Overturning the Heavens chapter 258

Chapter 258 “The Miserable Bai Zhi”

Shivering at the threat, Bai Zhi instinctively took a step back as she glared at her foe with resentment: “You better not regret this!”

In her entire life, Di Xiao Wan had never feared anyone due to that doting upbringing of hers, the only exception being her brother and sister-in-law. Therefore, it’s only a matter of course she would be offended: “Someone come, tie this girl up for me!”

“Yes, Miss Xiao Wan.” The guards from the Flower Brothel needed no urging for this order. In fact, they were very eager to subdue this unruly wrench who’s been making trouble for them. In no more than a minute, Bai Zhi had become surrounded on all sides.

“What-what are you planning to do?” The nervous girl timidly asks.

“Planning?” Revealing a wicked smile, Di Xiao Wan was menacing as she narrowed in on her prey: “I ordered you to leave and you didn’t leave. Now you won’t even get that chance anymore. You men over there, tie her up to that tree there and shave her head. I want everyone in the public to be able to gaze at her miserable face.”

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Women are all about beauty, this was especially true for Bai Zhi. As such, the frightful girl was immediately struck with terror after hearing what they were planning to do: “No, I know I’m wrong! Please let me go!”

As if that would work. Ignoring the pleading cry, the guards worked quickly and dragged the girl up to the tree. Using a very rough and pronounced rope, they made sure to bind her up in a bondage style. This wasn’t in the order, but since these men are all from the Flower Brothel, it pretty much came to them as second nature to rouse as many eyes as possible. Besides, it’s not like it’s the first time they played this sort of game with the more willing ladies back at work.

“And one of you over there, go get a knife for me so I can carve the word ‘Bitch’ onto her forehead.” Knocking her chin up, Di Xiao Wan had literally transformed into the female version of her brother, “How dare these thugs come make trouble for my sister-in-law! I will make an example of her to get some payback!”

Bai Zhi was done for now. Closing her eyes in regret, this foolish girl was full of hatred and regret. She hated Bai Yan, hated Bai Xiachen, and despised Di Xiao Wan. However, there’s also her father Bai Zheng Xiang in the list too…

If not for that man, she wouldn’t have come in the first place, making it totally her father’s fault she would be in this retched state!

One day, just you people wait, I’m going to make all of you pay a thousand times over! That’s all she can think about as the blade drew closer and closer.


While Bai Zhi was enduring the second greatest humiliation of her life, another huge stir was currently taking place inside the palace. It was the king. Rushing out to the main reception hall, this ruler of the kingdom was very eager to receive the divine looking elder that had just arrived on scene.

“Elder Thunder,” first making sure his posture was right, Nangong Yuan (king) steps forward with a charming smile. “We’ve been expecting your arrival for a while now. Please, come this way. Umm, that cage behind you, would we be privy to know what’s inside?”

What the king was referring to was the massive cage also being lifted into the hall. Aside from this elder of the Demon Beast Sect himself coming today, there’s also a retinue of powerful men in charge of carrying a giant cage. However, due to the thing being veiled with a giant blanket, none could get a precise look inside.

Make no mistake though, the pressure exuding out of whatever’s caged inside cannot be hidden by a mere fabric. It’s ominous and threatening, hence the reason why the king would immediately inquire about its content.

“Your Majesty, let us find another location before we talk. This place is not very convenient.” With a frown, the elder directly skipped the question and made his demand instead. It’s pretty obvious this elder of the Demon Beast Sect didn’t hold the king as his equal.

Somewhat taken aback by the rude remark, Nangong Yuan (king) could only force himself to continue with that rigid smile: “Yes, yes, I understand. Please follow me Elder Thunder.”

With the formalities complete, the king then led the way for the main study room.

“Elder Thunder, this place should be adequate for whatever is in your mind,” Nangong Yuan waves everyone way to leave only them alone for further discussion.

Nodding in approval, the elder didn’t beat around the bush and went straight into the topic: “The reasoning for my arrival this time is to seek the destined child of the animal worship incident. When the time comes, I want Your Majesty to gather every child of kingdom for assessment. The palace courtyard will be suitable. ”

Now this was unexpected for the king. Somewhat surprised in his reaction, “Elder Thunder, aren’t you here for my grandson Nangong Lin?”

“Nangong Lin?” Those old brows had furrowed into a knot at the unfamiliar name, “I don’t know such a person so why would I be here for him?”

From green to white, the king’s expression was very ugly right now: “But my grandson is the cause of that incident. Elder Thunder, there’s no need to wait. I can have someone bring the child here immediately for your assessment.”



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