Overturning the Heavens chapter 236

Chapter 236 “The Righteous Di Xiao Wan”

Twitching in the corner of her mouth, Chu Yi Yi in the end decides to cooperate. “I know a good restaurant around here, I will bring you over there tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Di Xiao Wan was like a blooming flower with that smile. Looking around for the familiar figure, she wanted to invite Bai Yan along too, “Huh, where’s my sister-in-law?”

Empty, not a soul in sight….

“Lan Xiaoyun tricked us!” Chu Yi Yi cried out.

“What?” Exclaiming aloud on the spot, Di Xiao Wan initially wanted to get even right up to the point where she realizes there’s not a single person left.

“Then do we still fight?” Chu Yi Yi asks while biting her lip.

“What’s the point of fighting now? If Sister-in-law really kicked me out, are you going to take me in instead?” Giving her foe there an eyeful, Di Xiao Wan continues: “Also, bring me to that restaurant tomorrow!”

“You pay?”

“I have no money,” Di Xiao Wan was very righteous when she said this part. Though the girl had plenty of treasures in her storage bag, she lacked money.

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“I’ll consider myself unlucky then!” Flushed red in her cheeks, Chu Yi Yi was clearly annoyed by her foe’s antics.

I have never seen anyone act like this when asking to be treated!

Hearing Chu Yi Yi’s willingness to treat her, Di Xiao Wan’s attitude quickly took on a better tune: “Since you are willing to treat me tomorrow then I will forgive you for trying to steal my sister-in-law.”

Choking at the remark, Chu Yi Yi now recognizes the girl as Di Cang’s sister.

It was exactly like this on that fateful day when Di Cang shameless clung onto Bai Yan and won’t let go.


Back over at the study room, Hualuo (Flower Brothel Head) had only just arrived at the place. “Mistress, is there something you need of me?”

“Hualuo, go make a trip to Di Cang’s place. Tell him the person he’s looking for is here already.” Raising a brilliant smile, Bai Yan was strangely happy in her mood for some reason.

“Yes,” affirming with a bow, Hualuo was ready to leave when another order stopped her. “Is there something else?”

“Also mention to him that although his sister is wrong to leave home without permission, the fault lies not with her. He left her alone for years, it’s only normal that she be lonely. If he causes trouble on my turf then I will never let him take another step into this place again.”

Lying on the couch nearby, Bai Xiachen was in the middle of playing with his tiger friend when he heard the order. Frowning, he became tied inside over on what to do, Should I tell Mother that Auntie Xiao Wan isn’t here to meet Baddie Father? And that she specifically said it’s irrelevant whether or not she meets Baddie Father?

“I understand Mistress.” Hualuo couldn’t resist a giggle there.

Don’t assume just because her mistress here likes to scold others that she’s mean, it’s merely out of concern. Otherwise, why would she have this to say?

After the charming woman left the study room, leaving only the baby boy and his mother alone, Bai Xiachen quickly toddled over to Bai Yan’s lap: “Are you worried about Auntie Xiao Wan?”

“It’s not easy for a girl to come this far alone by herself. If she still get criticized after meeting him, what would she think then?”

“Auntie Xiao Wan isn’t doing it for Baddie Father….”

Looking at that cute little face, Bai Yan reassuringly cuddled the boy’s head: “If not for him, then who? There has to be a reason why she would come all this way…. Whenever I look at her, I would be reminded of your uncle…”

Did I not too leave Bai Xiao for many years? If compared together, Di Xiao Wan has it even worse than my brother….



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