Overturning the Heavens chapter 259

Chapter 259 “If You Are Sick Then Hurry And Go Get It Looked At (1)”

This time Nangong Yuan (king) didn’t wait for Elder Thunder to speak and directly made his order: “Go call the Royal Grandson here this instant.”

Irritated by the self-conceited action of the king, the elder was puffing with annoyance as he sneered: “When did I say I want see your grandson?”

Startled by what he heard, Nangong Yuan urgently asked: “I thought the Demon Beast Sect is here to look for the destined child of the animal worship incident. Isn’t that the reason why you are here, to meet my grandson?”

“Nothing but gossip and rumor, as if I would be so ignorant.” Disregarding the ugly expression on the king, the elder was practically mocking the man now, “All you have to do is gather any children under five in one spot. By then I will have a way to tell who is the true destined child.”

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Wrinkling his brow, Nangong Yuan attempts to cover up his sense of contempt for the old man. He had thought the Demon Beast Sect would be above the rest, but it seems his high appraisal of the elder was wrong.

A fool still no matter how high his power was.

“Elder Thunder,” forcing a smile, “I will do as you request and make a royal edict now.”

Only after hearing that did the elder’s complexion get better: “Very good, go now. I don’t have too much time to waste. Also, I don’t want many people to know I’m here.”

The implication of his meaning was that he didn’t want too many to know the Demon Beast Sect was behind the gathering.


Without disappointing, Nangong Yuan was fast to carry out the order. Before long, a sensation had swept across the kingdom. While most were clueless on what’s going on, there were a few who were in on the secret. The main ones being Nangong Yi (crown prince) and Bai Ruo.

“Husband, what is the meaning of this?” The woman sounded anxious, “Didn’t the Demon Beast Sect come for our son Lin? Why is His Majesty gathering all the children of the kingdom in the palace?”

From those beautiful eyes that could make a man go wild, a pang of concern could be seen.

“I don’t understand the meaning of my father either. Perhaps… this is the command of the Demon Beast Sect,” the crown prince frowns, unsure what to make of this either.

“Why would they do that? The Demon Beast Sect isn’t stupid.” Bai Ruo was ghostly white now as her body trembled with fear.

The rumors were orchestrated by her to begin with, she should’ve known it would turn out like this. However, as the old saying goes, the more you say the more you will believe. Hence the reason why she ended up believing her own lies.

The man was starting to wrinkle his forehead harder and harder because he didn’t understand why his wife was having such a huge reaction. Even so, he eventually loosened it and attempts to sooth the deceitful woman: “There’s nothing to be worried about my wife. The Demon Beast Sect aren’t made up of fools. Our son is a dragon so it’s just a matter of time before he soars through the sky. We do not need to fret over something like this.”

“Do you mean it?” Glancing up at her man, Bai Ruo’s expression was hopeful again: “I understand then. I was too emotional and lost my senses. I’m sorry husband, I was just worried someone might try to steal our son’s glory using this opening.”

Snickering a laugh, Nangong Yi (crown prince) didn’t have the same opinion: “As if that would be possible. This is our home, no one can try anything under our watch.”

Showing a bittersweet smile, Bai Ruo starts showing her evil ways again: “Husband, have you forgotten? There’s still that Bai Xiachen out there. A sinister and deceitful boy like that would surely try something against our precious baby.”


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  1. B**** please. You’re a bad influence to your son. And Shouldn’t Pamper him SO DAMN MUCH. The DAD isn’t Any BETTER. Poor kid is gonna end up with diabetes. Sigh. At least she knows she is believing her own lies. (well to an extent)

    • He probably so fat he can’t get it on if you know what i mean. Later in life it will probably be the same.

  2. I see a problem here. She left 6 years ago, 10 months later Xiachen was born, so the royal grandson and Bai Xiachen are both older than 5, so why would they be gathering every child under 5 years old?

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