Overturning the Heavens chapter 252

Chapter 252 “Self Opinionated (1)”

My son is so pitiful. He not only permitted others to bully him, he also nearly got burned to death for doing so!

Apparently this father had forgotten the fact that it was his son who first set the foe on fire, hence the reason why Bai Xiachen would retaliate in kind. Then again, even if this man were to remember, he would’ve just assumed it’s only proper and said it’s a blessing from his son to kill someone!

While the ignorant prince continues on with his bias thoughts, a rushed eunuch had come running to bring their attention back to reality.

“Eunuch Lam, what sort of issue could cause you to be so flustered?”

“Crown Prince, Crown Princess, that Wang family is simply too much. I kindly went over to them to ask that family to offer up their daughter to His Highness, but they not only rejected the idea, they even beat me for it!”

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Darkening in his complexion, Nangong Yi turns to his wife for some answer: “My dear, what is the meaning of this?”

Going stiff in her tongue, Bai Ruo attempts to twist the story to her benefit after making a sigh: “Our son is fancying a girl from that Wang family. So in order to meet that wish, I offered up a second grade Dan pill to persuade that family. But instead of answering my goodwill…”

Despite the frown, Nangong Yi was at least better than his wife: “But our son is only five this year. How can he share a room with another woman?”

“Oh husband, our son only intends to have that lass enter our house for now. I was never going to have the pair share a room this early, it was meant for preparation for the future. It’s not like you think….” Biting her lip, Bai Ruo puts on a moping look to win the man’s favor, “Or is it that you feel our son isn’t good enough?”

Well, that worked. No longer dark in his complexion, Nangong Yi’s stern attitude instantly softened to a mellowing one. “How can you think that? My son is not only honorable, he will also be extraordinary in this lifetime. I will go into the palace this instant and have my father the king make a decree. This way the lass will be sent over to our son whether they like it or not.”

“Husband you can’t, this will make it look like we are forcing the weak to get things our way,” her lips had inexplicable arched into a suspicious smile.

“How can it be my wife. That would be the behavior of bandits and robbers. I’m the crown prince of this kingdom, plus a royal decree will make it legitimate in every angle. Don’t worry, I will go look for my father this instant and grant our son’s wish.”

Nangong Yi may be bias and unreasonable, but he’s never going to do something like forcing the weak. Why? It’s because it will tarnish the reputation of the royal family, thus rousing his father’s ire in the process.

Elated at her husband’s persistence, Bai Ruo immediately sought out her son’s company once the man was gone. Together, the pair waited for the good news, which didn’t take long at all. However, the good news wasn’t exactly what she expected.

“Husband, did you get the decree already?” She hurries to stand after seeing the man return so quickly.

In response, Nangong Yi bluntly shook his head to answer not: “No my dear, but guess what I heard though when I sought my father out?”

Startled at first by the man’s counter question, Bai Ruo wasn’t sure on how to take that happy expression. “I’m not sure, did something good occur?”

Grinning, the man didn’t want to leave his wife hanging: “I heard from Father that the Demon Beast Sect will be sending someone over to our kingdom in the coming days.”

Whether it be the Royal Family of Liu Huo or the Flower Brothel under Bai Yan, both powers paled in comparison to the Demon Beast Sect. So why would they visit us? Bai Ruo wonders in uncertainty.

“My wife,” grinning wide in his smile, “Don’t you get it? They are here for our son’s sake.”

Lifting her head up in alarm, Bai Ruo sounded urgent: “But Husband, what does the Demon Beast Sect have to do with our son?”


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  2. “Lifting her head up in alarm, Bai Ruo sounded urgent: “But Husband, what does the Demon Beast Sect have to do with our son?””

    Absolutely nothing, you dumb wench.

  3. The problem is that, Bai Ruo already know that the story of the animal kneel down to uh greet her son’s birth is the story she made up herself, so why does she not try to make her son train and be hard working, talented at least to the level of his father? Instead she spoiled him and make him useless….

  4. Lol hope the dragon will burn the bully and show him his place, besides we all know current crown prince will be deposed soon enough and the bullied prince in time will take the throne if the description few chap ago was right

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