Overturning the Heavens chapter 237

Chapter 237 “Trouble Comes Knocking”

“Xiachen, you go rest with Little Rice first while I go deal with something for tomorrow….”

“Okay Mother,” tipping up with his toes, the baby boy gives his mother a quick peck on the check before dashing out the door with the baby tiger in his arms.

“Little Rice, let’s not bother Mother anymore, we can go play with Little Feather instead.”

“Who is Little Feather?”

“It’s a white phoenix gifted to me by Auntie Xiao Wan. Since he has so much feathers on his body, I went ahead and named the bird Little Feather….”

Twitching in the corner of his mouth, Little Rice was very sympathetic of the bird. Then again, he suddenly realized his own name wasn’t all that much better either.

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No matter how he looked at it, Little Feather was still better than Little Rice.


In the following next morning, Bai Yan was woken up by a loud ruckus from the main reception hall.

“Hualuo, what’s happening outside?” With a frown, she calls for her faithful follower who has been waiting outside the bedchamber for some time now.

“Mistress, it’s nothing but a group of insignificant ants. I’ve already taken the liberty of throwing them out of the estate to avoid further disruption.”

Raising a smirk, Bai Yan wasn’t surprised at all in her face: “Is it the royal family members and other noble houses? I expected them to come find me sooner or later, just not so fast. Go let them in.”

“Yes Mistress,” making a faint nod, the charming figure disappears from sight.


Back over at the main reception hall, a group of people was currently whispering and arguing away. It’s pretty obvious they were angry and disgruntled here, which only got worse and amplified once Bai Yan arrives at the scene.

“Miss Bai Yan, I like to know what sort of fault my granddaughter did that your people had to go make trouble for her.”

“And my poor daughter, she’s already at the point where she can’t get out of the bed! You must give us a proper explanation for this!”

“That’s right. You may be the owner of the Flower Brothel, but that doesn’t excuse you from randomly assaulting others! If we don’t get a proper answer then things won’t end here!”

Ignoring the rowdy comments shooting her way, Bai Yan first took her seat at the main master chair before speaking out using that indifferent tune of hers: “It sure is lively today to have all of you come find me this morning.”

Though her words didn’t carry with it a single threatening phrase, but that aura and fierce might was more than enough to intimidate everyone present.

So this is the Mistress of the Flower Brothel, Lord Cang’s woman! Are we really able to retreat after coming here?

“Miss Bai Yan.”

From within the crowd, a middle-aged man was the first to step forward: “Others may be afraid of you, but I Zhang Fei Yang am not! You may be the owner of the Flower Brothel, but that doesn’t give you the right to condone your subordinates in attacking innocent bystander. I believe I speak for everyone here today that unless we get a proper answer, none of us will stand idly by!”

Unmoved by the threat, Bai Yan’s composure remains lazy and comfortable on that chair: “And what sort of answer are you expecting of me?”

“Your people beat my daughter so at the very least some compensation should be in order. Some Dan pill will be enough.”

How can they not extort such fine stuff from the woman? It’s no secret among the nobility that the pills in Bai Xiao’s possession are all from Bai Yan, making this the perfect opportunity. Especially when they are in the right, right…..?


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  1. Did they forget that Bai Yan even dared to beat up the Royal Family, how do nobles compare?

    Furthermore extorting someone who has enough raw firepower as heir backing that the Royal Family has to give them some leeway…. … This won’t end well regardless of how many people show up.

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