Overturning the Heavens chapter 272

Chapter 272 “Bai Ruo’s Doomsday (1)”

The palace had fallen dead silent once again to the point where even the fatty was looking up towards his mother for answers.

To think that message recognizes by the masses were made true by Bai Ruo’s intentional spinning.

“Liu! If you keep accusing me then I will tear off that mouth of yours!” Bai Ruo could no longer keep up her charade as the weak innocent woman. Instead, her face was now twisted and horrific with rage.

In response to his wife’s appearance, Nangong Yi inexplicably backed up to gain some distance. His eyes were gradually filling up with disappointment before turning to anger.

“Bai Ruo, you’ve really played me for a fool!”

If it weren’t for that rumor then how could he have been so inflated with arrogance? If not for that then why would he have been defaced before the people?

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“Husband, I…” she wanted to make excuses again. Sadly for her, another set of figures were starting to come over from the garden side.

The first was in a fortune reader getup, the second being a woman shrouded by a white veiled hat that covered her face.

All of a sudden, Bai Ruo’s eyes were widening in shock, It’s bad enough Liu is alive, but why is the long dead Green Reader still alive too?

“Crown Princess, how have you been,” sarcastic in his voice, the one known as Green Reader made no attempt at hiding his hostility. “Five years ago you took away my loved ones and forced me to work for you. I listened to your words and declared the master of the animals was your child. But in the end you still killed my family and even hunted me down.”

Those who are present were all gasping hard like a ghostly hand had straight up ripped into their backbones.

This Bai Ruo sure is ruthless in her means of making people work for her. Always taking one’s family hostage, how did this woman ever get so far without anyone noticing her true self?

“How laughable, I may be able to read other’s fortune but I could not discern my own. Fortunately fate didn’t end me back then. I was saved by a passing master when I was on the brink of death. Only like that did I have a chance to return for today’s revenge.”

Back then years ago, the main reason why the populace would believe the rumors so wholeheartedly was solely thanks to this fortune reader known as Green Reader.

He had never failed in his reads, this was verified by the king himself and had at one point requested this Green Reader to become an official of the Court. Pity, due to his freelancing nature, the man had refused the goodwill.

“Mr. Green, is what you say absolutely true?” Nangong Yuan (king) was shaking down to his very voice.

“I Green Reader have never lied in my life, the only exception being that occasion five years ago under duress.”

There’s been no lacking of remorse for the fortune reader over his folly. If he had known ahead of time that Bai Ruo would kill his family regardless, he would’ve just revealed the truth instead of making the lie. Unfortunately for him, he had no strength or capability to exact revenge, otherwise he would’ve returned long ago.

So, he’s been waiting, waiting for an opportunity….

“HAhahaha,” the king was laughing maniacally with self mockery. “What a good Bai Ruo, you’ve been playing us all for fools! Do you know what the consequences are for deceiving the king?”

Retreating several steps, Bai Ruo bites her lip and lies again: “I have done no such thing! When Green Reader left he was already in cahoots with Liu. I found out about their relationship, that’s why I expelled them from my home!”

“Now I understand,” Bai Ruo suddenly popped her eyes in enlightenment. “Liu, I know you hate me for breaking you up with Green Reader, but you can’t frame me like this! I’ve done nothing wrong to you!”


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  1. Ular ya tetap ular.Tinggal satu saksi lagi.Saksi terkuat untuk membuktikan kejahatan BR.Terimakasih

  2. I bet the queen makes an appearance too, I bet she got saved after being poisoned. But I wonder what will happen now since Nangong Yi only became the crown prince due to his son being worshipped by all animals. Now that’s a lie, the crown princess is vicious and under their laws in ancient time (and due to the face of the royal family) she cannot remain so she’ll likely be killed. The Bai family will fall but what about the little chubster.

    Either way, this is going to be fun, I can’t believe Di Cang did all this for Bai Yan.

  3. Bai Rou, please continue weaving your web of lies. I cannot wait for the women in the veil to be revealed.

    Perhaps this woman is able to break your lie about Green Reader and Liu in a relationship. Or she is another person brought back from the dead.

    it is interesting how Di Cang managed to gather all this witnesses. Perhaps he has had them for some time but didn’t bring out these cards until Bai Rou and the Bai family continue treated Bai Yan so ruthlessly even now. Too bad they push his bottomline.

  4. poor kid though… that Nangong lin is naught but a child who doesnt know anything… its all his mother fault and as for nangong yi? the crown prince is too stupid to notice, he is bad but not guilty imho since its all BR plan

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