Overturning the Heavens chapter 261

Chapter 261 “If You Are Sick Then Hurry And Go Get It Looked At (3)”

Likely worried over the intent of the Demon Beast Sect, Bai Ruo’s complexion wasn’t at her best still. Nevertheless, she controls her patience and answered the boy’s question. “Be good my son, they are all extras your grandfather found to match you. Without their matching, how can your exemplary talent be accentuated?”

“Then what about Bai Xiachen?” asked Nangong Lin with his disgruntled voice.

Collecting herself, Bai Ruo softly replied with a smile: “How can the likes of him be comparable to you? Even if he does come, it will only be to support your existence. You don’t need to have him in your eyes.”

For the fat child, the one he hated the most had to be Bai Xiachen. Therefore, it’s expected he would be pleased to hear such downgrading comments about his enemy.

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“Mother, you are right. How can the likes of him be a match for me? I’m the overlord of this world and he is but a useless trash. I will have him kneel before me and lick my feet one day.”

Towards her son’s pompous statement, Bai Ruo could only make an absent-minded chuckle. She’s still worried about today’s event it seems.

I hope it’s true the Demon Beast Sect is only doing this as a show. If they find out the truth, then my fate….

“Mother, why did Baddie Father not come with us?” A sudden remark from the front had brought Bai Ruo back to reality.

Looking up, the first image to come into the woman’s view was a cutesy figure looking back and forth for a person. It was Bai Xiachen, seemingly disappointed that his father wasn’t around to be with him.

“Hmm,” gently stroking her son’s head, Bai Yan comforts the child. “Your father said he has a surprise waiting for us so he will come later.”

Blinking his big innocent eyes, Bai Xiachen was still puzzled over the remark when a loud commotion grabbed his attention.

“AH!” The sharp resounding cry literally shook the air, catching the gaze of everyone present. It was Di Xiao Wan confronting someone.

While the scream originated from the troublesome lass, the victim here wasn’t Di Cang’s sister, it was the young lady in front of her. Drenched from top to bottom in filthy water, it’s obvious someone had just splashed feces and urine on this person.

“Mother, it looks like auntie is causing trouble again…” Instead of worry, the baby boy was full of optimism like someone enjoying a good show.

“Let’s go see.” Bai Yan’s complexion literally sank as she pulled her son forward, which directly sent the troublesome girl into a panic.

“Sister-in-law,” Di Xiao Wan nervously greets the mother and son pair after noticing their presence.


The way the troublesome girl addressed Bai Yan clearly roused the crowd’s attention even further, but it was the bad kind filled with disdain and contempt.

Others feared the Flower Brothel for their strength, but the young girl being drenched in dirty water wouldn’t care for that anymore. Seething in rage, the girl roars out: “I thought you would be loyal to Di Cang at least, apparently I was wrong. You even brought your new lover’s sister along for the trip, how abominable can you get!”

“What are you talking about!” Di Xiao Wan was angered now. Glaring daggers in her eyes, she roars back, “Di Cang is my brother!”

“Hoho, as if Lord Cang would have a sister like you when he’s so capable. You think we would fall for your lies?” The young girl sneered, mocking her foe in the process.

Exploding with flames burning above her head, Di Xiao Wan was ready to teach the girl another lesson when a frosty gaze stopped her in her tracks.

“Tell me what happened,” Bai Yan demanded.

“I-we, remember when Yi Yi, Xiaoyun and I went out to make trouble around the city? She’s one of the many girls victimized by us. For that, she tried to splash manure water over me just now as payback. But instead of succeeding, I blocked it and sent it back to her.”

“Sister….” After her explanation, Di Xiao Wan instantly devolved into a pitiful child seeking forgiveness, “You wouldn’t be angry with me would you?”


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