Overturning the Heavens chapter 243

Chapter 243 “Too Familiar to Make a Move (3)”

Feeling those cold slender fingers flowing across her lips, Bai Yan could not resist shivering at the touch: “Di Cang, it can’t be that you’ve really fallen for me?”

Fall in love with her? The man didn’t reply right away because there had been no shortages of female bodies swarming around himself over the years. Yet, not a single one could evoke his emotions like her, nor could he comprehend what love was supposed to mean.

But everything’s changed now. Since the day he’s savored that flavor from her lips, his heart yearns for her, so much so that merely a day would feel like an eternity in his heart. Does that equate to love? He honestly don’t know….

Getting nothing but silence, Bai Yan can only take that response as a no. Sneering, she breaks free from those arms: “Di Cang, if I were to marry in this life, it can only be with the one who I truly have feelings for! If you don’t have me in your heart, why do you keep haunting me? Is it because I’m Xiachen’s mother?”

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“This has nothing to do with our son. I only want to marry you because you are you, nothing else.”

I want to marry you because you are you, nothing else…..

“So you are saying I must marry you because you want me too?” Now there’s a hint of derisiveness in her smile, almost like she’s mocking him.

“Of course you can only marry me. If you dare to marry any other men, I will break their legs until they can no longer even run!” Still dominant and overbearing, the man’s attitude left no room for refusal.

“As for you…” Forcefully grabbing that tender wrist, Di Cang’s tune was turning dangerous again: “Although I want to tie you up and keep you by my side forever, but I can’t bear to hurt you. So, I can only watch from behind, but that doesn’t mean I will just sit idly by while other men runs around you. If I see one then I will destroy one, if I see two then I will destroy two! Afterwards, I like to see if there will be anyone else who would dare come seduce you.”

This time Bai Yan can no longer suppress her trembling body, This bloody pervert! Just wait, once my strength grows high enough, I will ruthlessly pay you back!

“Sister in law!” Suddenly, a voice drifted over from the front, thus drawing Bai Yan’s attention back into reality.

It was Di Xiao Wan running in from the outside. At first the girl’s complexion was very red like she’s excited over something, but upon seeing who was beside Bai Yan, the poor girl looked like she had seen a ghost and jerked to a halt.

“Bro… Brother, what are you doing here?”

Di Cang broke out into a laugh at the question, a very devious and sinister laugh that gave chills to anyone who heard it. In fact, it was even giving Bai Yan the shivers, imagine what it must be like for the poor maiden.

“Di! Xiao! Wan!”

As soon as the man gnashed out that name, the frightened girl instantly collapsed like someone losing their very legs.

“Brother, I am wrong,” she cried, fearing for her dear life. Why is Brother so much scarier after only a few years apart?!

“Do you know how much trouble you’ve caused?” Raising a threatening smirk, “Because of you forcefully breaking through the seal, someone else had followed you through and came into this realm. Now, tell me, how should I punish you and State Teacher?”

Going white in her face, Di Xiao Wan was surprisingly defensive when the conversation involved the latter: “Brother, this is my own idea, you mustn’t involve him! State Teacher doesn’t deserve to be punished.”

Still cold in his attitude, Di Cang won’t have any of that: “Without him, would you be able to break the seal on your own?”

“I…” Growing weaker in her voice until it became a meekly squeal, Di Xiao Wan remains stubborn nevertheless, “You mustn’t bully him. If you must punish someone, then punish me…”


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