Overturning the Heavens chapter 246

Chapter 246 “Demon Beast Sect (2)”

“This…” Twirling her eyes around, it took a short moment of thought before Di Xiao Wan could come up with her demands, “First you cannot scold me anymore no matter what happens, nor can you randomly do matchmaking. In addition, you must have little Xiachen accompany me in my sleep for twenty-nine days a month. Oh yes, you must raise State Teacher’s position after you go back…”

Now Di Cang’s smile only got even colder: “State Teacher’s position is already second to the royal family. If you want him to go higher, he will have to become a royal bridegroom then.”

Now this was unexpected for the girl: “Is that so? In that case then you only need to not randomly do matchmaking for him, nor are you to make him a royal bridegroom.”

“Is this your request or his request?”

“I…” Going pale in her face, Di Xiao Wan nervously replied: “It’s mine. I only wanted to get some benefits for him back at home.”

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Using his monstrous aura, Di Cang presses in on the girl until an intense unease gripped that frightened face.

“Brother, what are you doing? A gentlemen doesn’t use their hands, only the mouth! You can scold me but you can’t beat, eeeh!” Trembling right down to her knees, she could barely keep her tears from flowing outward.

“What other request do you have, say it all now!”

“I… I….”

No matter how dumb she was, there’s no way Di Xiao Wan would not know by now that her brother was angry. Because of that, she can barely churn out her words properly.

“You not talking anymore?” Di Cang coldly snickers a dangerous laugh.

Upset by the tease, Di Xiao Wan finally fights back, “You can’t deceive me just because I’m dumber than you! I now have Sister-in-law and my nephew. If you try to drive me away then I will tell them. I know they will kick you out of here too if you do. Then not only will you lose my help, they will also ignore you forever.”

That’s right, I have Sister-in-law backing me, what am I afraid of?

With this in mind, Di Xiao Wan puffs out her chest with a renewed vigor to her demeanor. However, Di Cang’s next sentence instantly shattered her courage.

“If Yan Yan isn’t my wife then that would mean she’s not your sister-in-law. If that happens, Xiachen wouldn’t be your nephew either.”

These words were like thunder, zapping the girl till she’s stupefied.

How can I forget something this important?

If Sister-in-law doesn’t marry my brother then there’s no connection. If no connection then no nephew. If no nephew then no adorable baby to cuddle!

NO! This will not do!

“Brother, I will help you!” Di Xiao Wan’s spirit had flared up. Vowing by patting her chest, she puts on a confident face, “I will watch over Sister-in-law and persuade her to marry you.”

Making an emotionless nod, Di Cang continues: “The second thing I want you to do is protect your sister-in-law and nephew while I’m away.”

“…” Deflating until her voice became a murmur, she weakly replied, “I don’t know why Brother, but after I came to the mortal world my powers had diminished to half of what it was. Having me protect someone as powerful as Sister-in-law, aren’t you making it difficult for me?”

It’s one thing if she’s to protect her nephew, but Bai Yan? More like it’s the other way around!

“After the snake girl came into this world we had lost track of her whereabouts because she used some kind of secret method to mask her scent. Not even Fire Plume could track her. However, if she draws too close, you on the other hand will be able to detect her.”

“Brother, don’t worry, I will stay by their side at all times!”


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  1. She’s so adorable that it’s just not fair… (and easily manipulated by her brother as well…no brides for State Teacher indeed…guess we know who lives in her heart…lol!)

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