Overturning the Heavens chapter 260

Chapter 260 “If You Are Sick Then Hurry And Go Get It Looked At (2)”

“He wouldn’t dare!” Seething with anger in his voice, Nangong Yi (crown prince) wanted to kill with those eyes: “As expected, only Bai Yan’s son would do something so despicable! Worry not though, the Demon Beast Sect wouldn’t be so easily fooled by such people!”

Bai Ruo didn’t meet her husband’s word, instead she only lowered her eyes while pursing her lips. Something didn’t seem right to her. It’s like the situation was getting out of her control, making that unease inside bigger and bigger.


Meanwhile back over at the old manor, Bai Yan was currently lazing around inside the pavilion when her body was head-butted by a small little marshmallow. And due to the suddenness of it all and how quick it came at, she nearly lost her balance and fell over as a result.

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“You little rascal, you are already coming close to six this year. You must be more mature like your friend Nangong Zhun (bullied kid) alright?” She timely tickled the little boy’s nose to her delight.

“Mother! Guess what I heard, the king is gathering any children under five years of age at the palace. I also want to go.” Raising his cute little face, Bai Xiachen was hopeful his mother would say yes here.

“Eh?” Raising a brow, Bai Yan was surprised by her son’s abrupt request.

Beaming with glee, the boy continues by speeding through his words: “I heard the Demon Beast Sect is here so I want to see how good their taming skills are.”

Twitching in her eyes, now she understood why.

Her son here had never been much interested in anything since he was young, the only exception being poisonous ingredients and bullying the small little animals like Little Rice.

Just as she’s ready to give her decision, a deep and powerful voice had interrupted her from the front: “He can go.”

Under the illuminating brightness of the sun, that devilishly figure was both enchanting and dangerous, so much so that Bai Yan had trouble taking it in for a moment there.

“You say Xiachen can go?”

“That’s right.” Walking over, Di Cang uses his powerful arms to pull the nestling boy out of his mother’s embrace, “The Demon Beast Sect brought over a Glass Dragon. Even though the creature is nowhere good enough as a partner, it’s nevertheless suitable as a mount still.”

Pricking her brow, Bai Yan was somewhat interested now: “Didn’t your sister give Xiachen a mount earlier already?”

“That little phoenix is only passable as a pet, hardly good enough as a mount. The Glass Dragon though is not bad. Able to travel a thousand miles in one day, it’s far superior to a White Phoenix.”

“Alright,” chuckling at the man and his dishonesty, Bai Yan shifts her gaze back to the boy: “If you want then go ahead and bring the Glass Dragon home.”

“Thank you Mother!” Innocent and clean in his eyes, the boy answers with absolute delight in his voice, all the while unaware of the man’s focus on himself.

My son will not be bullied by others! Even if it is just something superficial like glory, I will take it back in one full sweep! Di Cang’s mouth had turned into a devious grin whiling thinking this.


Due to how fast the royal edict was being passed along the entire kingdom, the palace was now rampant with children below age of five. These commoners had never seen such grandeur in their life, as such, gasps of astonishment could constantly be heard from these children whenever they come across a residence of the palace.

It was at this time a proud voice had drifted into their ears from the side, “Humph, what a bunch of country bumpkins!”

Riding a luxurious carriage, Nangong Lin and his mother Bai Ruo was currently coming over using their condescending attitude at the kids of the kingdom.

“Mother,” pouting in displeasure, the child turns around to ask, “Why are they allowed into my palace? This is my turf. These dirty lowlifes will dirty it!”



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  1. Nangong Lin, those low lifes are your citizens. Without them who will you rule over. I hope you will never be Emperor as you do not value the lives of those who shed blood and tears to let you live a life of ease.

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