Overturning the Heavens chapter 270

Chapter 270 “Reveal (3)”

This sentence very much pleased Di Cang on all sorts of level, leaving his lips in a brilliant smile: “Rest assured, your taste will never be bad.”

Their complete disregard for the crowd only made Nangong Yi’s (crown prince) expression ever more so ugly. Those eyes could literally spew flames of pure jealousy.

“Baddie Father,” blinking those big blue eyes, Bai Xiachen innocently asks, “Mother said you are going to show me a good show. Where is it?”

“No need to hurry, the show will come soon.” Vague in his smile, Di Cang was sharp in his eyes that striked fear into any who peered into it: “This good show is also for the world to see.”

Gnashing his teeth, Nangong Yi (crown prince) can’t take it anymore: “You people watch then. We’re leaving Ruo!”

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“Okay,” ignoring her son’s crying refusal, Bai Ruo forcibly pulls the fatty along. Unfortunately for the woman, those legs of hers didn’t even make it past two steps before a gloomy voice snapped her in place.

“As the main characters of the show, who said you people can leave?”

Going stiff in her body, Bai Ruo couldn’t explain why a sense of panic had gripped her heart after hearing that remark from behind.

Sure enough, her worries were answered the next moment when a maid came walking over under the escort of two vigilant soldiers. The girl’s eye radiating hatred at a certain crown princess.

“Liu?” In the instant when Bai Ruo saw who it was, her expression had gone completely bleak like life had been drained from her skin. “How can it be you, how can….”

“Is Crown Princess wondering why I’m still alive?” The maid known as Liu sneered with ridicule in her tongue: “I’ve done so many horrible things for you over the years, and now that you don’t need me you want to remove me?

This statement was like a heavy rod, heavily smashing away at the crowd’s fragile mindset.

Apart from those five-year-old children summoned for the test, there are still many ministers of the Court present. Their impression of the crown princess had always been the kind and gentle type, therefore it came as a huge surprise the maid would call Bai Ruo out.

Knowing the situation will spiral out of control and harm the royal family’s reputation at this rate, Nangong Yuan (king) couldn’t sit idle anymore. Hurrying to signal his son with his eyes, the king wanted this matter to be resolved in private.

Getting the hint, Nangong Yi (crown prince) was ready to go help his wife when Di Cang’s chilly sneer drifted over.

“I am inviting you people to see the show. Who gave you permission to stop it halfway?”

Under that oppressive might, the prince was now horrified. His feet, he can’t move them! Not even an inch.

Taking this all in from the back, the king was now ready to collapse. He knows, after the truth becomes exposed, the reputation of the royal family will be destroyed!

“Continue,” Di Cang coldly swept his gaze over to the maid.

“Yes,” complying, the maid was scathing with fury in each of her words, “Years ago when the crown princess still haven’t married the crown prince yet, I helped her do something.”

“That something…. had shocked the kingdom and even made waves across the people.” Taking to her knees before Bai Yan, the maid starts banging her head against the ground, “I deserve to die for what I’ve done. I helped Second Miss frame you back then!”

“Second Miss was jealous of you. He loathed you for your fortune of being able to marry into royalty. To quell that jealousy, that vicious woman had me buy a sex drug from the market to place in your drink. And to make sure you won’t miss the mark, she also had me prepare a man ahead of time for you! What we didn’t expect though was you getting away at the last moment.”

“But since you were drugged, it was just a matter of time before you had to find a man to help resolve the effects. So, Second Miss she had us look around for you. When we did, you were already a mess with your clothes scuffled and untied.


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