Overturning the Heavens chapter 263

Chapter 263 “Start of the Taming Session (1)”

“His Majesty the King is entering!” The sudden sharp announcement from the distance instantly calms the rowdiness.

It was the king and his son Nangong Yi coming out from the main hall. Apart from the two, there were also another elder that had the air of a divine senior who instantly caught the eyes of everyone.

“Wife,” after leaving a few words to his father, Nangong Yi hurried over to his wife to explain. “Father already told me why this is happening. It’s the Demon Beast Sect trying to verify the chosen one by holding a public taming session.”

“Public taming?” Upon hearing this, Bai Ruo’s very tongue was shivering with fear. Her mind instantly recalled the message Bai Yan said just now…

So he’s able to tame a wolf? That’s why he’s here to tame a demon beast?

In other words, Bai Yan knew from the very beginning why the Demon Beast Sect was here.

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“You need not worry my wife, our son Lin is the ruler of the animals. He will be in no danger.” Mistaking the nervousness portrayed by his wife as a mother’s worry, Nangong Yi only smiled confidently. “Besides, he’s already big enough now. It’s time he gained some experience and embraced his destiny.”

Instead of getting the reaction like he expected, Bai Ruos’ complexion only got worse: “But didn’t the Demon Beast Sect already confirm our son’s identity? Why are they doing this now? Husband, can we not have Lin participate, I’m afraid for him.”

“No I won’t!” screamed Nangong Lin with his pouting face. “I am the lord of the animals so how can they hurt me? I will make them obey and then I will have them eat that bastard Bai Xiachen!”

“Lin!” Now the woman’s anxiousness was right out in the open.

She never imagined the Demon Beast Sect would pull something like doing a public taming session. This wasn’t in her plan or expectation.

“Alright, enough. Don’t worry my wife, Lin will not be in danger.” Still showing his confident smile, Nangong Yi won’t have it any other way, “I believe in my son, he will surely wow the world with his greatness. I will have Bai Yan understand her son is nothing compared to ours.”

Towards the blatant disregard for others in their conversation, Di Xiao Wan naturally didn’t miss a single line. First giving a glare at the man, then turning back to Bai Yan, she pleads: “Sister-in-law, can I beat him?”

“You can,” raising a smirk, Bai Yan had no restraint for that request, “but you must wait until the event is over first. I will deal with the aftermath if you kill him.”

Brightening at the answer, Di Xiao Wan was so pleased over the fact that there’s someone to shroud her. Even if she goes out to make trouble now, her brother can’t say a word because she now got consent to do so!

“What’s that smell?” Nangong Yuan (king) suddenly wrinkled his brow at the foul odor. Turning to the source, what came into view was the dignified daughter of his chancellor covered in feces and urine.

“How did you end up like that? Hurry and retreat this instant! What if you end up offending Elder Thunder here?”

The teenage girl wanted to cry, but she stuffed it back in the second she noticed the murderous eyes coming her way from everyone. Gnashing her teeth, she can do no other but to leave….

“Elder Thunder,” the king turns back to the senior, “we can start now.”

“Mmm,” cold and indifferent in his tune, the elder gives his consent. “Someone come, bring the cage over.”

Without delay, a group of well muscled guards had brought out a huge cage from behind. It was the very same one covered with the red fabric.

“Today, I am here to verify the identity of the destined child regarding the animal worship incident. Whoever can domesticate this demon beast shall be the lord of the animals!” Upfront about his intent for coming, Elder Thunder was loud and majestic in his voice during the announcement.

In a flash, looks of envy and jealousy were all shooting over to Nangong Yi’s family, especially at the fat child who was gloating up to his nose.


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