Overturning the Heavens chapter 269

Chapter 269 “Reveal (2)”

It’s still understandable for the first two requirements, but what the heck was the last one about?

Can’t afford to feed it?

Considering the income of the Flower Brothel, she would be able to raise a hundred Glass Dragons easily!

“Miss Bai Yan,” Elder Thunder’s expression sank as he quickened his words. The senior didn’t want things to south at this point: “This Glass Dragon doesn’t know how to recognize people. Even if you are Sir Xiachen’s mother, it won’t….”

Not getting the chance to finish his sentence, whatever the elder wanted to say was instantly shoved back down his throat.

“Wouuhh,” making a moping sound, the dragon cleverly uses its head to rub against Bai Yan’s hand, indicating its submission and the fear inside those serpenty eyes.

Yes, it’s fear.

When facing the woman, the Glass Dragon’s demeanor was even more cautious then when facing the little steam bun.

Unfortunately though, unlike Elder Thunder who had his keen senses, everyone else only took this scene as the dragon doing it’s part because of the mother and son relationship between Bai Yan and Bai Xiachen.

“Mother,” sour in his nose, Nangong Lin (fatty) was ready to cry again, “I want that dragon, why is that bastard taking my dragon?”

Going deadly pale in her face, Bai Ruo can already see how increasingly ugly those from the Demon Beast Sect was getting. Fearing things might spiral beyond return, she grabs at her son: “Son, we’re leaving now.”

“No, I don’t want to go! I want the Glass Dragon and I’m also going to be the little sect leader! I’m going to make Bai Xiachen get down on his knees to beg me for mercy!” The fatty cries out with complete disregard for everyone and even pushed away his mother’s hand.

Maybe it’s due to the loss of her son’s glory, or maybe just embarrassed by her son’s antics, but the woman immediately countered with a slap across the boy’s face.

“Mother you hit me, you actually hit me. WAhhhhhh, I hate Mother!” Aggrieved by the lecturing hit, Nangong Lin’s outburst grew even louder until it came a slobbering mess.

For once in Bai Ruo’s life, she had truly regretted her past acts of spoiling her son so much….


Issuing out a cold grunt, Elder Thunder was satirical in his smirk: “When did a useless trash become our little sect leader? How come I never heard of such a thing? Crown Prince, Crown Princess, how are you two going to explain this?”

Going stiff at the question, Nangong Yi (crown prince) was a stuttering mess in his reply: “This-this…. This is only my son’s wildish dream, nothing but a child’s little play….”

“Do you think I will believe that? He’s but a child with hardly any knowledge or experience. If you people didn’t keep saying it in front of him then how would he know about the Demon Beast Sect or the destined child matter?”

White in his usually handsome face, Nangong Yi didn’t answer the elder’s interrogation. Instead, he shifts his gaze towards Bai Yan with his teethes gnashing: “Bai Yan, at the very least we had a fling at one point. Are you really going to treat me like his?”

Before those words could even come to an end, a cold and sly voice had drifted over from the back. It was oppressive and hair raising: “When did my fiancée ever had a relationship with you?”

Startled by this, the crowd instinctively looked towards the sound and saw that dazzling silverfish figure having no qualms about pulling Bai Yan into his embrace.

“Oh Yan Yan, your choices of taste sure is bad before. Good thing you’ve changed and didn’t miss out on me.”

Such level of self-boasting was honestly a first for Bai Yan, and in front of so many people too!

“If my taste was that bad then I rather poke my eyes out,” she was serious and firm on that vow.


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