Overturning the Heavens chapter 240

Chapter 240 “You’re More Troublesome”

“That…  that is only because the royal grandson’s talent still hasn’t emerged yet. He’s a man destined to rule because the animals worship him. You-you and your son can only look up to him from below in this lifetime!”


As soon as Zhang Fei Yang finished spouting his nonsense, Hualuo had already taken the liberty of sending him flying backwards with a whirlwind kick of her own. Because of that, a good number of the man’s teeth had fallen out in the crash, thus leaving him in a state where blood continues to spew out of that mouth.

Not flinching at all, Bai Yan narrows in on the bastard who dares to provoke her: “Everyone else is free to leave once they pay the ransom money. However, you there on the floor, you have lost that privilege. Hualuo, go publish everything we have on Lord Zhang so the world can learn of his crimes.”

Zhang Fei Yan truly regrets it now. He only said all that because he didn’t want to hand over his storage bag, not to infuriate the woman to the point where he’s now ruined.

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Seriously, the fault can only lie with this foolish man. Being the weary type, Zhang Fei Yang had the habit of always keeping his precious valuables on his body. Only like that will he be at ease. Unfortunately for him, his precaution had turned into his downfall today.

“Yes, Mistress.” Mocking the man with her gaze, Hualuo made sure the person understood how foolish he was with that sentence, “Should I also go to the crown prince’s estate to give the person a little lesson?”

Breaking out into a laugh, Bai Yan had other ideas in mind: “There’s no need for that at the moment. I have something else in mind.”

In the past few years that Nangong Yi had used his son many times over to fool the world. For that, it’s time he paid the price.

With the last of her order given to Hualuo, Bai Yan was ready to return to her study room when her attention was caught by the two hidden figures hiding behind herself.

“Come out.”

Not far away, two young girls meekly walked out to face her.

One was enchantingly beautiful, the other charmingly lovely, they were Di Xiao Wan and Chu Yi Yi.

Two different kinds of beauty, but with the same kind of shock factor.



The two troublemaker greeted Bai Yan in unison. Based on that timid attitude, they clearly knew about the trouble they’ve caused today.

“Sister-in-law,” fiddling with her fingers, Di Xiao Wan was very nervous. “Did I cause you trouble?”

Despite her aggrieved look, the girl’s heart was extremely resentful. Of course, the resentment wasn’t directed at Bai Yan, its at those humans who would dare blame everything on her sister-in-law.

Even worse, if this becomes known to her brother, only endless pain and suffering will await her poor soul.

Showing a harmless smile, Bai Yan was oddly calm here: “Compared to them, I find the both of you more troubling.”

Gasping at that remark, Di Xiao Wan really wanted to refute the claim. Sadly, she knew it was the fact!

“Sister-in-law, I think I heard them talking about something like animals bowing in worship. Can you explain it more details to me?”

This time it wasn’t Bai Yan who answered her question, it was Chu Yi Yi using that infuriated voice of hers.

“Five years ago when Nangong Yi’s son was born, the animals of this world were all bowing towards this direction. Then for some unknown reason, rumors started to spread about that child being the destined one to receive the blessing of the world.”

If not for that rumor, how can Nangong Yi become the crown prince with his ability?

Now this was quite the news for the girl. Popping her mouth until an egg could be stuffed in there, Di Xiao Wan became flabbergasted at the huge mess up. “Destined child of the animals? Shouldn’t that be Xiachen instead? When did that become Nangong Yi’s son?”

She too also saw the bowing scene over at the Demon Realm that year. According to the State Teacher, it was to welcome her nephew Bai Xiachen into this world.

When did my old bro have a second son with another woman? Can’t be right?


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