteen years, she’s been waiting for this one to call her mother.

While Granny Liu attended to the mother and daughter pair as they ate, Ye Huang Yu took the opportunity to inquire a few more things pertaining to how Ling Yue became so smart.

Not wanting to make things complicated, Ling Yue only gave some vague answers, saying she had hit her head. Then by the time woke up again, she had already become like this.

“Mother, daughter wants to learn martial art.” Ling Yue lowers her chopsticks, then kneeled down and said what she had to say.

After the fight with Ye Qing, it made her strongly realize that if she wants to continue living in this world, she must become someone strong.

No matter who it was, she will not spare them lightly if they bully her and her mother.

“Practicing martial art is not easy. It’s not something you can master in a short amount of time. Ling Yue, are you sure you want to do this?” Ye Huang Yu looked at her daughter with deep emotions running through her eyes.

“Child won’t give up. Mother, please allow this.” Ling Yue declared this unwaveringly.

Ye Huang Yu realized too that her daughter had become a completely different person after experiencing this calamity and gained a new lease on life.

“Since you’re already determined to do so, then starting tomorrow mother will teach you the basic foundations as introduction to martial combat. Here’s a strand of Vitality Condensing Grass, it can gather together the Yuan energy of heaven and earth to aid you in your training. Grow this in your room and it’ll be useful for when you begin cultivating in the future.” On this trip up the mountain, Ye Huang Yu’s original intentions were to find some herbs which would be beneficial for her injuries, but rather than finding what she’s looking for, she inadvertently came across this spirit grass instead.

“Mother, this spirit grass is too precious. You should keep it for yourself to use.” Ling Yue could tell her mother was still injured, and on top of that, it’s a chronic injury that was difficult to heal.

“This won’t do any good for my injuries, only a fifth grade medicinal pill and above can heal my old wounds.” Ye Huang Yu shook her head. There was no one clearer than herself about her own injuries. After all these years, she’s lost all hope of ever getting healed now.

“Fifth grade medicinal pills? Mother, if you had the medicinal pills then would your injuries will heal?” Ling Yue persisted and asked.

“Silly child, fifth grade medicinal pills are hard to come across even in the provincial capital, let alone finding one in this little place like Autumn Maple Town. You were injured today, so after eating you should go to bed and get some rest early.” She stroke her daughter’s hair and said this with a pained tone. Ye Huang Yu was also feeling a bit tired from everything.

Unable to object, Ling Yue could only hold the Vitality Condensing Grass which looked no different from any random weed in her hands and returned to her room.

Due to losing too much blood today, it didn’t take long for drowsiness to overtake her as she drifts into a slumbering sleep with the grass in hand.


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