Overturning the Heavens chapter 254

Chapter 254 “Self Opinionated (3)”

Bai Ruo was shocked to find the state of her home was in. It’s dirty and messy, a completely different scene from what she remembered of old.

With disgust in her eyes, she inches forward while making sure to avoid those rubbish on the ground. That’s when she heard it, the miserable cry of her mother and sister echoing out from inside the estate.

Going dark in her complexion, she picks up her speed knowing full well what awaited her.

Back inside the room where the source of the commotion was taking place, Bai Zheng Xiang was currently holding a stick of measurable length to whip the kneeling woman on the ground.

This would of course be Yu Rong, the source of all misfortune in this house. Tearful in her eyes, there was no elegance to be found here today, only sadness and a constant plea for mercy.

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“Father, please don’t hit Mother anymore!” Taking to the floor, Bai Zhi attempts to help by crying out: “Please Father, stop this now. If you keep hitting Mother like this then she will really die at this rate.”

“Shut up!” Unrelenting in his actions, Bai Zheng Xiang directly sent the girl to the ground with his ruthless slap: “I’m not even sure if you’re my daughter or not, how dare you beg for this woman. Damn you woman, confess! Whose child is that in your stomach!”

With her head hanging, Yu Rong didn’t have the nerve to answer. All she could do now was shiver there on the floor as if she’s about to faint at any second.

“Enough!” It was then that Old Madam Yu barged into the room, her face gloomy with discontent: “Are you really trying to kill your own wife? Yu Rong is the closest person next to you so how can you believe Bai Yan over her?”

Turning cold in his eyes as he swept his gaze over to the old granny: “Auntie Yu, I’m not hitting you because I respect that old age of yours. However, don’t take me for a fool. I know you must have known about your daughter’s deed behind my back!”

The blunt response had left the old granny speechless there. She knows things are getting serious because Bai Zheng Xiang had never once addressed her in formal terms like right now.

“Zheng Xiang, I guarantee you that my daughter’s baby is yours. It cannot be someone else’s.”

“Is it?” The man sneered, not believing a word of it.

If it was in the past he would’ve believed every word of it. However, after so many incidents and truths, he can no longer put his faith in them.

“Zheng Xiang, have you forgotten? Bai Ruo is the crown princess, and your grandson Lin is destined to be the future king of this kingdom. Aren’t you afraid of the repercussions by angering your daughter?” No other options left, Old Madam Yu can only resort to open threat.

Instead of mocking or ridiculing that statement, Bai Zheng Xiang was surprisingly indifferent here with that frosty voice: “Repercussions? I fear my grandson Lin wouldn’t even make it to that day…”


The doors to the room was immediately swung open following the end of that sentence. It was Bai Ruo in her irritated mood.

“Who said my child wouldn’t make it to that day?”

Seeing the appearance of his daughter here out of the blue, the man only frowned and asked: “What are you doing back home?”

Raising an unfriendly smirk, she answered honestly: “I returned because I fear my mother would be killed if I don’t!”

Not hesitating, the woman swiftly walked up to her kneeling mother to help Yu Rong off the floor: “Mother, are you okay?”

Trembling in her lips as she watched that soft delicate face, Yu Rong finally succumbed to her grievance and cried a river of tears: “My daughter, you are finally back! Mother would’ve never been able to see you if you had returned any later!”

“Don’t worry Mother, I am here specifically to help you.” Handing her mother over to her sister, Bai Ruo then turns back to her father: “What you said just now, is it because of Bai Yan?”

Snickering a cold laugh, the man didn’t beat around the bush: “Bai Yan hates us so much, you think she would let us off?”



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