Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! Novel Wiki

Character names:

Bai Yan – the main heroine in the story.

Bai Xiachen – The eldest son of Bai Yan.

Bai Xiao – female lead’s brother born of the same mother.

Bai Ruo – the evil step sister who set up our heroine in the rape case.

Lan Yue – the heroine’s supposed mother who died a few years prior.

Bai Zheng Xiang – the supposed father of the female lead. A asshole.

Yu Rong – the concubine in the Bai family.

Bai Zhi – the younger daughter of the Yu Rong.

Old Madam Yu – the mother of Yu Rong and a total bitch.

Guoshi – teacher of the state and the one who sent the demon king into the human realm.

Liuer – the maid working under Bai Ruo. Also the one who went out to spread the false rumor.

Little Rice – White Tiger.

First Shifu Zheng Qi – the biggest shifu to Bai Yan. He’s the big elder of the holy land.

Second Shifu Ren Yi – the second in line of Bai Yan’s shifu. Second elder of the holy land.

Third Shifu Qiu Shu Rong – the thirdin line of Bai Yan’s shifu. Thirdelder of the holy land.

Di Cang – the man Bai Yan raped. Sovereign Prince.

Granny Sun – the granny who came to pick up Bai Yan when she first returned.

Dong Ruolan – Bai Yan’s aunt, the lady standing beside the grandmother when they first met.

Lan Yu – Bai Yan’s uncle and Lan Yue’s brother. The pills the Lan House bought was meant for him but ended up at dowry instead.

Nangong Yi – the crown prince who threw away Bai Yan.

Lan Shaoling – the big cousin (male) of the Lan House.

Lan Shaoyan – second big cousin (male) of the Lan House.

Lan Xiaoyun – smaller cousin (girl) of the Lan House.

Hualuo – the head of the Flower Brothel, also subordinate to Bai Yan.

Wang Xiaopeng – the next door chubby, friend with Bai Xiachen.

Wang Xiaotong – the youngster sister of the chubby friend.

Wang Deqiu – the chubby friend’s father.

Chu Feng Yi – Bai Xiachen’s god father and the young lord of the Holy Land.

Ning Dai – the queen of the Liu Huo Kingdom.

Nangong Yuan – the king of Liu Huo kingdom

Lady Chu – the pimpstress from the Flower Brothel in charge of getting close to Yu Rong

Nangong Lin – the little bully in the palace, Bai Ruo’s son.

Nangong Zhun – the skinny boy in the palace who was being bullied.

Chu Yi Yi (Sister Chu) – the witch from the Holy Land. She’s the one always going out to make trouble with the little steam bun.

Qing Luan – the big miss of the snake tribe.

Yu Fei – Yu Rong’s elder brother.

Gao Yi – the Left Guardian of the Flower Brothel

Bai Zhanpeng – the sickly man that Bai Yan bumped into.

Elder Gu – the elder in charge of looking after Bai Zhanpeng

Wen Ru – the youngster alchemist tamed by Bai Yan to serve herself

Mu Qing Song – the mistress of the Music Valley

Jade Xi – the woman in green who came with Mu Qing Song

Liu Yue – Bai Ruo’s close maid

Fire Plume – Di Cang’s servant who can transform into a flaming bird

Di Xiao Wan – Di Cang’s sister, the princess of the Demon race.

Little Feather – the White Phoenix gifted to Bai Xiachen by Di Xiao Wan.

Zhang Fei Yang – the man who attempted to extort Bai Yan when the three girls went out to make trouble.

Fang Yu Feng – the Sect Leader of the Demon Beast Sect.

Elder Thunder – the elder from the Demon Beast Sect in charge of testing the children.

Wei Qing – Bai Xiao’s friend who saved him back when Bai Yan left.


Family names:

Bai family – the family Bai Yan and her brother is from.

Lan family – the maiden family of Bai Yan

Qian family – the family that tried to buy Bai Yan with a medicinal Dan pill

Wang family – the family in which Bai Xiachen’s two friends are from.



genuine spiritual pill – the pill mentioned in the beginning of the story. Supposedly able to help one’s cultivation advance.

Biorestoration Dan pill – the medicine used by Old Lord Lan to help heal his body.

Great Spirit Pill – the third grade pill given to Bai Yan’s bigger cousins.

Sky Spirit Pill – the fourth rank pills given to Bai Yan’s uncle.

Detoxifying Beauty Pill – the beauty pill Bai Yan gave her aunt and great grandmother.

Fifth Grade Vitality Rejuvenation Pill – the pill Bai Yan used on Bai Zhanpeng to help restore his health.



Places and locations:

Liu Huo kingdom – the state Bai Yan is from.

Holy Land – the sect in which Bai Yan stayed at for many years after leaving.

Medicine Sect – one of the three big powers in the world. They specialize in medicine making.

Ancient Road – the spot where Bai Yan found Di Cang and used him for relief.

Royal Cang Manor – Di Cang’s residence int he Liu Huo Kingdom.

Flower Brothel – a organization with the front of being a brothel but is in fact a spy agency created by Bai Yan.

Moon Shadow Sect – the other power that’s on equal grounds with the Phoenix Brothel and royal family.

Phoenix Wing – the queen’s quarter

Peace Wing – the dowager’s quarter

Poison Valley – the place Ning Dai was brought to after Di Cang gave the order.

Misty Fairy House – One of the three great sects in the world.

Music Valley – the power similar to the Flower Brothel. They wanted to search for Di Cang because the Mistress like the man.

Dragon Phoenix Inn – the inn used by the sickly man investigating Bai Yan’s background.




Creatures name: 

White Tiger (Little Rice) – the baby tiger always playing with Bai Xiachen.

Searing Flame Phoenix – the bird given to Old Lord Lan as a birthday gift.

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