Miracle doctor chapter 195

Chapter 195 “Natural Born Plaything”

Within a secret chamber of the palace, Consort Luo was currently having a furious fit while Hong Feng stood by her side. Unmoving, the man was shadowed by gloom like the dark room they were in.

“What rainbow peony, what heavens blessing, it’s all but a ploy by that bitch Yun Xiu (Queen).” Just thinking of the reunion between the king and that woman was enough to make her scream in agony like someone’s knifing her in the heart.

Now that the sixth prince has recovered and the revival of the king’s favor towards the queen, it will just be a matter of time before their long-term plan becomes ruined. The frustration over this impending fate wouldn’t subside no matter what she did.

“Your Grace, this matter is abnormal. I’m sure you are aware of Queen Liu’s personality. Do you think a woman like her is capable of coming up with this comprehensive plan on her own?” Through the consort’s explanation, Hong Feng has gotten a complete story of yesterday’s event in the royal garden.

From his daughter falling into the water, to the rainbow peony being salvaged, to both girls being beaten, and finally to the return of the sixth prince in front of the world. Through these series of events, everyone has now taken it all as a blessing by the heavens and even went as far to forget the horrid incident of the guy killing another prince.

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Unlike Consort Luo whose blinded by jealousy, he can clearly smell the unusual flavor hanging in the air.

“Now that you mentioned it, that Yun Xiu isn’t the type of character to have that sort of scheming capability. She’s weak and easily deceived. Then is it the dowager? That old hag’s been wary of me all these years. Even the maid I planted in her place was removed recently.” After being reminded, she herself also found it strange.

“There’s something fishy about it so we need to investigate further. However, our immediate priority lies with the sixth prince. He’s born of the queen so it’s a definite that the king will turn his sight on the boy now that he’s recovered. If we let that happen, all the efforts and planning we put in place will all be in vain.”

As a clever man, how can Hong Feng not see the sixth prince was far superior to the fourth prince? Now that everything has come to this, the road ahead has become a shaky one. Whether or not he should continue on this path was now up for debate.

Regarding the man’s thought pattern, how can Consort Luo not see through it. “I can never allow the queen and his son to regain their influences again. Hong Feng, if you can help my son smoothly take the crown, I will see to it that there’s more than just the ‘Reincarnation Dan Pills’ that I promised.” At those words, she then brought out a box. Within it are several pills of equal size with a yellow pattern at the middle.

When facing the items on the table, Hong Feng immediately shrank his eyes in for those are the prized reincarnation Dan pills in which he sought so long and hard.

Unlike the more commonly found pills in the market, reincarnation Dan pills are much rarer to find and can only be produced by a senior alchemist, meaning only Master Jia Hou can create them within the kingdom. However, that old president was perennially away on travel. As such, the only source was cut off. And due to the short supply of this specific Dan pill on the market, much thanks to its difficulty and time needed to produce, not even Hong Feng or his father can get their hands on one easily.

Though expensive and rare, sixth grade Dan pills are still a commodity that can usually be found in the auctions throughout the land. What made this specific variety so special was its use. Completely pointless for martialists of the other realms, only a reincarnation master can partake on it. Once consumed, the effects will greatly increase the user’s likelihood of making it through the elemental trials that occurs during one’s advancement.

As they all know, a reincarnation martialist needs to endure over six trials before they can advance into the “Avatar Realm”, each deadlier than the last. If one becomes careless and fails, the likelihood would be a serious injury, if not, they might be forever stuck at that level.

As the strongest publicly known figures in Da Xia, Marquis Wu and Marquis Hong are both masters of the fifth element in the reincarnation realm, but due to the hefty risk involved with further advancement, neither of them dared to take the final step.

For Hong Feng himself, he had gone through the elemental trials twice. The first fire trial was through the support of his father that he was able to make it, the second was thanks to his wife gifting him with a reincarnation Dan pill in which she got from her sect. Now for the following third trial, Hong Feng personally don’t have any confidence. No support of his father nor outside help, what’s he supposed to do?

Now that’s where Consort Luo comes into the equation. It’s unknown where the woman managed to learn of his reliance on a pill to make it to the second element, but he’s more than happy when she offered him more a while back. Towards the temptation of advancing even further and gaining more power, Hong Feng simply can’t resist it.

“Your Grace, may I know where you managed to get your hands on so many of these pills?” According to what Hong Feng knew, even the sect in which his wife belonged to had a limited supply of the stuff.

Although Consort Luo was a highly favored concubine of the king, but compared to the various otherworldly sects out there, she’s nothing much.

A yellow pattern reincarnation Dan pill was equal to five inferior blue ones, and there’s over five yellow pills in that box! Hong Feng understands very what he needed. Five blue ones to make it through the third trial, then another ten blue ones for the fourth trial. If he can get his hands on all five eventually, he’s set until he needs to attempt the fifth trial!

Such huge temptation, how can he deny it!

“You have no need to know where I got these from, but know this. If you can help my son succeed, there will be more than just these for you in the future. And be assured, they are all genuine.” Picking up one from the box, Consort Luo tosses it over to him.

Receiving it with both hands, Hong Feng didn’t need more persuasion at this point. Just holding the thing was enough to stimulate the energy inside his body.

“Your Grace can rest assured. I will forever be loyal to you and the crown prince.” As a person of self-interest, he can see this path was now the right one.

Now that the matter with Hong Feng was settled, her heart can rest at ease. With a clap of her hands, she motions a maid to lead another person inside.

The newcomer was shrouded under a cloak so it was difficult to discern the person’s appearance.

“I heard that in a few days you and his majesty will be out hunting in the eastern suburbs. I want you to offer this person to the king on that day.” A strange light emulates out of her eyes when saying this.

Like a signal at the end of that sentence, the newcomer removes the cloak to reveal what’s underneath.

Against that exquisite face, Hong Feng became uncharacteristically sluggish like he’s lost in a daze.

The woman was fire, sexy and burning hot like an enchanting succubus. Around twenty years of age, the woman had tender skin like a baby lamb, rosy lips like a strawberry, and a sinful body curve with an exploding mound. Worst part of all, she only wore a near transparent silken undergarment which left her wide open for ogling.

Just the fact that the woman was standing there before him was enough to make Hong Feng go parch in his throat. Then before he knew it, he was gulping like an amateur that had just witnessed the female body for the first time.

Evidently aware of the man’s captivation with herself and her assets, the woman giggles with that melodic voice and shoots him a wink.

The woman’s a natural born plaything. From her voice down to her demeanor, everything about her screamed “come dominate me”.



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