Overturning the Heavens chapter 274

Chapter 274 “Bai Ruo’s Doomsday (3)”

Bai Ruo’s hangs her head in defeat. This time, she knows no one can help her….

“Someone come, send my word!” The king was furious, “Take this woman away for attempting to murder the queen! She is to be executed immediately.”

As soon as the word “executed” came forward, the deceitful woman finally showed some panic. Climbing up from the ground, she pleads for mercy by slamming her head against the ground.

“Father I know I am wrong, please have mercy on me for Lin’s sake! I am your grandchild’s mother, at least give me a quick death.”

“You are not qualified to mention Lin! In fact, you are not even worthy of being his mother after what you did! What are you people still standing there for, drag this woman away! I don’t want to see her again!”

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There’s definitely disgust in the king’s face, but more than that were remorse and regret in his heart. If he had known Bai Yan would have such achievement one day then he should’ve insisted on going through with the marriage back then. Now, because of this wretched woman the royal family had ended up missing out on an amazing member….

“Nangong Yi!” Seeing her pleading was pointless, Bai Ruo instead turns towards her husband: “How do you think you got into your position today? If it weren’t for me spreading those rumors then the title as Crown Prince never would’ve fallen to you!”

“And now, you’re just going to leave me behind after crossing the bridge? Don’t think it’s that easy! Don’t forget, Lin is your only child. If you don’t save me then our son will definitely hate you forever!” Her seething rage cannot be covered up by that beautiful face.

In response, Nangong Yi only snickered a laugh: “I’m the Crown Prince of Liu Huo, what woman can’t I get if I wish for it?”

“Hoho,” Bai Ruo sneered, “Let me tell you something. Back when I gave birth to Lin I have already drugged you. Aside from our son in this lifetime, you can never produce another child.”

“What did you say?” Nangong Yi’s expression instantly went stiff as a bloodthirst overtook his eyes, “I dare you to say it again!”

No wonder… For so many years none of the other concubines could conceive for me. So it’s Bai Ruo’s doing!

“How can I allow my man to produce children with another woman? And besides, having Lin is enough for you. Don’t think you can ever conceive another son in this lifetime.”

In truth, the man didn’t hold that much care even after his son Lin lost the halo of being the destined child. After all, it’s just one son less, he can always make more. But now things are completely different. Without the ability to conceive another, the current situation will be devastating for him.

“Bitch, I’m going to kill you!” Using those big hands of his, Nangong Yi really wanted to choke the vicious bitch to death at this moment. However, instead of getting the expression that he wants, Bai Ruo only smirked while her face went purplish green from suffocation.

She wants to die, at least by her husband’s hand will be swifter than being executed by the laws of the kingdom.


Sadly for Bai Ruo, things won’t end so easily. Before she could succumb to her end, a razor sharp dagger had landed on Nangong Yi’s hand, forcing him to release that grip.

For a while there, the only thing the crowd could look at was the woman in red… She was gorgeous under that brilliant sun. To call her an incarnation of a flower here was no understatement.

“Bai Ruo, you think I will let you die so easily after inflicting so much pain onto me?” From that faint smile of gentle warmth, her pupils soon turned sharp and frostily cold.


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