Overturning the Heavens chapter 239

Chapter 239 “Blackmailing Failure”

Crown Prince? Nangong Yi?

Bai Yan’s was smiling, “What is Nangong Yi’s purpose?”

“Miss Bai Yan,” going stiff in his face, “His Highness wanted me to make trouble for you so he can come in at the right moment to help you. This way you will forget about the past grudges and be grateful to him. As for demanding the Dan pills, it’s my own personal decision.”

Nangong Yi’s plan was very beautiful, yet he seems to have forgotten Bai Yan would never bother to have these people in her eyes considering her current status.

Feeling the increasingly heavy atmosphere in the hall, those royalties and nobles who came with Zhang Fei Yang are all starting to get anxious.

“Miss Bai Yan, the deal he did with the crown prince does not include us in it. We only came because Zhang Fei Yan sought us out last night.”

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“Yeah, that’s right. I initially didn’t want to come either, but he kept insisting that you won’t be able to punish that many of us. He also justified it by saying we are in the right.”

From the very beginning, these people never wanted to come due to Bai Yan’s status as the Flower Brothel’s owner. But after repeated promises and guarantees, they in the end succumbed to the seduction of greed.

Sadly for them, regret was already too late now.

As angry and irritated as Zhang Fei Yang was in how quickly these people threw him out into the fire pit, he couldn’t refute it because it’s all true.

“Is that right?” Bai Yan grinned, “As far as I know, everyone who were attacked by Chu Yi Yi had at some point denounced me behind my back. Why should you people get to claim you are in the right?”

Flushing red at the statement, these people were all too ashamed to refute her words. They knew it’s true.

Inhaling deeply, Zhang Fei Yang steadies himself before speaking again: “I’ve said all that I have to, can I leave now then?”

Looking at how much sweat was covering that nervous face, Bai Yan suddenly had the urge to laugh aloud in mockery: “So you people think you can just waltz in my place and leave as you like?”

“Then what do you want of us?”

“Since all of you are here then you people might as well leave behind something of value.” Crossing her legs, Bai Yan appears to be very leisure in her posture on the chair: “Hand over your belongings. If the value of your possessions can meet my demand, then you are free to go. However, for those who can’t meet it then feel free to have your family come instead to redeem yourself.”

Going red from outrage, Zhang Fei Yang’s very voice was trembling: “Don’t you think this is a tad excessive?”

“Excessive?” Bai Yan cocks a condescending sneer, “Wouldn’t you people be blackmailing me instead if I wasn’t the owner of the Flower Brothel? Enough of your excuses. Hualuo, go search them for me! Those who can pay is free to leave, and those who can’t is to stay until their family comes!”

Looking at the charming woman slowly encroaching on himself, Zhang Fei Yang finally loses it and went on the offensive.

“Bai Yan, are you not afraid of offending His Highness by doing this?”

Chuckling at that question, “Instead of asking me that, you should be asking him.”

“You…” Shaky in his pointing finger, Zhang Fei Yan almost couldn’t believe his ears, “Don’t forget the royal grandson is worshipped by the animals of this world. Sooner or later, he will overtake everything and be the ruler here. By then, you won’t even be able to plead under his feet!”

Not flinching in the least, Bai Yan made a smirk instead: “If I’m not mistaken, that son of his had only stepped onto the path of cultivation, a practitioner of the lowest kind. So tell me, what can someone like that do to threaten me in the future?”

In reality, Nangong Lin’s talent wasn’t bad at all. Just that due to his doting parents, the child never had the need to train, thus turning him into the useless fat kid that he was now.



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