Overturning the Heavens chapter 244

Chapter 244 “Too Familiar to Make a Move (4)”

“It seems your relationship with State Teacher is really good eh,” his voice still cold and dismissive, “Why don’t I make a decree and have you two married then?”

“What?” Di Xiao Wan hurriedly jumped up to refuse the proposal: “I don’t want to marry yet! Brother, you can’t be so cruel to State Teacher and me.”

“Why not, I thought you liked him very much,” Di Cang coldly snickers.

“I… I am too familiar with State Teacher. It’s not good to make a move against someone I’m acquainted to.”

“Its either you choose to marry State Teacher, or it’s me roping you up for a beating. Pick one.” His words are as domineering as ever… It’s almost like the girl in front of him wasn’t his sister at all.

“Brother…” her face pitiful, “can I not choose neither?”

Laughing at that question, Di Cang initially wanted to refuse but was stopped by a strong stomp on his feet.

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“Don’t fuss,” his brow furrowing into a knot, “wait until I finish lecturing her, then we can have some alone time.” Maybe he didn’t notice it himself, but Di Cang’s voice was especially gentle here.

Unhappy over the dismissal, Bai Yan retracts her feet to mercilessly stare at the man: “Get out of here!”

“You’re being naughty again Yan Yan,” beaming a smile, “Just wait a bit longer then I will play with you.”

By this point Di Xiao Wan was already popping her eyes in disbelief, so much so that she can’t even speak properly.

This…. Is this really my cruel and tyrannical brother?

When did he start being so good-nature around someone?

“I’ve told you, if you dare beat her then you are to scram!”

Looking at Bai Yan’s stern and serious face, Di Cang’s expression promptly sank: “You are being serious aren’t you?”

“Of course!”

Likely it’s due to the last remark, but Di Cang’s mood had become ever worse like he’s moping and grumpy at the same time. Swinging that stern face around, he narrows in on the nervous girl: “You can scram now.”

“…” Looking up at the aggrieved face of her brother, Di Xiao Wan had trouble pairing the one here to the one in her mind.

So does that mean I’m off the hook now?

“Why are you still sitting there for?” Seeing the stupefied girl still hanging around, Di Cang hurries his sister to move along with that cold damp voice of his.

Now this was great news indeed for the bratty girl. Fleeing like her dear life depended on it, Di Xiao Wan didn’t want to look back even once, afraid the man would change his mind and snatch her back for a beating.

Looking at that departing back, Bai Yan was a little taken aback by how fast the girl ran. Before she knew it, a seductive yet possessive voice had drifted into her ears again, “I’ve never beaten her, ever.”

“Huh?” Bewildered by the comment, Bai Yan turns to the source with confusion in her eyes.

“The words I made were only meant to frighten her,” his brow still stuck in a frown.

Is he trying to explain himself to me? Bai Yan blinked with astonishment in her eyes.

“This girl is not only stupid, she’s also lawless and unbound. If I don’t take extra precautions to lecture her, no one will be able to manage her in the future.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I don’t want you to confuse me for a cold and heartless person who won’t recognize family or friends.”

The him from the past would’ve never cared for anyone’s view on himself.

So what if he’s cold and heartless?

So what if he’s cruel by nature??

So long as Bai Yan doesn’t think so then that’s all that matters, that what matters to Di Cang.

Subconsciously, she looked away, afraid to meet those eyes which her heart shiver with emotions.

“I’m sorry, I’ve misunderstood you. Back when I learned of you leaving her alone at home for several years, I selfishly assumed she would be like my brother, hurt and wanting your attention. I didn’t think your punishment is meant to be for her own good.”


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