Overturning the Heavens chapter 266

Chapter 266 “Start of the Taming Session (4)”

The king’s complexion was awfully white as he faced the elder: “Elder Thunder, just because my grandson can’t domesticate the dragon doesn’t mean anything. On the day of said event, one of our kingdom’s most respected fortune reader explained it’s Lin who caused it. His words… cannot be faked.”

Furthermore, who would dare lie to the Royal Family? That’s a crime worthy of the death penalty across the clan!

Sneering, the elder didn’t buy it: “You people really are ignorant, telling me the one who caused the miracle isn’t capable of taming a single beast? If the child can’t even do that then why did the animals across the world bow down in worship that day?”

Nangong Yuan’s (king) expression was ashen at the rebuke: “But the vast majority of the children in our kingdom is basically here. If not my grandson Lin or the others here, who else then?

Now that had stumped the elder indeed. Frowning, this senior could only issue out a sigh of frustration: “Let the last child go take the test first. If it really won’t work then I want you to go search again. Maybe your people missed a few during the summoning.”

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First looking at his grandson’s miserable teary face, then back at his son and daughter-in-law’s ghastly looks, the king finally bit his lips and agreed: “Alright, let the last one take the test then.”

Naturally, the mentioned last one would of course be Bai Xiachen who was nestling in his mother’s plentiful chest: “Mother, I’m getting sleepy, can we come back tomorrow instead?”

Raising a smirk, Bai Yan can already tell what his son was up to: “It can’t be that you are having second thoughts about that Glass Dragon right? Is it because of its ugly appearance?”

Getting caught red-handed, Bai Xiachen admittedly spat out his tongue in guilt: “I prefer beautiful friends like Little Rice and Little Feather. That Glass Dragon is too ugly, I don’t want him.”

Twitching in her mouth, Di Xiao Wan almost couldn’t believe her nephew’s remark, Have you two ever thought about the dragon’s feelings? Saying something like that in public is very hurtful…. Besides, it’s not his fault he’s born ugly.

“Sister,” biting her lips, Bai Ruo slowly walked over. “Since Xiachen is already here then why don’t you let him have a try?”

I cannot let only my son Lin be disgraced. This brat must follow suit!

Looking up at the two-faced woman, Bai Yan was a tad surprised by what she heard: “You sure recovered quickly there.”

She knew Bai Ruo was a shameless person to the core, but to recover this quickly after her son’s failure? Now that’s something Bai Yan can honestly say she can’t compete with. It’s a whole different form of skill to control ones emotion so well.

What an indestructible cockroach, they just won’t die no matter how many times I stomp these people down….

Going white, Bai Ruo starts making excuses: “I’m just looking out for you, am I not?”

“Ruo, don’t say anymore,” Nangong Yi’s face was very ugly right now. “If our son Lin can’t do it then that Bai Xiachen most certainly can’t. What’s more, when the animal worship incident occurred, the kid wasn’t even in the kingdom. It can’t be him.”

Seeing the disdainful look coming his way, Bai Xiachen unconsciously tightened his hands into a tight ball. Showing a sly smile, his foxy nature was coming to show: “Mother, I’ve thought it through. The Glass Dragon may be ugly, but it’s still acceptable.”

Not giving anyone a chance to stop him, the baby boy had broken free from his mother’s arm the moment he made his statement. However, instead of directly taming the dragon, his hands had fallen onto the lock binding the cage door in place.

With a bang, the metallic device had fallen off.

“Oh crap!” Elder Thunder was dismayed by the sight. Because of the urgency, the senior didn’t even have time to think about how the baby boy managed to break the lock.

“Rawrrr!” Charging out of his confine using this opportunity, the Glass Dragon instantly soared into the sky and issued out an ear deafening roar.

The common folks were all frightfully white in their faces, both at the oppressive might portrayed by the dragon and the massively scaled body that could overshadow the very sun in the sky.


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