Overturning the Heavens chapter 251

Chapter 251 “Fight Together Enough and They will be Friends (3)”

“What the heck? Rule the world? My daughter is younger than that kid by a year and even she is stronger than him. You still want to claim such a useless person will rule the world?” Spitting at the ground to show his disdain at the eunuch’s claim, Wang Deqiu was just ready to return to his home when he noticed Bai Yan at the doorway smiling at him: “Oh Miss Bai Yan, it appears I’ve embarrassed myself just now.”

“It’s nothing, I was just passing by and happen to see a good show.” Not going to linger on the topic, she diverts the subject away: “Oh yes, everything you ordered is ready now. You can have someone pick the pills up in two days if you like.”

This was great news indeed for the man. Going bright in his eyes, Wang Deqiu’s grin grew even wider: “That’s wonderful! I will definitely be there in two days with the money ready.”

Pleased by the quick and direct the man was, Bai Yan figured there’s nothing left to discuss and turned away.


Meanwhile over at the crown prince’s estate, Bai Ruo and her husband Nangong Yi was currently overseeing their son’s attempt at practicing martial art inside the garden.

Though the fat boy was technically training, no denying that part, but the sword was extremely short and blunt. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to call this a dagger rather than a sword based on that length.

“Father, Mother, I’m so tired, Can I not practice martial art anymore?” Despite the sad display of endurance, the fat boy still made it sound like he’s went through a lot with that heavy panting.

Even worse here was the fact that Bai Ruo would wave the boy over so she can wipe the sweat away. A sad example of a mother because she clearly didn’t know what discipline meant. “Oh my son, it’s fine if you are tired. There’s no need for you to train so hard. In the future the world will be yours anyway.”

Regarding the attempt at improving himself, it was in fact the fat bully’s idea and not his parents. As unreasonable and nasty as he was, the kid did have some self-awareness after being brutishly beaten by Bai Xiachen and his friends.

To not experience the same humiliation again, a flame of becoming stronger was lit ablaze in the fat bully. Sadly, the flame didn’t get to burn long before it was extinguished once again. One part was his own lack of determination, the other being his parents doting attitude like this very moment.

Take the weapon used for training here for example. At first the boy was using a regular longsword like everyone else. then it was changed to a shortword due to complaint, finally in the end even the shortsword was too cumbersome and was thus changed to a little dagger.

No normal parent would be able to take this knowing their child was so useless, but not here, not to Bai Ruo and Nangong Yi. To this pair of doting parents, such a display was only proper and expected.

“Son, I have already readied the snacks for you. Go rest first and enjoy the rest of the day,” said Nangong Yi with that satisfied face of his. “Oh wife, I’m so thankful to you in giving me this wonderful son of ours.”

Blushing red in her cheeks, Bai Ruo didn’t shy away from the compliment: “Oh husband, what are you saying….”

“Our son is so young yet he’s already filled with ambition and courage. Unlike that wild child of Bai Yan’s, our son will definitely reach newer heights than anyone in the kingdom one day.”

Whenever the topic of Bai Xiachen was brought up, Nangong Yi’s pupil would flare up with anger. It’s the type belonging to someone who would rip a person apart due to his hatred.

“Husband, don’t you think its not so good to talk about that boy like that? No matter what, Bai Xiachen is still a child. Besides, our son isn’t without fault before.” Soft in her voice, Bai Ruo puts on the perfect image of a gentle and kind wife looking out for the unwanted.

“Our son is the destined child worshiped by the animals. Whatever he does is without fault you hear me. I approve of his doing and will not permit anyone from tampering with his growth.”

Going cold in his eyes, Nangong Yi went on with his rant: “On the contrary, that kid only knows how to make trouble because he has the Flower Brothel behind his back. Once I make Bai Yan my concubine, I will have that brat know what it means to be trampled under someone’s feet!”

As the old saying goes, a fruit cannot fall too far from the tree. Only a jealous woman like Bai Yan would produce a ill mannered brat like that Bai Xiachen!


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  1. OMG! I never someone so lacking in intellect and common sense!!! Your son is trash and also a bully. Do you really think Bai Yan can be coax to be your woman? You have nothing to get her and also it isn’t like she have forget the fact that you plotted against her and her family

  2. Thanks for the chapter! What makes that idiot think he can make Bai Yan his concubine? She’s stronger, smarter, and generally more powerful than him, AND has the most powerful person in the country doting on her. Plus she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, so he can’t even try to blackmail her. Plus, he hasn’t been able to gain the upper hand over her since she arrived… what a Twinkie brain.

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