Law of the Devil Novel Wiki

Character names:

(The ones that were introduced early on)

Du Wei-Main character

Earl Raymond – Du Wei’s father.

Alpha – Du Wei’s father’s most trusted subordinate

Rowling Countess – Du Wei’s mother

Mage Clark – The grey wizard Du Wei’s father invited to teach him magic, but he left because Du Wei had no talent in sensing the elements.

Rolynn – First honorary knight of Du Wei. Member of the moon clan and able to use the “magic breaking field”.

Solskjaer – The gun powder mage that Du Wei beat up.

Marde – Du Wei’s favorite servant

Old Butler Hill- the asshole butler in the Rowling castle

Seimei- Du Wei’s female ancestor and current magic creature that is haunting his body. Later she will assume another identity and play a key role in the story.

Gabri – Du Wei’s younger brother

Mr. Rosia – The scholar Du Wei’s father invited to teach him when he was young, but he left after Du Wei scared him away.

Knight Robert – Du Wei’s loyal knight follower.

Sir Spann – Half Horn’s second cavalry squad captain and the one that protected Du Wei during the illusion goblin attack. He failed miserably.

Goron – the fifth level knight who took over Sir Spann’s command post after being sent by the governor of Lille Province

Old Chris – the devil’s servant entrapped inside the island monster

Captain Jack Sparrow – Du Wei’s ocean fleet commander

Joanna Yang – the hot temped icy beauty/magician

Vivian Yang – the stuttering little girl magician

(Introduced in the frozen forest segment)

Dadaneier-the friend Du Wei made and traveled together in the frozen forest.

Hussein-Saint knight and former leader of the Holy Knights Platoon. Also a fugitive from the temple.

Old magician (Gandalf) True name: Sicilian-Jacques -Du Wei’s magic teacher that perished in the fight against the dragon patriarch.

Marquise of Lister (Lan) – Famously wealthy widow of the empire

Beinlich-snow wolf mercenary leader

Gefeite – the holy knight that saved the marquise of lister.

Gargamel-Former magician that specialized in transformation magic, now turned mouse.

(Nicole)Queen Medusa-High tiered magical beast in the form of a beauty.

Aragon-Founding emperor of the Roland Empire

QQ- Du Wei’s penguin pet

Azrael – the wizard that left Gargamel behind in the frozen forest.

Dorgan – President of the magicians union

(Introduced after returning to the human world)

Mr. Blue Ocean – Famed scholar in the capital and Gabri’s teacher.

Cosette – big headed genius specializing in wand making and plants.

Master Alley – Crazy 9th level mage inside the tower and created the flying broom.

Prince Son – Younger of the two prince

Crown Prince – The elder prince that wanted to kill Du Wei

Sir Biliaibuer – the new police chief after the coup

George Bush – Du Wei’s subordinate that will be the middle man between his business and the mercenary groups in the north.

Magical beast of Taklanshan – the rich weapons merchant that gifted Du Wei the four magic apprentice.

Herbon – The Rowling Plains fur traders brother

Longbottom(Mossad) – former general stationed in the Northwestern prairie

Sack – Police Chief of the capital

Old Smoke – the imperial guard that died int he coup during the parade and eventually recruited by Du Wei in the slave market.

General Jean Claude – Second Divisions general

Rossi – The personal guard of the current emperor and a powerful warrior.

Rodriguez – ice Dou Qi saint knight that will follow Du Wei

Mr Gelunxiaer – Leader of the court mages

Lunnaduo – another disciple of gandalf.

Raphael – a eighth level mage directly under the president of the magic union

Kami Siro – the spy hidden in the Crown Prince’s camp by Prince Son.

Dicko – another spy of Prince Son in the Crown Prince’s camp.

luobosiji – inspectorate departments steward

Wilona Augustine – daughter of the crown prince and holy maiden of the temple

Grand Master Leonidas – the deathly pale grand mage in Dorgan’s camp.

Grand Master Yierneisi – the eldest senior in the magic union and also a disciple of Gandalf.

Sandia – 13 year old boy that led Du Wei around the slave market.

Guro – Steward that got his leg broken to please Du Wei.

Ben Carson – Grand prophet of the united kingdom and slave of Du Wei.

Lufei – the little kid with the prank tattoo on his feet and the future king of the United Kingdom in the Southeastern Sea.

Bebe and Tokar – the two young kids in Du Wei’s class.

Zack – the monkey dude that managed Du Wei’s business in the capital.

Character that shows up in the Northwest

Biaideluo – the commander of Sin City

Bohan – Governor of the neighboring Nuling Province.

General Rugaard – head of the Northwestern Army

Miss Lister (Angel) – the younger sister of the Lister Household.

General Totoro – A general in charge of the finances in the Northwest Army

Lister Boy (Muse) – The youngest male child of the Lister Household

Ziggy- he’s the leader among Du Wei’s magic apprentices.

Major General Guhuaduoluo – one of the direct subordinate of General Rugaard of the Northwestern Army.

Guptad – mini 250 and a drinking buddy of general longbottom.

Ivory Teeth – the white robed shaman that died at Anglia City.

Gold Wolf Head – the general that lead the prairie army to besiege Anglia City and was later killed by Cybuster.

Shaman King – Also known as ‘White River’s Sorrow’. He is the leader of the snowy mountain and brother of Mr. Blue Ocean.

