Overturning the Heavens chapter 249

Chapter 249 “Fight Together Enough and They will be Friends (1)”

The elder wrinkled his old brow: “Five years ago after that event, there’s been a rumor going around that the son of the crown prince from that kingdom is the destined child. Can it be its true?”

Fang Yu Feng shook his head, refuting the speculation: “I don’t know if it’s true or not, regardless, we will know when the time comes. I want you to bring along the Glass Dragon with you for this trip.”

Slightly startled here, the elder sounded hesitant: “But the Glass Dragon is the sects greatest treasure. It was left behind by our ancestor. What if the creature escapes… I fear it will bring with it a great calamity if it does.”

In reality, the Demon Beast Sect had wanted to domesticate this dragon long ago, just that they couldn’t due to the fierce temperament portrayed by the creature.

“How can I not know that?” Making a wry smile, “But in order to find the destined child, we can only resort to this method. Go put together the binding cage in our treasury. We will use that to keep the Glass Dragon at bay during this period.”

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“Yes Sect Leader,” the elder respectfully complied.

“Also, do you know why I’m going this far as to use the dragon?” The man arches his lip into a smirk, “Our ancestor had left behind a prophecy for us. If there’s someone ever capable of taming this Glass Dragon then the Demon Beast Sect must swear allegiance to that entity when the time comes. Only by doing so will we prosper.”

“For that prophecy, I and my predecessors have been waiting and waiting. I truly never expected I would be the one with the fortune to witness this day. I’m truly honored!” His facial features had gradually turned proud and excited after reaching the end of his statement because he can now face the ancestors with no regret.

“This…” Apparently this was the first time the first elder was hearing this, leaving the old one in quite the shock, “Is this really true?”

“Of course,” Fang Yu Feng chuckles a laugh. “Otherwise why do you think I’ve been working so hard to practice my divination skills? It’s because we must find that destined child foretold by the ancestors. The long wait by our Demon Beast Sect is finally coming to an end!”

Only by taking a deep long breath did the elder manage to keep himself from being overwhelmed: “I understand then. Sect Leader, I swear I will bring back the child from that kingdom.”

“Very good,” giving his fellow peer a simple nod, he didn’t want any mistakes here, “After you confirm the child’s identity, it matters not whether if he returns with you. The only thing you must do is make sure his needs are met, understood?”

“Yes, Sect Leader,” the elder finally retreats to begin the preparations.

With everyone gone and only himself again, Fang Yu Feng suddenly issues out a helpless sigh: “I hope this is true and that everything goes well. The Demon Beast Sect is running out of time after so many years of waiting.”


Back over at the royal capital, Bai Yan was currently strolling through her garden when her feet was halted by two gorgeous figures.

Donning a water-blue dress reaching all the way to the ground, Di Xiao Wan’s fantastic contour dyed with a pinkish glow only added color to the flowers growing here. In fact, it was like spring itself had descended upon this landscape all because of this one girl.

“Bluuooo!” Releasing a powerful burp, totally unbefitting of her mesmerizing face, Di Xiao Wan was grinning from head to toe: “Yi Yi, you are awesome, I’m absolutely loving the wine from this world. Its way better than what I have back at home.”

Like the drunken girl, Chu Yi Yi was also swollen red in her cheeks as she dangled the wine cup along her fingers: “Hoho, you talk like you are not a person of this world or something.”


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