Overturning the Heavens chapter 257

Chapter 257 “Cheeky Bai Zheng Xiang (3)”

“No matter, they only got a few days left anyways.”

Going sharp in her eyes, Hualuo becomes stern in that face: “Mistress, are you planning to make your move against the Bai House soon?’

“The birth nanny from back then may have passed away, but I’ve been secretly investigating in the shadows using a different angle. I should be getting some good news from the fox I hid inside the Bai House soon…”

As long as the matter relating to her mother’s death becomes known, plus she get a clue to her birth, then the Bai House will no longer be needed.

“Oh so noisy!” Due to the disturbance getting more and more annoying, Di Xiao Wan had finally lost it: “Who’s the ignorant fool to make trouble at my home!”

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As much as she wanted to keep playing with her nephew, the atmosphere simply wasn’t right. To remedy that, she stomps off for the front end with the boy still firmly in her arms.

“Its fine Hualuo, you don’t need to go anymore,” Bai Yan shrugs, “leave it to Di Xiao Wan since she’s so eager to take the lead.”

Why is that Bai Zhi so bad in her memories? Always coming to make trouble for Mistress. Now she’s going to get it good. Hualuo was full of sympathy in her eyes as she watched the girl and baby boy disappear around the corner.

Meanwhile back outside the entrance, Bai Zhi was flaring up in flames with her pompous attitude. Just when the unreasonable girl was ready to go at it with the guards again, a mega kick suddenly came flying out from the side and lands directly onto her chest.

There were no mercy shown here today, sending the ignorant lass flying out to the street.

“It’s you?” Blood seeps out of the injured girl’s mouth as she stared wide-eyed at the figure responsible for the attack.

At first Di Xiao Wan herself was somewhat taken aback by who her victim was, but the shock soon turned into disdain: “Why is it you again? Is it not enough that you tried to trick me before? Now you are even shameless enough to barge into my nephew’s home!”

Likely able to recall how painful that day was after being beaten so miserably, Bai Zhi had lost all of her former arrogance. Shivering there like a frightened rabbit, she speaks out anyways: “I… I’m here to look for my eldest sister.”

“Who are you calling your sister? She is my sister-in-law, not your sister. If you keep spouting nonsense then I will beat you to death!” The demon princess made no attempt at hiding her wiliness to do so by pumping out her fist as a threat.

Now Bai Zhi was just outright dumbfounded. She had assumed the girl before her as someone who only favored Bai Yan because of the misconception that Bai Xiachen was Di Cang’s son. But now, to hear it first hand how warmly Di Xiao Wan was addressing that woman as her sister-in-law, it’s quite apparent she was wrong, so wrong that it hurts.

“I am here to tell Bai Yan,” she struggles to crawl up from the ground, “that my sister’s son Nangong Lin had already caught the attention of a big figure. Know that they are not to be trifled with. And if my nephew wishes it, even the world will be ours at the time! Go tell Bai Yan that if she wish to live then she better come crawling back home so she can apologize. Maybe we will consider sparing her life if she does.”

In actual truth, the main reason why Bai Zhi would come again today was due to her father’s request.

As to why Bai Zheng Xiang wouldn’t make a appearance instead…. Well, it’s not hard to guess why. A miserable lowlife like that would never put himself in danger. If be hilarious if he did!

Di Xiao Wan snickered, holding her foe in contempt: “The ruler of this world? Do you think my sister-in-law would care? If she wished it my brother would’ve given her everything from the start, the Demon Realm and the Celestial Realm!”

Now Bai Zhi was just downright broken from the shocking remark. The most she can expect from her nephew Lin was to rule over the mortal world, not the Demon Realm and Celestial Realm too!

Seeing how sluggish Bai Zhi was acting, Di Xiao Wan increases her pressure by knocking her chin up like someone superior: “Are you going to scram or should I give you another beating?”


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  1. Don’t doubt her Bai Zhi, after all, Bai Yan has some deep connections with the Sacred Grounds, her hubby is a demon lord, and her son is the true destined ruler of world.

  2. Ah yes, here’s the buildup of pride again. Is this going to be a sky high ego wank? With the premise built up on it, the fall will be really really satisfying later on, ne?

  3. Thank you for the update.

    Will Bai Zhi run and tell her father about Di Xiao Wan’s claims that Di Cang can give Bai Yan both the Demon Realm and Celestial Realm? I would love to see Bai Zheng Xiang cough up blood over that statement.

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