Overturning the Heavens chapter 245

Chapter 245 “Demon Beast Sect (1)”

Di Cang immediately dismissed the idea with his sneering laugh: “As if she would do that over something so trivial. Her mentality isn’t that weak, otherwise she would’ve committed suicide dozens of times already in the past.”

Shooting her eyes up, Bai Yan’s first thought was this, Is she really his sister? The biological type?

In this moment, her sympathetic heart came pouring out. With a brother like that, how can anyone keep their sanity?

“I’m hungry now.”

While Bai Yan was still stuck in her deep thought, Di Cang’s low and possessive voice suddenly came from one of her ears.

“Your home may be destroyed but that doesn’t mean your cooks are. If you want food then have them make it for you,” her face running with dark lines.

Acting as if not able to hear her, Di Cang continues on with his rambling: “I heard your cooking is one of a kind in this world, is that right?”

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“Di Cang!”

“Do you want me to taste your cooking, or…. devour you here and now on the spot!”

Inhaling deeply to calm herself, Bai Yan had to take a second: “Fine, consider it your win!”

Giving the shameless man an angry glare, she stomps towards the kitchen in defeat, leaving behind only the victorious Di Cang in the background.


Inside a certain bedchamber, Di Xiao Wan was currently brooding over the possible countermeasures at her disposal to face off against a certain menacing figure. But before she could come up with a plan, a powerful set of legs had kicked open her door.

Due to how sudden this all came at, the girl literally rolled off her bed in a panic. Watching that dangerous man strolling up to her, she instinctively gulped to calm her nerves.

“Brother… didn’t you promise to let me off the hook?”

So why is he coming to make trouble for me again?

Di Xiao Wan wanted to cry. There’s no doubt in her mind that if her sanity was any weaker, she would’ve gone insane by now.

“When you left the Demon Realm, did you see a snake girl?”

“Snake girl?” Still lying there on the floor, she looks up in surprise, “You mean the snake clan’s Qing Luan? No, when I came I didn’t see her.”

Can it be difficult that petty woman also followed me to this realm?

Di Xiao Wan’s heart was pumping hard right now because she now understood why her brother would be throwing such a big temper.

Not getting the answer that he wanted, Di Cang’s face turned extremely dark like a thundercloud was hovering over his head. This instantly causes the girl’s very teeth to clatter due to fear.

“When are you going to scram?” His face still devoid of emotion as he asked.

Fending off that horrific aura, Di Xiao Wan steels her nerve to fight back: “NO! I don’t want to go back. It was so hard to be able see my sister-in-law and nephew, I’m not leaving!”

Now this only added fuel to the fire because Di Cang’s sinister smile just grew even more sinister.

“If you don’t want to scram then you must promise me two things.”

“What-what promise?”

“Yan Yan is still unwilling to marry me, you must help me convince her.”

Now this was a surprise indeed for the girl. Instead of shivering in terror there, she instantly shoots her head up to face her brother.

So what Chu Yi Yi said is true, my brother still haven’t settled sister-in-law yet?

Now… he’s asking me for help?

Di Cang’s tone here was obviously an order, but to the delusional girl, it somehow became a plea for help. Pride filled her beautiful face: “Brother, it’s not a problem to help you pursue sister-in-law, but you should at least show some sincerity when asking for help shouldn’t you?” A ray of sunshine lit her eyes.

Still cold in his demeanor, Di Cang’s attitude was clearly less intense though: “Then what sincerity do you want?”


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