Overturning the Heavens chapter 273

Chapter 273 “Bai Ruo’s Doomsday (2)”

Towards how outrageously shameless the woman was, the maid called Liu was literally left flabbergasted. For a second there, she didn’t even know how to respond.

“Bai Ruo, I hope what you say is true, otherwise I won’t let you off if I find out you are lying to me!” Nangong Yi (crown prince) purses his lip while a fierce sharpness overtook his gaze.

Inwardly the man was still reluctant to believe the truth. After all, they’ve been sharing the same bed for so many years. How can he believe Bai Ruo would be so vicious?

Unfortunately for the prince, the last hope of denial was shattered then when a familiar snicker penetrated into his soul.

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Like his son, Nangong Yuan (king) had also jolted up from the throne, his eyes filled with incredulous and disbelief.

How can it be?

Isn’t she dead? How can she be standing here?

“Mother… mother?” The Nangong Yi starts stammering in his words.

He did not hear it wrong, that voice definitely belonged to his mother the queen!

Then that mean’s Mother didn’t die?

Confirming everyone’s thought, the woman who was standing behind the fortune reader had come forward to reveal her identity. Palish in her appearance without an ounce of nobility or prestige, this was Ning Dai, the former queen of the kingdom.

“Mother, what is this all about? I thought you were….” The prince nervously asks, afraid what he saw was but an illusion.

Like the son of the former queen, the officials of the Court were also at a loss over what to do. They wanted to know but knew only the woman herself can give the story. Their anxious eyes had given away their curiosity.

Under the hatred filled gaze from her mother-in-law, Bai Ruo’s pretentious face had finally crumbled into desperation.

“My son, you best ask your good wife about this matter!” That smile was cold, very cold: “Back then I trusted her, that’s why I made the mistake of handing down a decree for Bai Yan’s marriage. I never thought His Majesty would be so angry. And out of worry for me pulling her down, your wife went for my life without hesitation!”

Ning Dai’s iris was spewing flame like it would engulf her target: “If it weren’t for Lord Cang who had the honor of passing through that night, I fear I would’ve died along with my servant.” Closing her eyes as if reminiscing the past, Ning Dai appears pained by what she experienced.

She truly regrets it, regret her past doing and how she nearly lost her life because of Bai Ruo’s lies and deceit.

Understanding there’s no other possible truth but the truth, Nangong Yi (crown prince) slowly turned towards the person.

“So Liu and Green Reader did not lie, everything is your doing!” Those eyes only carried with it disgust and utter disappointment as he eyed the woman he called wife.

He can ignore the maid, he can ignore that fortune reader, but he can never ignore his own mother! For a moment there, his very stomach was churning so badly that he nearly threw up on the spot, that’s how disgusted he felt for sharing a bed with this woman.

“Tell me, are all those stories about Bai Yan fake? Are they all lies that you made up?”

The most laughable part out of all of this was how gullible he himself was. He actually believed everything without confirming a word of it!

“Husband,” Bai Ruo can no longer keep her composure and fell into a panic. Taking to her knees, she pleads: “Please have mercy on my life. No matter what, I gave birth to our child. I know I’m wrong.”

“Enough!” The prince roars, “You still have the nerve to talk about our son? Do you know what you have done? You’ve ruined Lin’s future, ruined his life!”


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  1. I knew the queen would show up. Wonder what Bai Yan will do next. Bai Ruo is definitely going to be executed but what about the crown prince?

  2. Didn’t know that Cang will be so magnanimous to save these “ex-enemies” just to gives his dearest wifey a very good show! He’s smart alr..
    Now I wonder who’s intelligence Xiao Wan got, it def not the same as Cang’s. Lololol

  3. Putra Mahkota dan BR lebih baik di beri hukuman tetap hidup untuk melihat perjalanan kejayaan BY.Terlalu enak untuk mati.Terimakasih

  4. Now thats the right thing to say at the very last from the crown prince… BR ruined their son future, because she lied and lied to even her son. That caused their son become so spoiled that he became trashy and iirc Bai yan have said that Nangong Lin have a good talent but because of her mother lies he cant develop fully and became what he is now… poor Nangon Lin. He’s but a kid

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