Overturning the Heavens chapter 247

Chapter 247 “Demon Beast Sect (3)”

Di Xiao Wan was packed full of spirit because she knew very well that snake woman had been eyeing her brother for hundreds of years. If not careful, it might give that Qing Luan (Snake girl) an opportunity to try something sneaky.

“Remember your words. If Yan Yan and my son is hurt in any way, you will be the first one I come looking for!”

Leaving behind only this much, the man then left with a satisfied smirk and a stunned his sister in his wake.

Am I really his sister and not someone picked up off the street?

Maybe it’s due to being accustomed to this cold treatment, Di Xiao Wan only experienced a minute of sadness before she consoled herself back to the norm.

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So what if Brother don’t dote me? In future I will have Sister-in-law, who needs him then?

“Princess, Princess,” it was at this moment a young chirpy voice came from the window’s ledge. This belonged to a Black-naped Oriole bird that only just arrived here.

“Yellow, how did it go with the investigation?” The Oriole known as Yellow quickly flew over to the girl’s shoulder at the question.

“Princess, is it possible to change my name to another one? No matter what, I’m still a young girl you know.” The female Oriole protests in dissatisfaction.

“Coining a name is too troublesome. You know I’m a lazy person yet you still want me to give you a name?” She gives the bird an eyeful, “Yellow, what sort of sinister scheme are you plotting?”

Completely taken aback by this, the little Oriole bird was full of grievance here. All she wanted was a good name and nothing else, why did it devolve into a plot to murder the princess?

This is too wrong…..

“Tell me the stuff I want to hear first,” grinning in her mouth, Di Xaio Wan was pleased with herself.

“Its best you not listen Princess, I’m afraid you might die from anger.”

“Me, die from anger?” Scoffing a laugh, she dismisses the idea outright, “If my brother couldn’t do that then what makes you think others can? Hurry and tell me what’s going on.”

Yellow faced the girl with unease, nevertheless she continues in the end: “I was just at that crown prince’s home, and guess what I heard? That man and his wife is currently discussing on how to turn the queen into the man’s concubine. They also said…”

“What else?” Di Xiao Wan’s chest was huffing rapidly.

“They also claimed our Demon Realm’s little prince only has looks with no brain. Not only that, they also want to turn the little prince into a slave for their son!”

“Oh yes, that Nangong Yi (crown prince) also said Her Queenship is a stupid woman who will fall for any sweet talk like her mother.”

From the very beginning, Di Xiao Wan only intended to investigate the matter regarding Nangong Lin (fat bully) and why they say he’s capable of ordering the animals. However, what she got instead was this load of farce and infuriating nonsense.

Naturally, her anger wasn’t directed at this poor bird, it’s at those two shameless pair.


Seeing how huffing and puffing the girl was, the bird appeared worried: “I’ve said it already that you will die from anger. Why must you seek to be tortured?”

Indeed, Di Xiao Wan was very unhappy over what she heard. Spending a good while to recover from her outrage, she glared at the bird: “Then why are you coming back here for?”

“I……” Yellow didn’t even get to finish her words before tragedy struck.


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  1. Super easy solution: Send the animal army to bite, nip, harass, and chase the fat bully. Then everyone will figure out that the stupid kid is a fake.

    • yeah right.. i also wonder why our queen not domineering enough in this story.. its like too much to be true, too powerfull but no real action.. too borring

  2. “Oh yes, that Nangong Yi (crown prince) also said Her Queenship is a stupid woman who will fall for any sweet talk like her mother.”
    – i find this sentence very ironic considering we all know bai rou´s true personality
    in other words he (Nangong Yi) is actually the true fool who falls for any sweet talk

  3. The best way is to show the world that Nangong Lin is a fake. Then the Crown Prince will lose his power too which is what he craves the most.

    It will be most interesting to see how the Crown Prince Consort will be living with no status.

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