Gu Lanxiu – former shaman king and teacher to Mr.Blue Ocean and current shaman king.

Cybuster – The son of General Rugaard.

Hanyue – one the prey rescued from the Northwest Army’s prey. a beautiful girl that came into service for Du Wei.

Shrek – Another one of Rugaard’s general. He’s the one that refused Du Wei’s toast and asked for a competition in archery. Wielder of the “Black Gold Tread Bow”

Eir Aoi – female assassin that tried to kill Rugaard but was later enslaved by Du Wei. (Full name: Eir Aoi Linna)

Tartaglia – chief magic consultant of the northwest army. Eventually killed by the second dragon prince due to Du Wei’s scheme.

Hamuye – the emissary from the prairie that visited Du Wei.

Characters that show up on Du Wei’s second return to the capital

Lord Maximos – archbishop of the northern diocese of the temple of light.

Father Lamu – close assistant of Lord Maximos and a vice bishop of the temple.

Rhine – The escorting guard of Lord Maximos and a backup knight in the Holy Knights.

Geppede – the level seven=h Holy Knight who intercepted Du Wei’s ship with the Archbishop on board.

Dupont – the youngest son in the Senna clan and a admirer of the holy maiden. A total sissy boy.

Tak -faithful steward to the Senna house and the one that got beat up by Dupont.

Charlie Augustine – young prince of the empire and son of the Regent.

Karina Augustine – young princess of the empire and daughter of the Regent.

Lanlan – the court etiquette teacher for Prince Charlie and Princess Karina.


Name Of Different Places in the order of their appearance:

Rowling Plains (Also known as Kurt Province)

Rowling River(Also known as Emerald River)

Giant Wood Tavern  – located in Giant Wood Town and the place Du Wei met Rolynn and Soskejeier.

Lille Province – the southern neighboring province to the Rowling Plains.

Half Horn City – the city where Du Wei met vivian and Joanna for the first time and where the dragons duked it out.

Frozen Forest – a frigid forest in the north.

Sunset Marshes – the marsh in the south similar to the frozen forest.

Ice Tundra – the icy landscape after the frozen forest and before the dragon mountain. Cursed with a large scale spell, any form of magic will cause it to activate and go wild against its intruder.

Dragon Mountain (Iron Mountain) – the dragons home and the location where QQ was found.

‘Fertile Haven Port’

Lancang Canal – the great river canal stretching across every inch of the empire.

Enke port – the port Du Wei parked his fleet outside the capital before the coup.

Desa Province – Du Wei’s territory in the Northwest

Kilimanjaro Mountain side – a long mountain range that stretches for thousands of miles from the north to the south in the Northwest region.

Nuling Province – the province beside Du Wei’s territory in the Northwest.

Big Ear city(Sin City) – known as Sin City where Du Wei recruited the former rebel soldiers.

Anglia City – the former capital of Desa Province and now the factory city where Du Wei keeps his greatest assets.

Loulan Lake/City – Du Wei chose this lake as the place for his new capital.

Mingfan Port – the harbor town where Du Wei ordered the slaughter of the native merchants and had them turned into head stakes.


Names of different animals and things/ spells

Terror Illusion Goblin (Cheche) – the squirrel like magic beast rescued by Vivian from Du Wei’s evil hand.

city conflagration’ forbidden spell – the city destroying fire spell

Storm Wind Legion – the imperial army stationed at the north neighboring the frozen forest.

Storm Demon Wolf – a unique magic beast of the frozen forest that can advance in the ice storm wolf king.

Eyes of Enchantment – Du Wei’s special eye given to him by Old Chris, the devil’s servant.

Snow Wolf Mercenary Corp – the mercenary group encountered by Du Wei during his adventure inside the frozen forest.

Life Horn (Natural horn) – gift from the treants and is able to awaken trees into companions.

Bow of Gaido’s Transient Law (Nirvana’s bow) – Du Wei’s only real magic weapon.

Grand Prophecy spell – a holy spell that stands above all else.

Divine mirror of Seendaly – a holy mirror used by the temple to reveal all evil.

Martial Dragon Spear (Also known as Dracula’s spear by the other races) – the sacred spear of Knights that was once lost and found again by Prince Son

slave types – mature slave / raw slave

The magic society of learning – a new organization specializing in developing mages for the empire.

Flame Rhinoceros – a rhino covered flames, first appearance during Du Wei’s first outing at Half Horn City.

Scorching Sun – name of VIvian’s fire dragon pet.

Ochett – name of the Joanna’s ice dragon pet.

Different organizational structures

Army ranks:

Lowest – Brigadier General

Second lowest – Major General

Third highest – Lieutenant General

Highest – General

Different layer of the Snowy Mountain:

Lowest: Into the World Layer – in charge of helping the outside world and recruiting new candidates to be shamans

Middle: Scripture Gathering Layer – they are in charge of researching and developing new spells

Highest: Raising Layer – White robe shamans and are in charge of teaching the new generation and overseeing the entire mountain

Highest being – Shaman King and controls all

The Temple of Light’s territory structure

Divided into eight dioceses (territories), each of these territories are headed by a Archbishop and administered by four vice Bishops underneath.

Xieni faction – the aggressive faction that wanted to kill the passive faction

Mosa faction – the peaceful faction within the temple

Heishan faction – the neutral faction within the temple and the strongest force, guardian faction.

Divinest – the casters from the temple who uses the magic of the goddess.


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