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Ye ling yuThe mentally retarded thirteen year old daughter of the Ye family suddenly gets reborn one day! Equipped with the almighty celestial cauldron and a spirit cultivation domain, she’s no longer the abandoned girl who everyone bullies! Unparalleled in both poison and medicine, even a miracle doctor must step aside. Spirit beasts beg for contracts, but too bad, even the God of beasts have to call her Boss. Scum father, you dare abandon your wife and daughter? She will surely make him destitute and homeless. People of the world, you dare bully her and insult her, she will definitely pay them back a hundredfold. Reborn again into the world, she returns as a sovereign, but who knew she would attract the nefarious-blood-thirsty-demon him. He’s definitely the ghost emperor who doesn’t hesitate to kill and cut down anyone, but he transforms into a harmless foolishly cute prisoner prince of an enemy country……


Chapter 100 “Another Him”

Chapter 101 “The Phoenix Nest”

Chapter 102 “Immortal Tree”

Chapter 103 “The Enraged Sacred Beasts”

Chapter 104 “Save The Sick Egg”

Chapter 105 “Haggling Terms with The Sacred Beast”

Chapter 106 “Emperor Class Martial Technique”

Chapter 107 “A Pair of Shameless CP”

Chapter 108 “I’m Only a Thug and a Scoundrel to You”

Chapter 109 “My First Kiss Been Stolen!”

Chapter 110 “He’s Got Some Skill”

Chapter 111 “The Water Elemental Cauldron Fragment”

Chapter 112 “Red Mist Sky Level Two, Rainbow Creek”

Chapter 113 “The Rainbow Five Treasure Wine”

Chapter 114 “OMG, the Wine Killed Him!”

Chapter 115 “There’s A Person Hidden Inside His Body!”

Chapter 116 “Shocking Level Up”

Chapter 117 “Confession”

Chapter 118 “To Be Close Friends”

Chapter 119 “The Phoenix Lord’s Gift”

Chapter 120 “Ninety-Nine Paper Cranes”

Chapter 121 “Amazing Skill, Blink Shield”

Chapter 122 “The Missing Iron Ores”

Chapter 123 “Caught Red Handed”

Chapter 124 “Ransacked the Vault”

Chapter 125 “Into Danger”

Chapter 126 “Eradication of the Mountain Sea gang”

Chapter 127 “I’m Not Small, Just Young!”

Chapter 128 “I Hear the Ghost Emperor is Very Ugly”

Chapter 129 “Replacement Incubator”

Chapter 130 “Stay at Home Daddy”

Chapter 131 “Departure to the Capital”

Chapter 132 “Dull and Clueless Bodyguard”

Chapter 133 “Ye Ling Yue’s Grand Plan”

Chapter 134 “Establishment of the Ghost Sect”

Chapter 135 “The Art of Poison”

Chapter 136“A bunch of scumbags”

Chapter 137 “I’ll Let You See Blood”

Chapter 138 “Accidental Trespassing”

Chapter 139 “Master Longyue, the Old Urchin”

Chapter 140 “I Beg You, Please Be My Disciple”

Chapter 141 “Grand Martial Hall”

Chapter 142 “A Crow or a Phoenix?”

Chapter 143 “Injustice on the Road”

Chapter 144 “The Finest of the Privilege Class”

Chapter 145 “The Good-Oh Step Brother”

Chapter 146 “Caught Red Handed”

Chapter 147 “Sir Qing”

Chapter 148 “The Mother and Daughter Pair”

Chapter 149 “The Little Ace of Egg Picking”

Chapter 150 “Shame the Shameless”

Chapter 151 “Self-Exploding Egg”

Chapter 152 “Phoenix Talent”

Chapter 153 “Precious Fifth Rank Steed”

Chapter 154 “Missing Mother”

Chapter 155 “Banquet in the Palace”

Chapter 156 “The Trouble with the Fake Cosmetic Dan Pill”

Chapter 157 “Talent Showcase”

Chapter 158 “Titled Princess”

Chapter 159 “Father and Daughter Reunion

Chapter 160 “Ye Huang Yu’s Assassination Attempt”

Chapter 161 “A Smart and Shitty Father part 1”

Chapter 162 “A Smart and Shitty Father part 2”

Chapter 163 “The Handsome Phoenix Inside the Hot Spring”

Chapter 164 “Only for You Will I Comb Someone’s Hair”

Chapter 165 “Saving Mother”

Chapter 166 “A Out of The Blue Confession”

Chapter 167 “Personal Visit by The Ghost Emperor”

Chapter 168 “Marquis Wu’s Entry”

Chapter 169 “Mother’s Decision”

Chapter 170 “Sharing the Same Bed”

Chapter 171 “Fatter, I Like It”

Chapter 172 “A Trip to the Palace.

Chapter 173 “Can’t Poison You to Death? Then I Will Scare You to Death”

Chapter 174 “Da Xia’s Sixth Prince”

Chapter 175 “Artificial Disease”

Chapter 176 “Vicious Means”

Chapter 177 “Misery Competition? That’s Nothing”

Chapter 178 “Me and You, Alliance”

Chapter 179 “Wine Shop Opening”

Chapter 180 “Drunken Immortal”

Chapter 181 “Entry of the Male Idols!”

Chapter 182 “Drinking Contest? Or A Face Off?

Chapter 183 “I Will Join You in the Competition”

Chapter 184 “Thousand Cup Immunity, How to Break?”

Chapter 185 “Self-Carrying Cheating Artifact”

Chapter 186 “The Hangover Pill Crisis”

Chapter 187 “Cheat You and Frame You”

Chapter 188 “Knocking at the Wrong Door”

Chapter 189 “A Dirty Hobby”

Chapter 190 “The Battle of Bitches at the Flower Gazing Party”

Chapter 191 “The Language of the Ghost Sect’s Thirteen Needle”

Chapter 192 “Oh No, A Crime Worthy of Beheading”

Chapter 193 “The Premonition of the Rainbow Peony”

Chapter 194 “Promotion, Third Rank Princess”

Chapter 195 “Natural Born Plaything”

Chapter 196 “Enchanting Consort”

Chapter 197 “Alchemist of the Court”

Chapter 198 “Duel, Battle of the Court Alchemists (Part One)”

Chapter 199 “Duel, Battle of the Court Alchemists (Part two)”

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