Overturning the Heavens chapter 265

Chapter 265 “Start of the Taming Session (3)”

No! My son Lin won’t fail! The heavens had always been on his side so there’s no way he will disappoint.

It was at this moment that Nangong Lin had come before the dragon. Despite his incessant fear of the serpent, the fatty persists and inched closer.

“You see that Elder? I told you my grandson Lin will be fine,” Nangong Yuan (king) reveals a satisfied grin at the sight.

Unlike the previous contenders, his grandson was the only one able to continue forward without devolving into a weeping mess. That alone gave the king hope and a sense of reassurance.

Such courage, how many in this world can possibly compete with that?

“I… I am the ruler of the animals in this world,” despite the pompous statement, the voice was a muttering mess. “As a demon beast, it’s only right that you follow my command. Don’t worry, if you submit to me then I promise you I will feed you well and treat you well.”

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The obnoxious statement only made the elder’s forehead wrinkle even further, This fatty is so unpleasant, but if he can make the Glass Dragon submit then fine. If not….

A glimpse of killing intent quickly flashed across the senior’s pupil as he stared intently at the scene happening over there.

“Hey, if you don’t say anything then I’ll take it as you agreeing.” Getting no response whatsoever, Nangong Lin assumed it’s an affirmation on the creature’s part. However, just as the fatty was reaching over with his hand to touch the dragon, something unexpected occurred.

“Rawrrrr!” A deafening howl suddenly blasted forth from the dragon’s mouth, alarming everyone to this change.

Those who were further away was still better off, only aching in their ears due to the loud bang, but the poor fatty wasn’t so lucky. His body was literally sent flying outward due to the shockwave.

“Mother, he roared at me! As my servant, he actually dared to roar at me!” The boy instinctively cries to his mother as the first reaction, leaving the entire palace square in a deadly silence for his demeanor. In this very second, the ears of the people could only hear that irritatingly voice of the fatty.

As for Bai Ruo, the source of all this delusion and lie, the woman had collapsed to the ground by now due to losing her balance. There was no hope left in that ashen face, only desperation and fear in those eyes.

“Next,” without giving a second glimpse to the failure, Elder Thunder orders the examination to continue.

“Impossible, this is impossible!” Nangong Yi’s (crown prince) very voice was shaking there: “There must be a mistake. Elder Thunder, please give my son Lin another chance. This time he will definitely tame this dragon.”

In response, the elder only snickered a laugh: “Common rumors truly can’t be trusted. Thankfully Sect Leader he is wise and had me bring along this Glass Dragon to test you people, otherwise I might’ve been fooled by you ignorant fools. Now what else do you have to say about that?”

“Elder Thunder, I know my son is at fault for being careless. Please give him another chance, he will definitely succeed.”

Everyone knows it was my son who caused the animal worship incident, why did he fail? The man refuses to accept reality even now after what he saw.

“Elder Thunder, what my son Nangong Yi said is true. One attempt doesn’t mean anything, please give my grandson another chance.” Now the king too was pushing for another try.

“Humph!” With a cold grunt, the elder didn’t say more, which was the same as giving the go ahead.

Understanding this, Nangong Yuan (king) hurriedly winked at his grandson to go forward: “What are you waiting for Lin, go now! You cannot fail you understand?”

Still tearful in his eyes, Nangong Lin meekly nodded and walked forward again. Unlike last time though, his movement was gripped with fear in every stride.

“Rawrrrr!” Not giving the fatty another chance, a tone deafening roar had blasted out. It’s perfectly clear the Glass Dragon was disgusted and angered by the act.

Retreating a few steps due to his fear stricken heart, Nangong Lin couldn’t take it anymore and started to cry out in full force: “Mother, Father, take this dragon out for me! I want to whip him for roaring at me!”

From the minute Elder Thunder arrived here in the kingdom the senior had always kept a calm and cool attitude, but against the child’s outrageous demand, not even he could keep his demeanor in check anymore.

It was a hearty laugh, a ridiculing and contemptable laugh at the foolish boy.

“What a real ‘genius’ your kingdom has there. Not even our own sect leader would dare go provoke this Glass Dragon, yet this ‘genius’ there wants to whip it? Did I hear it right or does your kingdom’s language have a different set of vocabulary?”


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