Overturning the Heavens chapter 238

Chapter 238 “Trouble Solving”

Bai Yan finally understands what their intentions are now: “Then are you trying blackmail me Lord Zhang?”

“Miss, there’s no need to say it in such an ugly way. How can it be blackmailing when it’s your people who’s in the wrong first?”

Looking at that complacent look on the man, Bai Yan’s smile only got deeper: “It’s possible to give you the Dan pills, but I have another gift I like to give you also.”

Having said this, she readily hands a thin booklet over to Hualuo to be passed onto the man.

“I hope you will like this gift from me.” Despite the smile reaching deep into her very eyes, Bai Yan’s attitude gave no illusion it was very cold and dangerous.

Frowning at the strange behavior, Zhang Fei Yang carefully received the item and looked over the prescribed page meant for him. Only one glance, that’s all it took to turn that smug expression into a ghastly white.

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It’s all the crimes he’s committed over the years to the point where even his mistresses are included too.

It’s common to find wealthy individuals to take in numerous concubines to satisfy their needs. However, it was different for Zhang Fei Yang because he needs his main wife as support to maintain his current status. Without that, it’s a given that disaster will befall him in an instant….

“You….” Nervously looking up, the man could hardly keep his voice stable: “How could you know all this?”

Bai Yan laughed, laughed at the foolishness of that question. “In this world, there is nothing I wouldn’t know, especially for common folks like you! Also, I’m fully aware of why all of you would dare barge into my home. I’ll say this now, keep trying and I will publicize everything in that booklet.”

Shaking right down to his core, Zhang Fei Yang no longer had the nerve to even talk back anymore, “We will leave.”

“Hold it!”

The harsh hollering cry causes the man to freeze on the spot: “Miss Bai Yan, I’m already willing to leave, what else do you want?”

“I only want to know who is urging all of you to come make trouble for me,” Bai Yan gave no effort in trying to hide that sneer.

That’s pretty much a given. Its one thing if no one knew her current influence and power, but to still come after she went public? Ha, there’s no way she will believe it’s not orchestrated in advance.

Becoming even uglier in his face, the man plays dumb in the end: “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Is that so?” Chuckling at their foolishness, “It seems you people won’t learn until the very end. Hualuo, go publish everything in that booklet. I want the world to know how vile and disgusting these people are!”

From the very beginning of Chu Yi Yi running off to make trouble, Bai Yan had already known these people would come seek her out. However, that doesn’t mean she will just sit idly by and take it.

“Rest assured Mistress, I will do it well.” Revealing an enchanting smile, Hualuo had a deploring look in her eyes.

These people really can’t see their end until their coffin is in their face.

“Wait!” Seeing how the woman was ready to carry out the command, Zhang Fei Yan finally caved. In his urgency, he blurts out the truth, “I’ll say it, its His Highness the Crown prince…”


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