Overturning the Heavens chapter 248

Chapter 248 “Demon Beast Sect (4)”

Following one swift slap by Di Xiao Wan, the poor bird only knew she was flying out the next second until she slammed face first into the nearby door.  Helpless and disorientated, poor Yellow slowly slid to the ground like a beaten fly

“I… I’m here to tell you,” her voice very weak, “I’ve discovered the secret behind that animal worship business. It’s that Bai Ruo who intentionally had her people spread the word to the public.”

Having finally finished her report, Yellow then rolls her eyes and fainted away.

This time the bird was honestly lucky to have come across Bai Ruo talking with her confidant. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to return so soon.

“Oh no Yellow!” Pouncing over to the door, Di Xiao Wan nervously picks up the poor bird in a gentle fashion: “I’m sorry, I misunderstood you. Please don’t die, I promise I won’t call you Yellow from now on and instead call you Little Yellow.”

Fortunately the bird was still unconscious here, otherwise she would’ve really died from choking at that outlandish statement.

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Seriously, what sort of difference was there between the names?

“Princess…” Stirring from the weeping sound of the girl that kept flailing her around, the poor bird slowly came to due to necessity, “I-I’m okay, I’m not dead yet. I’m just hungry…”

Talk about changing fast. Upon hearing the bird’s okay, Di Xiao Wan instantly reverted back to her plain old self and left the bird to her own bidding on the floor.

“So you’re not dead? Talk about wasting my emotions.”

Reaching out her wings in grievance, Yellow cries with a tearful plea in her voice: “Princess, I’m hungry…”

“If you’re hungry then go scavenge for food, don’t look at me.” Having said this, Di Xiao Wan promptly stomps out of the room and ignored the starving bird in the background.

For the bird, all she can show now was a regretful tear. Regret ever listening to the princess, and regret ever coming to this mortal world. At the very least she could’ve been fed by the palace maids back home even if the princess wasn’t around.


In this world, the southernmost mountainous valleys of this continent was a very dangerous place. Rampant with demon beasts of all kinds, carnivores and herbivores alike, it’s an ideal training ground for beast tamers hailing from various backgrounds.

Specifically are the tamers from the Demon Beast Sect. Based directly inside this dangerous terrain, the sect was similar to the Medicine Sect and Holy Land in nature. Issue though with this school was their lack of exceptional talent, forcing this power to remain in the mundane league and unable to proceed further up the ladder.

“Someone come, have First Elder come see me this instant!” A middle-aged man yells out the order after abruptly breaking out of his meditation. This person was none other than the current sect leader of the Demon Beast Sect.

Before long, an otherworldly looking elder had come rushing in after getting the word from a follower. Respectful in his bow, the elder asks: “Sect Leader, have you perceived through the heavens and determined the source of that event yet?”

And of course, the mentioned event here would naturally be that worshipping incident by the animals during Bai Xiachen’s birth. For the members of the Demon Beast Sect, they are the one hit the hardest because they do live at the very depths of this mountainous valley.

“That’s correct,” Fang Yu Feng’s lip had angled into a smile. “Through the five years I’ve been in deep meditation, I’ve finally grasped enough of my heavenly skill to allow myself to pinpoint the child’s whereabouts. I now know where to look.”

The first elder was quivering with excitement now. Raising his old head, the elder showed a surprised face of jubilation: “Sect Leader, is what you say true?”

Fang Yu Feng confidently nods to reaffirm his answer: “Due to my inability, I’m unable to give the exact location, but I can say for certain it’s inside the kingdom of Liu Huo.”

Liu Huo?


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