Overturning the Heavens chapter 256

Chapter 256 “Cheeky Bai Zheng Xiang (2)”

Old Madam Lan’s mouth had curled into a satisfied smirk as she watched the departing back of her granddaughter: “In the end it’s my granddaughter who’s the most capable. Not only is her man firmly in her control, she’s also gifted with fortune. Such ability is not something that wrench Bai Yan can compete with.”

“Isn’t it so?” Enduring the pain on her body, Yu Rong barely managed to force a smile here: “It’s not only Ruo, her son Lin is also very powerful that even the Demon Beast Sect is now eager to take him in. I know the child’s future will be bright, so bright that Bai Yan’s child can never catch up!”


In follow days to come, the people of the royal city were all able to notice the strangeness coming off the members of the Bai House. It’s too obvious, especially from the man himself

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At the beginning Bai Zheng Xiang would always hide himself inside his home, refusing to show his face like a turtle. But not now, no, he was literally glowing as he strolled through the open streets like he owned it.

Oh my goodness, is that… does that mean the Bai House will rise again?

With the thought coming up inside everyone’s heart, the people were no longer willing to look at this laughing stock in the same way. Who knows if it might come true and they be caught in the crossfire.


Back inside the old manor, Bai Yan was currently enjoying a book while bathing under the sunlight here in the garden. Beside her, the occasional giggles and delightful screams of her son playing with Di Xiao Wan only added life to this serene picture.

It was at this moment that Hualuo came running in to interrupt their wonderful time: “Mistress.”

“What happened?” Bai Yan’s voice was soft as she wrinkled her forehead.

“I just saw that man Bai Zheng Xiang on the road. He seems to be somewhat different.”

Pricking her brow, it’s quite apparent her interest was roused by the report: “Tell me, what’s different about him.”

“He said…” Hualuo’s face didn’t look so well like she’s hesitant to speak: “He said that as long as you admit your wrong then you can return to the Bai House, under the pretense that you offer him all your Dan pills and the Flower Brothel that is.”

Going stiff in her hands, that remarkable face was shrouded in confusion: “He really said that?”

“Yes,” biting her lips, Hualuo wished she could’ve beaten the man right there on the spot. Sadly, she was in too much of a rush to make this report that she forgot to do that.

“How strange, does he have some sort of reliance to make this demand?”

“Maybe… that man had finally lost it in the head?” That’s the only plausible explanation Hualuo could come up with.

“I understand then. You keep a tab on the Bai House during this period. I want to know what sort of people is making contact with them.” In truth, Bai Yan had no fear of other forces joining in with her enemy, just that she didn’t want to be left in the darkness while the foe made their moves.

“Yes, Mistre-” Just when Hualuo was ready to leave after getting her order, a loud commotion from the front had stopped her in her track.

It was vague, but they can clearly tell who that familiar voice belongs to.

“Based on what can you people not let me in? Bai Yan is my sister! What’s wrong with me seeing my sister?”

Bai Yan’s face sank, her lips sneering: “Hualuo, throw that girl out. If she refuses then break her leg!”

Raising a charming smile, Hualuo was delighted at the order: “That Bai Zhi is a real cockroach, practically invulnerable I say. It hasn’t even been that long since her last beating and she’s already up and running around like a grasshopper.”


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  1. No doubt there’ll be a banquet to ‘show off’ that fat royal kid ‘joining’ the demon sect which he then fails.

  2. I wonder if the Demon Beast Sect would be so stupid to take in that fat kid as the one they’re looking for. I would think there would be at least some sort of test. Is the Demon Beast Sect even worth anything? They don’t seem to know who the Demon Beast King/Prince are and have no affiliation with Di Cang. If they knew about Di Cang and they knew the “Prince” was in the same city, their first assumption should have been “oh, Demon Beast King’s son must be the one we’re looking for, SO LET’S FIND THE KING FIRST”.

    Most likely, the Demon Beast Sect is just an unofficial Di Cang fan club, using his name to pretend to be cool.

    *Then you wonder what the hell the Emperor’s been doing. He knows Di Cang is something special yet allows his stupid son and grand kid run around doing stupid things.

    • It’s fairly unlikely, they brought along a demon beast if I remember the chapter correctly, Unless the kid can actually tame beasts (spoiler, he can’t. He already tried on a different demon beast and nearly died for it lol) then i don’t see why the Demon Beast Sect would get bamboozled.

      Suppose the only question is how the plot will make things happen, very few things in this novel make absolute sense, the logic has been reasonable, but the way that things happen? incredibly unreasonable.

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