Overturning the Heavens chapter 267

Chapter 267 “Get Down and Stay There!”

“Quick, quickly stop it! We can’t let the Glass Dragon get away!” Thunderous in his voice, this Elder Thunder was fitting that name perfectly despite the desperation in that order.

In a blink of an eye, the members of the Demon Beast Sect had all unsheathed their weapons to take flight for the sky. Their intent was to envelop the dragon so it can’t escape.

This greatly irritated the creature naturally. Tired of living a life in captivity, there’s no way the Glass Dragon was going to wait idly by to be captured again. Using his tail as the whip, it lashes out in a full circling sweep to knock the impudent humans back down.

Darkening in his expression after witnessing the futility of his people, Elder Thunder knew he cannot hold back at this point. Without hesitation, he drew his weapon to confront the rampaging beast.

Meanwhile back on the ground, Bai Ruo was very pleased by what she saw. Snickering a laugh: “Oh sister, your son just made a huge blunder there.”

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Indifferent to the taunting, Bai Yan only smiled at her son in response: “Xiachen, once you are done playing then we’re going home.”

“Okay, I got it Mother.” Returning a beaming smile at the woman, the baby boy then shifts his head over to the ugly dragon in the air: “Ugly thing, you are attacking the wrong person!”

It was already frightening enough for everyone as it was just by looking at the ferocious serpent, now this little twerp would go provoke it?

Is this kid wrong in the head or is he tired of living? That’s all the crowd could think of.

Instead of the outrage like the crowd expected, the Glass Dragon only looked at Bai Xiachen before turning back to the members of the Demon Beast Sect. Then without any sounds or howling roars, the dragon immediately ditched the pests around him for the fatty kid on the ground.

Nangong Lin was truly scared now, so scared that he forgot to run even when the dragon opened up its jaws to gobble him up. Of course…… the Glass Dragon wouldn’t really swallow him, merely to scare the boy silly to the point where the fatty was a quibbling mess of snot and tears. Towards its achievement, the Glass Dragon was very pleased and even showed a pang of amusement in its serpenty eyes.

The change didn’t go unnoticed. Twitching in her mouth, Bai Yan now had a different outlook of this serpent, This Glass Dragon is a perverted sicko that likes to scare people for fun?

“Quick, take advantage of this opening and capture the dragon!” Wiping the sweat off of his forehead, Elder Thunder didn’t know why the creature would suddenly turn tail for Nangong Lin. However, he’s not going to miss this opportunity when it presents itself.

Seemingly aware of the annoying pests coming to bother him again, the dragon instantly returned to his ferocious self and issued out a vicious howl that was so powerful that it raised a mini hurricane. Because of the intense shockwave, the members of the Demon Beast Sect were all blown heads over tails into the not so far off distance.

This time Bai Xiachen was completely irritated now, not at the dragon for defending himself, but that the roar was so loud that it caused the dowager to faint as a result. Poor the old queen, she had only arrived on scene too and didn’t even have time to figure out what’s happening.

“Hey you, get over here this instant!” Stabbing his fists against his waist, the little steam bun was very bossy and commanding: “Who told you to roar just now? Its one thing you roared at others, but why did you have to drag in innocent Queen Granny?”

Going stiff in its movement, the Glass Dragon was no longer ramping around likes its mighty self. Instead, it was eyeing the baby boy cautiously like it’s nervous.

Unrelenting, Bai Xiachen knocks his chin up and continues with his punishment: “Get down on your knees now! If I don’t tell you to get up then you can’t!”

Originally everyone thought the little bully Nangong Lin was already arrogant enough, but this Bai Xiachen was unexpectedly even worse. It’s bordering on the line of insolence and madness!

Who does he think he is to order the Glass Dragon around?

Snickering a laugh, Nangong Yi (crown prince) wanted to mock the boy for his audacity. However, whatever he wanted to say next was instantly shoved back into his throat over what occurred next. His face literally froze because of how unbelievable it was….

From what used to be a ferocious serpent that would rampage across the field, the Glass Dragon was now an aggrieved little wife curling up into a ball behind the baby boy. What mighty dragon? What ferocious beast? There’s not a hint of it left, more like a moping pet seeking forgiveness.

By now Bai Yan had already come before the old queen to help. By feeding the old granny a Dan pill of some kind, the dowager was luckily able to recover immediately. Unfortunately for this old queen, she didn’t expect the first thing to come into her eyes was the massive dragon whimpering behind the baby boy.

For a minute there, time had frozen over for these people, especially the old queen.


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