Overturning the Heavens chapter 275

Chapter 275 “Bai Ruo’s Doomsday (4)”

Stiffening in her body, all levels of despair was now filly visible on her face: “Bai Yan, my greatest regret is not killing you back then!”

Even until now in her moment of doom, Bai Ruo still doesn’t repent and pins all the blame onto her half-sister.

If Bai Yan is dead then I wouldn’t be in this situation. It’s all her fault!

“No, what you should be regretting about is framing me,” she raises a smirk of ridicule. “If all you wanted is to marry Nangong Yi then you could’ve done so without harming me. Yet, you chose to frame me, that’s why I won’t let you have an easy ending.”

When her sentence done, Bai Yan then turns towards one of her subordinate, “Lady Chu, take her away for Hua Luo, she will know what to do with her.”

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Bai Ruo had become bleakish from fear. She knows what awaited her now will be a fate worse than death.

“Understood Mistress,” the woman readily complies and came forward from the crowd. “Bai Ruo, should I drag you or do you want to walk with me?”

“I…” From white to green, all Bai Ruo could do was bite her lips right now because her tongue refuses to work.

“It seems you want to make things difficult.” Showing a smashing smile, Lady Chu wasted no time to drag the uncooperative woman away for the outside.

Watching everything from the sideline, Nangong Lin wanted to go help. However, his feet wouldn’t budge an inch and could only shiver there with his obese body…. This was true even when his mother was being towed right past him.

In response to this epic case of cowardice, Bai Ruo could only feel disappointment. She can scheme and plot against everyone in this world, but she had honestly done everything in her powers to give this son the best. Yet, when the time comes all she got in return was a son that only knows how to shrink backwards like a turtle?

“Mo… Mother…” Nangong Lin’s expression was very cowardly. Before he could finish his sentence, that womanly figure was already dragged away in front of him.

“My queen,” it was then Nangong Yuan (king) turns his sight at Ning Dai. “It’s good that you are back. I will have the maids prepare the bedchamber for you.”

Shuddering at the remark, Ning Dai only lowered her head: “There’s no need. I am now living in the Poison Valley. The Master of the Poison Valley is treating me well so I won’t be returning.”

During her time in the Poison Valley she had never been given a break, constantly being used as a test subject for various drugs and poisons.

However…… her heart had never felt such peace and tranquility before.

No need for constant scheming, no need to compete with other women, and most importantly, she doesn’t need to fight for a man that doesn’t love her back.

Nangong Yuan was rather stunned by the choice: “Poison Valley? Are you talking about the middle class power, that Poison Valley?”

Ning Dai would of course not miss the glimmer of cunning in the king’s eye. Making a faint smile, she spells out the truth for him: “Your Majesty wants to use me as a connection with the Poison Valley correct? I’m afraid that won’t be possible, I’m but a test subject of insignificant standing. If you force me to stay then it might anger the Master.”

Getting seen through so easily, the king became a tad embarrassed: “If you are so intent on that decision then I won’t stop you. I will have someone escort you back.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Showing a mild smile, Ning Dai began to take her leave. However, before she does, she first made a slight bow at Di Cang before turning her sight over to Bai Yan.


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  1. no need to dissapointed toward your son as you such a failure mother too..spoilt him..serve you right bcz framing innocent people..you are evil black heart creature..if can, just destroy nangong and bai family too..such ugly creature not worth live on earth

  2. The queen would rather be in a literally toxic environment than a figuratively toxic environment… Well, THAT should say something about the palace. Haiz~

  3. Why is Bai Ruo disappointed in her son? He is 5 years old, even if he’s an arrogant fucker his mother is being dragged out and no adult is helping, clearly there’s no point helping. AND his whole world has come crashing down. He isn’t the leader of all animals which has been imprinted into him from early years, he can’t stop over his ‘rival’ Xiachen and no doubt his standing will fall in the future couple that with the fact that the Emperor will hate his fat little guts AND he offended the Empress Dowager, just what was she expecting him to do?

    Lets also mention that he is Bai Ruo’s son. Which means he got his cowardice from her. Like Bai Yan said, if you wanted the crown prince why be so vicious?

  4. Bai Ruo got what she deserves. Even her own son whom she did everything for does not reach out to save her.

    He has got not guts as everything has been given to him on a silver platter.

    I wonder what happens now since this part of Bai Yan’s live is all wrapped up. She has gotten her revenge on her family especially Bai Ruo.

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